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Do Me Wrong

"Do Me Wrong" is a solo single by Melanie Blatt of All Saints. It peaked at #18 in the UK charts.


# Title Length
CD 1
1. "Do Me Wrong" (Original Mix) 3:46
2. "Do Me Wrong" (G-Town Radio Edit) 4:10
3. "Do Me Wrong" (Roguetraders Radio Edit) 3:17
4. "Do Me Wrong" (Video) 4:07
CD 2
1. "Do Me Wrong" (Original Mix) 3:46
2. "The Boy and I" 3:44
3. "My Everything" 4:24


Country Position Date
United Kingdom #18 September 2003


The video is based on the G Town Radio Edit of the song and features Melanie Blatt in a car in the desert in Spain trying to get away from her unfaithful boyfriend.


Do me wrong

  • Extended Version
  • G Town Radio Edit
  • Nu G Town Radio Edit
  • Roguetraders Dub
  • Roguetraders Radio Edit
  • Roguetraders Vocal 12 inch
  • Themroc 12 inch Dub
  • Themroc 12 inch Vocal Mix

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