List of characters in Magic: The Gathering: A

The fictional multiverse of the Wizards of the Coast Magic: The Gathering trading card game, introduced in 1993, has many characters. This alphabetic list includes characters to which the flavor text on the cards is atributted or who are mentioned in it, along with those referred in related games, novels, comics or short stories.


A human on the planes of Rabiah who owned magic sandals. (Card: ) (Arabian Nights)


Brutal Emperor of the Cephalids. Controlled a secret network of flooded tunnels throughout Otaria. His hatred of "drylanders" included the desire to conquer Otaria, and to this end he maintained a tenuous political alliance with the Cabal. When Kirtar lost control of the Mirari and died, Cephalid agents retrieved the orb and brought it to Aboshan's treasury. There, Laquatus tried to steal it, but the Emperor lost control of its power and sank most of Northern Otaria beneath the ocean (the Mirari's literal interpretation of his desires). Aboshan was killed, and the Mirari fell into the hands of Braids, the Cabal's liaison to the Empire, who returned it to the Cabal Patriarch. After Aboshan's death, Laquatus tried and failed to conquer the remains of his Empire. (Cards: , )

Abu Ja’far

A leper on the planes of Rabiah (Arabian Nights)

Adam Carthalion

Father of Jared, husband of Gwendolyn. He killed his wife to get the strength to battle his former friend Ravidel. He was killed himself by Jared (as instigated by Ezer) (Comics)


Kami of pain and anger, once a human soul.

Adira Strongheart

Leader of the Robaran Mercenaries and wife of Hazezon Tamar. Adira led many rebellions against the rule of Johan of Tiras until she finally died at his hands.

Adom Capashen

A Hero of Benalia who leads New Benalia's defence against the relentless sliver swarms in Rift-Era Dominaria. (Cards: , , )

Adun Oakenshield

A famous warrior, whose return is foreseen in the Anvilonian Grimoire (Legends)


Jamuraan writer. Author of Tales (Mirage)


A Metathran general, brother of Thaddeus. Both generals were designed to be perfect symbiotic leaders of Urza's army, a theoretical advantage until Thaddeus's death at the hands of Tsabo Tavoc caused Agnate's command to flounder. Eventually paired with Eladamri, who filled Thaddeus' void perfectly, they fought together at Koilos. During the fight for Urborg he allies himself with the Lich Lord Dralnu and his undead soldiers to fight the Phyrexians. He suffered the same fate as his brother when he was euthanised twice by Commander Grizzlegom after being corrupted by Lich Lord Dralnu. (Planeshift)

Agrus Kos

Kos is the hero of the first Ravnica storybook and is a strong supporter of the law. Agrus himself is generally a good person, but he can become a bit heated when confronted with particular wrongdoers. His main problem is his drinking streak, despite the laws against it, and his overuse of teardrops (a painkiller that heals wounds and broken bones in seconds). He was instrumental in the events of the Decimillenial Celebrations, when his arrest of Szadek during the vampire's attack on Mat'Selesnya inadvertently broke the Guildpact. As one of hundreds who became disillusioned following these events and leave the Boros Legion, he becomes a security guard employed in Utvara by his lifelong Orzhov friend Pivlic. He dies of a heart attack in a battle against the dragons unleashed by Zomaj Hauc after using a teardrop to heal a wound he suffered. Kos was later returned to the physical world thanks to a contract, wherein he had to serve the Azorius guild for fifty years as a spectral guardian. Kos entered into an agreement with Augustin IV to track down and defeat the vampire lord Szadek once and for all. After the events of this battle, Kos was returned to the physical/heaven world yet again by the angel Feather and placed in command of his own Wojek Leaguehall. ()

Ahmahz il Kin

A Suq’Ata diplomat. Lives in Jamuraa. (Card: )


Speaker of the Council (of Mages?) during the Dark (Card: , the dark version)

Ajani Goldmane

A Leonin Planeswalker who uses White Mana. (Card: )

A native inhabitant of Naya, this Leonin male planeswalker specializes in Protecting others, inspiring the souls of others, and justice magic. Ajani's signature weapon is a double bladed axe which represents his brother who was murdered. After he was unable to reunite the pride, Ajani's spark became active and he sought revenge for his brother's killer. When Ajani became aware of other planes outside of his own and the clues he found led him to other planes, the search for his brother's killer found him in the middle of a much grander scheme that he is just beginning to perceive. As Ajani's quest broadens, so do his powers, as his violent emotions empower more powerful magic.

