Dook can refer to:

  • A scottish term for jumping into the sea from harbours and rocks.
  • The chuckling noise ferrets make when happy or excited. It is often heard in conjunction with the weasel war dance
  • A slang term for feces (also "dookie")
  • A Scottish term for ducking in water. This is most commonly associated with the act of trying to catch an apple in one's teeth from the surface of a bowl of water in the game of Bobbing for apples. It may also refer to several events where members of the public celebrate an occasion by swimming in a natural body of water (eg, the New Year's Day loony dook in the River Forth).
  • A wooden plug driven into a stone or brick wall to hold a nail
  • The shaft of a coal mine. A 'mine' or roadway driven to the 'dip side'. Usually the main road going to the 'dip'. (Scots.) See also Crut and Steeps.
  • A term used to describe when a cat rubs the side of their face into a hard object.
  • A scripting language associated with the computer language Java.


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