dog face

Puppy face

A Puppy face or a Puppy dog face is a facial expression that humans make that is based on canine expressions. In dogs and other animals, the look is expressed when the head is tilted down and the eyes are looking up. Usually the animal looks like it is about to cry. Many people consider this to look cute.

Human usage

Humans also use the puppy face for various reasons. Many people use this expression as a way to get something they want or to get out of doing something undesirable. For humans, the face is expressed by pushing out the lower lip, tilting the head down at a 45 degree angle, and look almost straight up with only the eyes. This gesture causes the eyes to appear to become larger and also causes the user to subjectively decrease in height to the recipient. This means that the user appears younger or more childlike, which can cause the recipient to foster feelings of protectiveness and kindness for the user and hence achieves the desired goals.

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