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Gaye Bykers on Acid

Gaye Bykers On Acid (GBOA) were an English psychedelic rock band and one of the founder members of the Grebo music scene. They later released both thrash punk and dance music albums under various aliases.



Gaye Bykers On Acid were formed in late 1984 by Ian Reynolds (Robber) and Ian Hoxley (Mary). They were later joined by guitarist and art student Tony Horsfall and drummer Kevin Hyde. Their first gig was at the Princess Charlotte in Leicester in mid-1985.

Their first releases - the single Everything's Groovy Baby and the Nosedive Karma EP - were both recorded in Leeds with Jon Langford of The Mekons, and released on the InTape label. They then signed to Virgin Records releasing the albums Drill Your Own Hole and Stewed To The Gills.

They also played gigs (dressed in women's clothing) under the name "Lesbian Dopeheads on Mopeds", supporting themselves, and thus getting paid twice! They also performed as a fictitious East German thrash punk band "Rektüm" (they claimed to have jumped over the Berlin Wall), recording an LP Sakredanus and an EP Real Horror Show under the name.

However management problems and poor sales meant that they were dropped by Virgin in 1988. They subsequently released the album Cancer Planet Mission on their own record label, Naked Brain. They also recycled and used the band name "The Purple Fluid Exchange" (PFX) to release their dance cross-over material. It was at this time that Rocket Ronnie joined the band as DJ, sample player and dance advisor.

In 1990 they released Pernicious Nonsense, their last studio album, recorded with Jon Langford at the Stone Room Studios and at Alaska St. Studios with house engineer Chelo Zambelli. After difficult tours in the USA and UK the band broke up, the final blow being when the label Rough Trade, who distributed their Naked Brain recordings, went bust owing them and many other bands considerable amounts of cash.

Two compilation albums were subsequently released on the Receiver record label, From the Tomb of the Near Legendary… (1992) and Gaye Bykers On Acid (1993). A further bootleg compilation of Virgin records studio demo's was sold by their ex manager (Tracy lamott)to Cherry Red Records -Everything's Groovy2001

The groups Total Anthology On DVD is available from Robber Byker at their official site and via their MySpace page (see external links below).


  • Kevin Hyde formed the band G.R.O.W.T.H. and released an LP and 12" single.
  • Tony returned to painting and sculpting. He now lives and works in Central America.
  • Robber now works as an underground DJ and film-maker. He records under the names Robber Byker and Surfin'Bernard (Robber Byker & Zoe Reynolds),They have released several Wonky Techno records on Shed Records, and remixes on Miditone.
  • Mary has sung in the bands Pigface, Hyperhead, Apollo 440, and Maximum Roach. His current group is called "The Jungle". He also composes music for TV adverts.
  • A tribute band called Lesbian Dope heads on Mopeds occasionally plays biker events.



Year Title Format Label
1986 Everythang's Groovy 7-inch and 12-inch single InTape
1987 Nosedive Karma 7-inch, 10-inch and 12-inch single InTape
1987 Git Down 7-inch, box set and 12-inch single Virgin
1987 All Hung Up 7-inch, 12-inch, and 2x12-inch with Picture Disc Virgin
1989 Hot Thing 7-inch, 10-inch and 12-inch single Virgin
1991 S.P.A.C.E. (as PFX) 12-inch single Naked Brain
1991 Killer Teens in New Orleans (as PFX) 12-inch single Naked Brain


Year Title Format Label
1998 The BBC Sessions EP Strange Fruit
1989 Real Horror Show (as Rektüm) 12-inch EP Manic Ears


Year Title Format Label
1987 Drill Your Own Hole LP/CS/CD and Video album Virgin
1989 Stewed to the Gills LP/CS/CD album Virgin
1989 GrooveDiveSoapDish LP/CD album Bleed
1990 Cancer Planet Mission LP/CS/CD album Naked Brain
1990 Sakredanus (as Rektüm) LP/CS/CD album PSI
1990 Pernicious Nonsense (as PFX) LP/CS/CD album Naked Brain
1992 Gaye Bykers On Acid CD album Receiver
1993 From The Tomb of the Near Legendary... CD album Receiver
2001 Everything's Groovy CD album Cherry Red

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