Diurnal ("daily") may refer to:

  • Diurnality, the behavior of an animal that is active in the daytime
  • Actions which are completed in 24 hours and are repeated every 24 hours, e.g. the sun reaching its zenith.
  • Diurnal motion, the apparent motion of stars around the Earth, caused by the Earth's rotation around its axis. More generally it means repeating daily as in e.g. diurnal effect
  • Diurnal phase shift, the phase shift of electromagnetic signals associated with daily changes in the ionosphere
  • Diurnal temperature variation, the daily temperature shift that occurs from daytime to night

In astrology:

  • Diurnal chart, a chart for a given date, based on the natal chart
  • Diurnal planet, a planet in a sect for which the Sun is above the horizon
  • Diurnal sign, a sign in the zodiac whose natural positions are on the southern hemisphere of the horoscope
  • Diurnal arc, the time, as expressed in right ascension, it takes a planet, point, or degree to move from its rising point to its setting point

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