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The Warlocks

"The Warlocks" is directed here. For the Grateful Dead, which was originally known as The Warlocks, see Grateful Dead. For any other uses, see Warlock (disambiguation).

The Warlocks are an American hard-rock band based out of Los Angeles. Their music has been defined as neo-psychedelia, but much of it spans multiple genres.


After forming in America during 1999, the ever-changing personnel of The Warlocks meant that the band had already toured nineteen different members before it was slimmed to the classic seven-piece outfit that established their reputation. Consisting of Bobby Hecksher (Vocals/Guitar), Ryan McBride (guitar), Jenny Fraser (Bass), Laura Grigsby (Tambourine/Keys), Bob Mustachio (Drums) and Jason Anchondo (Drums) - their two drummers with four guitarists formation produced a relentless, hypnotic wall of sound that suggested a collision between classic psychedelia, Krautrock and Velvet Underground style rock and roll.

Front man Bobby Hecksher grew up in Tampa Bay, Florida where his grandfather owned a radio station where his mother also worked as a secretary. As a result Bobby was soon eating and breathing rock'n'roll on a daily basis.

At sixteen his family left the swamps and moved to Los Angeles where Bobby soon found kindred spirits. He jammed with Beck playing bass on "Stereopathetic Soul Manure"; he hung out in the decadent atmosphere of the 'Mad Hatter' club and moonlighted in the Brian Jonestown Massacre whilst also attending parties with legendary acid guru Timothy Leary, a potent cultural and creative mix that led to the formation of The Warlocks.

The band's debut album "Rise & Fall" was released on Bomp records in 2000. A worldwide deal with Mute (in conjunction with City Rockers in the UK and with Birdman in America) led to the release of "Phoenix" in 2003. The album's varying moods and atmospheres range from the driving power of "Shake the Dope Out" to the 14-minute hallucinogenic opus "Oh Shadie". "Baby Blue", a retro-sounding 7" and CD single taken from the LP features sitars, feedback, and a 60s West Coast pop sound. The single's extra tracks featured two songs from the album recorded on their British tour, "Inside Outside" and "Hurricane Heart Attack". The latter includes a guest appearance from ex-Spaceman 3 front man Sonic Boom.

After Jenny Fraser rejoined, a second album 'Surgery' was released by Mute in 2005.

In Oct 2007 a new album "Heavy Deavy Skull Lover" was released on Tee Pee Records and the band toured as a six-piece. The record is considered to be 'darker' than the rest of the group's work.


Release date Album Label
November 11 2000 The Warlocks (EP) Bomp! Records
October 16 2001 Rise and Fall Bomp! Records
2002 Phoenix (EP) Birdman Records
November 5 2002 Phoenix Album Birdman Records
Mute Records
August 23 2005 Surgery Mute Records
October 23 2007 Heavy Deavy Skull Lover Tee Pee Records

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