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What Life D-D-Doth

"What Life D-D-Doth" is the first episode of the first season of the television show Xavier: Renegade Angel.

Plot synopsis

_Renegade_Angel#Recurring_characters wanders upon the town of Burbury, Connecticut, where he is assaulted by a local gang of rednecks because of his bizarre appearance. In the ensuing fight he is knocked unconscious, and wakes up lying on the keyboard of the local visitor center's computer. The computer prompts him to type in a question; Xavier responds by asking "What doth life?". The computer, overloaded by such a profound query, develops a virus. Xavier tells the people of the town to dump the computers in the lake, incorrectly reasoning that doing so won't cause environmental damage since nobody will see them. The computer virus enters the town's water supply, causing reality to distort and the residents to take on a blocky, pixelated appearance. Xavier manages to stop the virus by soothing the computer with a melody played on his "shakasuri", a flute-like instrument. With the problem "solved", Xavier hitches a ride, and the episode ends with the car driving off into the distance.

Cultural references


As with most episodes of the series, "What Life D-D-Doth" is wrought with sexual innuendo.

  • While relating the story of his parents' death, Xavier talks about "groping enlightenment in [his] bedroom". This seems to be a reference to masturbation.
  • In one of Xavier's flashbacks, Chief Master Guru makes a reference to incest.
  • Xavier refers to the chief as being "balls deep".
  • Several times throughout the episode, computers are referred to as "pooters". "Pooter" is a slang term for vagina.
  • Xavier says he is going to "dump this load into that dirty pooter's floppy slot". This is a reference to sexual intercourse; "load" is a slang term for semen, while "pooter" and "floppy slot" are metaphors for the vagina.


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