For the Soviet and Kazakhstan military base of Dolon, see Dolon (air base).

In Greek mythology, Dolon (Ancient Greek: Δόλων) fought for Troy during the Trojan War. He was the child of Eumedes, along with 5 sisters. Considered a fast runner, he volunteered to spy on the Greek ships. In exchange he would claim the horses and chariot of Achilles as his prize at the end of the war. Hector assented to his request, and Dolon went out wearing a wolf skin. His plan was to deceive the Greeks by walking on all fours. By chance, he crossed paths with Odysseus and Diomedes while they were arriving on a secret raid to plunder the Trojans. They chased Dolon down, and after begging for his life and telling Odysseus everything he wanted to know, he was decapitated by Diomedes. His son Eumedes, named after Dolon's father, survived the Trojan War to later fight and die under the command of Aeneas in Italy.


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