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Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble!

Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble! is the final installment in the original Donkey Kong Country trilogy. It was developed by Rare (using their now-discontinued "Rareware" logo) and distributed by Nintendo. It was released in late 1996 for the Super NES/Super Famicom. The game was ported to Game Boy Advance (with a different soundtrack; see "Re-Releases") and released in November 2005. The title was released on the Wii's Virtual Console service in North America on December 24, 2007, and the following day in Europe as a special Christmas update.


In this game, Dixie Kong and her toddler cousin Kiddy Kong have to discover the location of missing vacationers (they went on a fishing trip) Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong. Meanwhile, the Kremling Krew returns under the leadership of the mysterious robot KAOS, who K. Rool (called Baron K. Roolenstein in this game) is secretly controlling. Unlike the previous installment, which featured a pirate high-seas adventure theme, this game has more of a mix between a mechanical theme and a generic theme similar to the first game, but unlike Donkey Kong Country 's often tropical sceneries, this game features locations much more similar to northern Europe and similar climates, including the presence of bears. The events of the game were located in the Northern Kremisphere, a hitherto unseen part of the DK Isles. The GBA version did not have an Intro Story, unlike the other two.


DKC3's soundtrack was composed by Eveline Fischer and David Wise, although Fischer produced most of the music in the game.


As with the past two Donkey Kong Country games, a Game Boy Advance port was developed by Rare (released on November 7th 2005). The title omits the original's subtitle "Dixie Kong's Double Trouble!". Amongst the changes is Pacifica, a bonus world exclusive to the GBA version of the game, accessible halfway through. This differs from other GBA ports like Yoshi's Island, where new stages only become accessible after the game's completion. With Pacifica put into the game, the boss known as Barbos was moved there, and in its place was a whole new boss, Kroctopus. The port also featured a new cheat menu and an all-new soundtrack composed by David Wise from the ground up which replaced the original. GameSpot said in their review that the music was in some cases better than the original, such as the boardwalk levels of Lake Orangatanga. The port also had a number of minor changes, including a brighter screen, around the time when the Game Boy Advance SP had the backlight refitted. Wrinkly Kong's save caves are also omitted, having being replaced by Cranky's Dojo. Swanky's bonus games now feature a virtual reality where the player must collect stars.


The game went to sell 2.89 million copies worldwide, with 1.7 million copies sold in Japan, and has a 86% (SNES) on GameRankings, the lowest of the three Donkey Kong Country games.


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