dow thirty


[dou, doh]
Dow may refer to:


  • Allan Dow, CBC, CTV, BBC and ABC reporter, who later worked for UN agencies (ILO and Unicef)
  • Herbert Henry Dow, the founder of Dow Chemical Company
  • Charles Dow, the founder of Dow Jones & Co
  • James R Dow, professor of German language
  • Neal S. Dow, noted prohibitionist
  • Tony Dow, an actor most famous as the older brother, Wally, in the Leave it to Beaver TV series
  • Thomas Dow, the second Dow to arrive in North America (after Henry Dow) both in the 1630's. Thomas was of 'commoner' stock - and ancestor to Allan Dow and others above, while Henry was of 'merchant' class and ancestor of Dow Jones, Dow Chemical clans, etc. According to the 'Book of Dow' (available Salem Mass. Library), Thomas Dow has an off-spring believed to be the most prolific (had the most kids, grand kids, etc) of any man in North America. In other words, many N. Americans share this DNA.

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The acronym DOW may refer to:

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  • Dhow, a sailing ship

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