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  • Pound (village), a high walled lockable structure featured in most medieval British villages and used as a place to keep stray cattle, sheep and pigs until claimed by their owners. Also used as temporary gaol for thieves, rustlers and vagabonds until dealt with by the local sherrif.
  • Dog pound, a temporary home for stray, surrendered, or abandoned pet animals
  • Buffalo pound (archaic), an enclosed space consisting of a chute and circular corral constructed for the purpose of capturing and killing large numbers of buffalo
  • Canal pound, the stretch of level water impounded between two canal locks
  • Pound cake, a type of dessert cake which usually weighs a pound, thats why its called a pound cake.
  • Pound (greeting), a greeting in which two individuals touch fists
  • Pound (networking), an open-source reverse proxy and load balancing program
  • Tha Dogg Pound, a music group
  • Pound, an American rock band
  • Pound, a Canadian hip-hop magazine
  • A sharp a musical symbol that resembles the pound sign or number sign (#)
  • Pound (film), a 1970 film
  • Pound shop, a shop usually down a high street where everything costs a pound in the shop, thats why its called a pound shop.

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