Ajani didn't start out doing wizardy things—he was born a warrior. He grew up on a far-off plane in his brother's pride of fellow (non-metallized) leonin, and quickly established himself as a shrewd and strong combatant, specializing in his signature curved axe, just like his brother's. Despite his talents in combat, Ajani was outshined in pride status by his brother, a fierce and charismatic leonin who eventually became leader of their pride. In fact, Ajani was never considered for leadership in the pride; he was thought of as an oddball. If it hadn't been for his brother's leadership position, the pride might have turned their backs on him altogether. Ajani is not one to be petty about popularity contests, however. He's merciless with himself, never allowing himself excuses for being weak. If the rest of the pride saw him as a weirdo, so be it—he would just try harder to be better to them. In fact, their attitude toward him may have spurred him to manifest those gifts of his. Although his physical power is formidable, Ajani's true power lies in the ability to see strength in others, and to coax it out. This gift was at work early on, although he didn't recognize it as such. Ajani's brother, however, always saw him as an inspiration, the workhorse leonin warrior who never yielded to any foe, yet who readily sacrificed for any ally. With his brother's encouragement, Ajani began to interact more with the pride. His presence had a subtle but positive effect, inspiring greatness in those around him. Things were going increasingly well for him—until everything changed. Ajani found his brother murdered. The leonin were shocked and horrified, and the pride collapsed without its leader. Some even went so far as to blame Ajani—and although he wasn't the killer, he couldn't help but agree with their anger at his inability to prevent the murder. The pain and shock ignited Ajani's spark. He wished for nothing more than to get away, as far away as possible, and his wish was immediately, unexpectedly granted. Ajani eventually recovered from the shock of his brother's death, and learned to control his newfound gift for planeswalking. But to this day he suffers constant pangs of guilt and grief. He feels he owes it to his brother not only to find the killer, but to reunite the sundered tribe that his brother led. It won't be easy; Ajani's sudden absence after the murder only served to fuel rumors that he was somehow responsible, and after he returned, most of the leonin of the pride had scattered far and wide. To this day he searches for answers, carrying with him a double-bladed axe: his own signature weapon fused with that of his fallen brother.


A seasoned Zhalfirin Askari (Mirage)

Akroma, Angel of Wrath

The Angel of Wrath, sworn to destroy Phage the Untouchable on behalf of her creator, Ixidor. Akroma was shaped by the master illusionist in the image of his wife, Nivea, who had been slain by Phage. Shortly after her creation, she flew to confront Phage in personal combat, but was defeated by the combined force of the cabal champion and her druid acolyte brother Kamahl. Akroma lost both her legs in the battle but escaped back to Ixidor, who fused her waist to the neck of a decapitated jaguar (this transformation is not represented on any card). The Cabal and Kamahl's Krosan Forest soon launched an attack on Ixidor's illusionary desert kingdom, and Akroma led an army of Ixidor's phantasmic creations into battle. The battle, known as the "Nightmare War," quickly turned to rout as Ixidor's beasts went out of control, and Ixidor himself was deemed lost in the chaos. Akroma was devastated by the loss of her creator but carried on in his name, raising an army of flesh and blood and starting a cult devoted to the master illusionist. She later discovered Ixidor alive in the belly of one of his summoned monstrosities, a massive deathwurm personifying the demise of Nivea. Failing to convince him to return, she left him to his despair and readied her army for a final confrontation with Phage. During a personal duel with Phage, Kamahl struck both down in one blow, fusing them into Karona, an entirely new entity. When Karona herself was killed much later, she reverted back to the form of Jeska, the barbarian adept Phage had been before her own corruption. There was no sign of the angelic illusion-made-real, but her legend continued to be one of the most enduring myths of Otaria.

