Doom or Doomsday: see Judgment Day.

Doom refers to a state or feeling of impending and inevitable destruction and ruin, far beyond mere trouble. It can also mean the following things:


  • dōm (pronounced "doom"), the Anglo-Saxon word meaning "judgment", "law"
  • Doom book the Laws of King Aelfred, Legal Code of Alfred the Great, Code of Alfred 893
  • Doom Book, a list kept in the 1930s by United States censor Will Hays
  • Doom (painting), a painting that depicts the Last Judgment

Popular culture


Other media

  • Doom Trilogy, a series of text adventure games for home computers (beginning with Countdown to Doom)
  • Mount Doom, a volcano in J.R.R. Tolkien's Lord of the Rings
  • Doctor Doom, a supervillain and ruler of a small country within the Marvel Comics universe
  • Judge Doom, the villain of the movie Who Framed Roger Rabbit
  • Black Doom, leader of the Black Arms in the Sonic the Hedgehog fictional universe
  • Doom (professional wrestling)
  • Doom, a Final Fantasy dark magic spell that causes the target to die in three turns
  • Thulsa Doom, the snake-like villain played by James Earl Jones in the motion picture Conan the Barbarian

id Software

See also Doom series.
Doom is a series of video games by id Software, and several licensed properties have been based on the series.

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