diving duck

Any duck that obtains its food by diving to the bottom in deep water rather than by dabbling in shallows (see dabbling duck). Diving ducks prefer marine environments and are popularly called either bay ducks or sea ducks. Bay ducks (tribe Aythyini, family Anatidae), including canvasback, redhead, scaup, and allied species, are found more frequently in estuaries and tidal lagoons than on the open sea. Sea ducks (20 species in tribes Mergini and Somateriini) include the bufflehead, eiders, goldeneye, mergansers, oldsquaw, and scoters; some are also or mainly found on inland waters.

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Sport of plunging into water, usually headfirst and often following the execution of one or more acrobatic maneuvers. It emerged as a competitive sport in the late 19th century and became part of the Olympic Games in 1904. Dives are performed from a firm platform 5 or 10 m (16.4 or 32.8 ft) above the water, or from a springboard 1 or 3 m (3.3 or 9.8 ft) above the water. In Olympic contests, only the 10-m platform and 3-m springboard are used. Contestants are required to do certain dives, as well as dives of their own choice, each rated according to its degree of difficulty. Judges score each dive, and the total score is multiplied by the degree of difficulty.

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Dive and similar may refer to:


In music

In other uses

  • Taking a dive, intentionally throwing a fight in boxing
  • Dive bomber, a bomber aircraft that dives directly at its targets in order to provide greater accuracy
  • Dive bar, a cheap dingy drinking establishment
  • A Flying junction on a railway where one line crossed beneath another is called a dive-under


In aquatics

  • Diving, the sport of jumping into a body of water or pool
  • Underwater diving, the practice of swimming underwater
  • Scuba diving, the practice of swimming underwater with a breathing apparatus

In sports

Other uses

  • "Diving", 2002 single by trance group 4 Strings
  • Net Diving, internet slang for heavy web browsing, often to obtain specific information
  • Ghost Diving, a fictional term in Ghost in the Shell where someone digitally infiltrates another person's brain via technology

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