In an alternate universe seen in the Planar Chaos set, Akroma is a red-aligned avatar of vengeance. In this timeline, Ixidor descended into an even deeper state of madness and evil, vowing to wipe the entire Cabal out rather than focusing solely on Phage.

In 2005, was voted the most popular legend in Magic in a long-running online poll on the game's official website, As a result, three Akroma-themed cards were printed in the 2006/07 Time Spiral block of sets; a reprint of the original card in Time Spiral itself, a special, alternate-universe card in Planar Chaos, and in Future Sight. In the game, Akroma, often referred to by her nickname, the "Angry Lady," is one of the most iconic cards ever printed and has seen considerable high-level tournament play. Her popularity among players is often quoted as the primary reason that the "Legend Rule" (which restricts the number of times a character card can be played to one at a time) was altered in 2004's Kamigawa block.


Keldon whip sergeant. (Prophecy)


A voracious kami born from the ashes of the dead.


A legendary sorceress who owned a famous carpet (Legends).


An impoverished young man living on the planes of Rabiah, who became the owner of a lamp containing a djinn, and an extremely destructive ring. (Arabian Nights).


A friend of Crovax, living on an estate in the desert, where he hid Starke. Alaric was killed by Maraxus of Keld and his home was in ruins when the Weatherlight arrived to pick up Starke. (Tempest)


Zephyr spellshaper mage and prodigy of Jamurran "Rhystic" magic, a type of spellcasting which is simple to wield and looks impressive, but has little potency and is easy to disrupt. Alexi aided the forces of Barrin and Teferi in the Kipamu League against the invading Keldons during the Prophecy War. She earned such a reputation among the Keldons that they curse her name even if they don't know what it is. (Prophecy) Rumored to be the ancestor of a Future Sight character,


Only remembered for his remarkable tomb. (Legends)

Ali from Cairo

An avatar who had the ability to allow his master to never die when he was near. (Arabian Nights)

Ali Baba

A poor woodcutter living on the planes of Rabiah who happened to see and overhear a large band of thieves - forty in all - visiting their treasure store in the forest. (Arabian Nights)


Builder of the deserted towers of the Homelands. Probably living before the apocalypse. (Homelands)

Aline Corralurn

Author of Legacy and Late Thaw (Cards: , )


A Boros Guildmage of Ravnica. (Cards: , )


A former goblin king (Card: )

Alsadim K’Mer

Guildlord of Shandalar (Microprose video game))

Altair of Coloni

Participant of the Summit of Minorad. Robbed of his powers and memory by Ravidel. Bonded to Caliphear the Nightmare.(Comics)


A Tolarian Sentinel in Rift-Era Dominaria. (Card: )


A monk, builder of the Aysen Temple of Serra. (Comics)

Angus Mackenzie

Ruler of peaceful Karakas, killed by Lady Orca. As a young man, he was once confronted with elvish archers. (Cards: , )


An archangel (Card: )

Arashi, the Sky Asunder

A mighty major kami, wielder of the power of the storms and winds.

Arcades Sabboth

A legendary Elder Dragon (Legends). He lost his planeswalker-spark when a powerful world spell cast all other dragons to the land, creating the elder land wurms.

Arcanis, the Omnipotent

A very powerful wizard from Otaria. Some say that he's a survivor of the destruction at the Tolarian Academy. ()

Arcum Dagsson

Leading Soldevi Machinist who modeled his own designs after Phyrexian technology and often rebuilt existing relics. An admirer of clockwork efficiency and strict social order, he was often accused by Sorine Relicbane of attempting to create a mechanical utopia without attention to the lessons of Phyrexia. He was once brought before a commission to answer Relicbane's official charges of recklessness. He refused to acknowledge the existence of the adnates (clerics) of an underground machine cult who were eventually manipulated by Lim-Dul. Once in control, Lim-Dul unleashed s, along with Dagsson's most cherished creations, the s, to destroy Soldev and the School of the Unseen, almost reforging a link to Phyrexia in the process. Since then, the much-humbled Dagsson has worked to rebuild Soldev alongside Relicbane. (Cards: , , ) (Ice Age, Alliances, Coldsnap)


Elf queen of Norwood (Portal Second Age). She was blessed Raven Autumn by some folks of the lowlands of Kanlaon. She was Conceived by elf goddess Era and elf Knight Bentzy. She was said to roam the dark regions of Ara-al, giving comfort to weary passers. Her subjects revered her as a dark queen of good intentions. She comes down on the lowlands every year to mingle with the people every Hollow Feast, or feast of the damned.

