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Sursum Corda (Service Organization)


Sursum Corda is a co-educational social service organization at Loyola Marymount University.

While "Sursum," as it is often simply called by members, does service around LMU's campus, the organization's primary mission is service in the greater Los Angeles community at institutions such as Guadalupe Housing Project, Good Shepherd Shelter, Underwings, El Espejo, SAGE childcare in Nickerson Gardens and weekly Dockweiler beach cleanups.

Since 2005, Sursum Corda's Social Justice Squadron has organized an annual Day Famine, designed to raise awareness of international hunger among LMU students.


Lord, lift up our eyes that we may See those in need; Those who hunger for your Friendship; Those who crave your light.

Lord lift up our ears that we may Hear those who call for help; Who speak your name.

Lord, lift up our arms that we may Carry the downcast. Build the broken, Touch the lonely.

Lord, lift up our hearts that we may See your face Hear your call Do your will.

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