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Episcopal Divinity School

Episcopal Divinity School (EDS) is an Episcopal seminary in Cambridge, Massachusetts, offering Master of Divinity, Master of Arts in Theological Studies, and Doctor of Ministry degrees. It was founded in 1974 by the union of the Episcopal Theological School in Cambridge with the Philadelphia Divinity School.


The Philadelphia Divinity School, founded in 1858, had been well-regarded for its pioneering efforts in the development of the study of pastoral theology. It was among the first seminaries of the Episcopal Church to admit African-American students and allow them to live in residence. PDS was also the first Episcopal seminary to train women for ministry.

The Episcopal Theological School, founded 1867, was established by Episcopalians as a balance to the Unitarianism favored at Harvard University. It became well-known for its academic rigor and pioneering efforts in the area of biblical criticism.

In 1975, the newly merged EDS hired two of the first 11 women irregularly ordained to the priesthood in the Episcopal Church as faculty. The School has since become well-known as a center for the study of feminist theology, with several major feminist theologians having served on the faculty: Carter Heyward, Elisabeth Schussler Fiorenza, Katie Geneva Canon, and Kwok Pui Lan. EDS tends to be socially liberal, particularly with regards to the inclusion of gay and lesbian persons in the priesthood. E. Otis Charles, former bishop of Utah and dean of the school from 1985-1993, came out as a gay man following his retirement from EDS. The current dean of EDS is also a bishop, the Rt. Rev. Stephen Charleston, former bishop of Alaska. A Native American, Bishop Charleston is the first person of color to lead an Episcopal seminary.

EDS has a strong relationship with Harvard Divinity School, including a cross-registration program.

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