Arnjlot Olasson

A sky wizard mage. (Ice Age)


A scholar of New Argive

Arna Kennerüd

A prominent Kjeldoran skyknight and skycaptain (Ice Age, Alliances)


An extraordinarily powerful planeswalker who tried to penetrate the Great Barrier of Shandalar. He convinced the Guild Lords that to dominate Shandalar, one wizard must cast the Spell of Dominion, which is supposed to grant its caster immortality and total dominion over a single plane. The real truth was that it was Arzakon’s intention to conquer Shandalar himself. The Spell of Dominion would do nothing more than seek out the source of the Great Barrier - the artifact in which Lim-Dûl’s spirit was shackled- and destroy it. (Microprose video game))


A person in one of Afari’s Tales (Mirage)


One of the main characters of the Lorwyn cycle. Ashling is a member of the Flamekin tribe who allies herself with Rhys. She eventually ends up causing the Aurora which changes Lorwyn into Shadowmoor and along with her transition


The cruel, most feared lieutenant of Mishra the Destroyer. During the Brothers' War, Ashnod was responsible for many diabolical inventions, most notoriously the transmogrants. Ashnod was distrusted by the Fallaji officers serving Mishra, due to her being a woman and having "evil" red hair. When she aided Tawnos in escaping from captivity, Mishra banished her to the other end of the empire. She would discover the Golgothian Sylex and learn its secrets. During the Argothian Disaster, Ashnod and Tawnos would come face-to-face with the Phyrexian demon Gix. Ashnod entrusted Tawnos with the sylex, and bravely faced the demon with only her neural-scrambling staff.She is assumed dead.

Asmira, Holy Avenger

A female visionary from Femeref. Since her youth, Asmira had possessed the gift of prophecy. As her reputation grew she became a welcome visitor in Mangara’s court. But when she started her doomsaying she was ignored, and rivals decried Asmira as a glory-seeking sensationalist. Thus Femeref was unprepared for Kaervek’s invasion. The Council of Voices was mysteriously slaughtered by the Spirit of the Night, and with its leadership gone, Femeref looked to Asmira to lead their armies. Detesting violence and loving all the peoples and lands of Jamuraa equally with all her being, she became reluctantly the head of the Femeref resistance to Kaervek’s advance. In fact she became the Sidar of Femeref. Her devotion to Jamuraa and her will to see the terrible war ended, forged Asmira into a Holy Warrior of unparalleled skill and power. Being the only one who understood the meaning of these visions, Asmira acted as a guide for Scalebane’s Elite while Jabari and Loreweaver create a distraction at Tefemburu. Before Kaervek could return to the Mwonvuli Jungle, Asmira and Rashida, helped by Sisay, managed to reach the Amber Prison. The prison was guarded by Purraj and a number of foul creatures, and the Elite closed with them. Asmira could not break the prison, for it had been protected with a relic ward. Rashida was able to strike down Kaervek’s forces in dizzying attack. The only survivor was Purraj, who leapt for Asmira. Asmira ignored the lethal blows and managed to complete the ritual with her final words. Her sacrifice was accompanied by a blinding shaft of light that shattered the prison, freeing Mangara. (Mirage)


Author of the Underworld Cookbook (Cards: , , ) (Unhinged)


Doyen, Upstart, Bearer of Three Blades, Steward of the Northern Wastes, the Butcher of Bogardan. A great Keldon warrior who helped stop the Phyrexian invasion in both Keld and Urborg. Despite having once been an enemy of Skyshroud, Astor and the elven hero Eladamri were blood brothers who fought together against the Phyrexians. He is the maternal grandfather of Radha.


