Baby-Saurus Dooly character
Baby-Saurus Dooly
Gender Male
Color White Tummy and green skin
Eye Color Pure Black.
Genus Ceratosaurus
Species Dinosaur
Birthday Unknown (April 22 in his Korean resident registration number)
Height 4 feet 6 inches (excluding tail-length)
Weight Unknown
Address Ssangmun-dong, Dobong-gu, Seoul, South Korea
Occupation(s) Family pet (but Go Kildong considered his party as parasites)
First appearance
Pets None
Ancestors Other Dinosaurs
Descendants Doly and Oly (in the comic 'Baby Saurus Doly' in 1995)
Friends Park Hee-dong, Douner, Ddochi and Michol
Boss Go Kildong
Enemies Go Kildong
Favorite TV Shows
Favorite Foods Anything edible, not dangerous or yucky.
Favorite Holiday Children's Day (Korean).
Awards Won Karaoke contest in Episode 5 of the 2nd Season.


Dooly (둘리) was first created when its creator Soo Jung Kim issued the manhwa under manhwa japji named Bo-Mool Sum (Treasure Island). It was first shown in the first week of April, 1983, finished about ten years later. There are two spin-offs of the manhwa, one of which is still being aired today.

The original animation and airing was done by Korean broadcaster KBS. When it was first broadcasted in 1987, there were only six episodes, with seven more later added during the second season. A video cassette was released in 1989, and re-broadcasting was first done in 1990.

This show was rebroadcasted again in 1993, 1996 and 1998, but due to awkward broadcasting dates (usually done on Sunday), its ratings were critically low until 1998. However, after realizing the increased viewership in October 1998, the time was changed to 5:30 PM starting May 12 through June 23, 2003, Monday and Tuesday (known as the 'Golden Viewing Time'). With more people watching the show, its ratings improved. Dooly is currently shown Monday through Friday, 4:00 PM on the Korean Animation channel Tooniverse, Korea's first all-anime/manhwa channel.

The cartoon was once reported to the officials as a bad example for children, just because of the using of Dooly's care-giver's name in a friendly fashion. Koreans usually speak to adults with respect and with the use of proper additions in speech done so specifically for adults by younger people. This was seen as hazardous for the basic thinking of the children who watch it.

Tooniverse also released an educational video relating to English in 1995, and full-theaterical release came out in 1996 under Dooly Nara (Dooly Nation).

A new version of the TV series will be broadcast in late 2008.


Standing 4 feet and 6 inches tall, Dooly is a Ceratosaurus with an oversized head, meant to draw attention toward the character's facial expression, which he rarely changes. He has a tail as long as his height, and he sometimes uses it to make himself look taller than other characters, usually Kildong Go. He displays many human-like characteristics, including a habit of sticking out his tongue, which is a rather rude gesture in Korea.

His underside is full-white, as are his hands and feet. He has three toes per foot, and has five fingers on each hand, unlike a real Ceratosaurus which has four. As well as shiny white teeth.


Dooly is a baby dinosaur that was trapped in ice. Somehow, he survived during the Ice Ages, but ended up frozen. About 10 million years later, one of the glaciers broke off and he came to Seoul. He has super powers that he received from an extraterrestrial, but doesn't know why. He doesn't quite know how to use it deliberately but in times of danger he somehow manages to use the power. He points his right finger and yells Hoihoi! He is always biting his tongue and looks silly, but he is mischievous and loyal. Once in a while he'll resist, like when he turns Kildong into a dinosaur and sends him to the Amazon, but when he does it always turns against him.

Dooly's name, according to the cartoon, is a pun. His older brother is named Hana, meaning One or First while Dool, or Dul mean Two in Korean and y or ei mean the same thing in Korean Traditional-Chinese, making him the Second. This is mentioned around the end of then 2nd set of episode, or 6th episode, but it is not certain if this is true in manhwa canon due to the anime and manhwa having many storyline differences.


  • When Dooly was first created as a TV animation, it received a lot of anti-istic movement from Korean Catholics, Korean public citizens, and the government. Reasons cited included the fact that the anime was bit violent, which was oppressed by Korean Government itself, and the general public was angered due to its character's attitude of disrespect towards elders. However, this was when freedom of speech was not taken yet taken seriously into account.
  • Dooly's mother is a Brontosaurus, whereas Dooly was not even of the same species.


  • Dooly is one of the most respected and commercially successful characters of Korean animation.
  • Dooly became the first manhwa character to be featured on a stamp. It was printed in 1995 in South Korea.

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