Member of the Dimir Guild on Ravnica. (Card: )


Samite Master. She fought against the Phyrexian invasion.(Invasion)

Autumn Willow

Ruler, protector and avatar of the Great Wood of the Homelands (maybe a maro-sorceress). Originally a simple forest spirit, but strengthened by Feroz’s Ban. The Autumn Willow was the Protector of the folk of An-Havva and an enemy of Baron Sengir. After the failing of the Ban and the growing influence of the Dwarven Gate she weakened. Her choice: revitalizing the Homelands at the cost of the lives of the folk, or letting Sengir have his way. (Homelands)


Elvish princess of Skyshroud, daughter of Eladamri, killed by a Phyrexian silent assassin. Her resemblance is used to create the Phyrexian emissary to Rath, Belbe.(Nemesis)

Avram Garrison

Treacherous leader of the Kjeldoran Order of the Knights of Stromgald. Undead ally of Lim-Dûl. Hater of Elves and Balduvians.(Ice Age)

Axelrod Gunnarson

A legendary Giant that made other Giants seem small. Legends set.

Ayesha Tanaka

A legendary female artificer. Friend of Tetsuo Umezawa and mentor of Kei Takahashi. Ayesha was instrumental in dethroning Nicol Bolas from his seat as emperor of Madara. (Legends Cycle)

Ayumi, the Last Visitor

A very old kami, elder of many other major kami, during the Kami War Ayumi ended the Battle of the Silk by killing all the remaining Sacred Bell monks and thus corrupting the shrine of Boseiju. ()

Azami, Lady of Scrolls

A legendary female librarian of the School of Minamo. In the reckless quest for knowledge, Azami was famous for being able to sacrifice everything (family, home, friends and past) in order to reach wisdom. Selfish of her knowledge, Azami worked on deciphering the arcane secrets brought by the kami 'Towazu', the Unspeakable causing dementia on many of her students. It is unknown if she survived the final destruction of Minamo at the hands of Hidetsugu. (Kamigawa) ()

Azamuki, the Treachery Incarnate

Once a common thief, using arcane powers he turned himself into a kami of treachery. It's unknown in which side of the kami war he fought.


Adept, pupil of the planeswalker Sahrmal on the plane of Shandalar. After a great spell gone awry, Lim-Dûl’s spirit was trapped in Azar's body. Trapped in the same body the two spirits fought for control. Convinced that it would be forever so, Sahrmal secretly buried the body. The existence of the Great Barrier depended on the continued confinement of Lim-Dul. In time, Lim-Duls powerful spirit won out over that of the fatally inexperienced Azar. Emerging from the secret graveyard, he once again attempted to bend Shandalar to his will but was defeated soundly, though the lord of the Black Guild also fell. The Guardian removed Lim-Dul’s spirit from Azar’s former body and imprisoned it again, this time in a magical artifact, thus keeping the Great Barrier in existence. Though it now had been emptied of both spirits, Azar’s body had been exposed to far too much magic to lie still. Now numbered among the undead, it rose of it’s own accord and stepped in to command the Black Guild, taking the name Lichlord Skavius Slan. (Microprose video game))


Author of The Treeling, The Cyclops who couldn’t, The Ugly Bird, The Unruly Wind, Kenechi’s Dream , Three Riddles, Glitter Moon, The Golem’s Wish and The Lonely Giant (Mirage)


A greenseeker, one of the Yavimaya Elves who left that forest to travel to Skyshroud. Traveled with a fellow greenseeker, Edahlis. (Cards: , )


The Judge. Azorian parun, First grand arbitrer of Ravnica. (Ravnica)

Azusa, Lost but Seeking

Legendary monk of the sacred order of Jukai Forest, disciple of Rokuan and best friend of Iwamori. A master tracker, she started a quest from Jukai all across Kamigawa, and learned from all the cultures of the world in order to join together the peoples of Kamigawa. Her ultimate fate is unknown.(Kamigawa)
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