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Scorpio Rising (band)

Scorpio Rising were an English rock band in Liverpool from 1989 to 1994.


Scorpio Rising were formed in Liverpool in 1989. The group's first live performances took place in small clubs in Liverpool, with several shows at Liverpool Planet X and Cosmos Clubs in late 1989. Scorpio Risng's difinitive line up and sound was created when the band were joined by Parliament/Funkadelic influenced bass player Steve Soar in 1990.

Scorpio Rising signed to Chapter 22 Records (UK)and Sire / Elektra (USA).

Scorpio Rising toured the UK with Smashing Pumpkins, PWEI, Neds Atomic Dustbin, Eat, Senseless Things and other contemporary bands of the early 1990s, culminating with appearances at Finsbury Park and Reading festival in 1992.


  • Mickey Banks - Singer
  • Sploote Lead - Lead Guitar
  • Martin Atherton - Guitar
  • Steve Soar - Bass
  • Colin Owens - Drums


The unique Scorpio Rising sound was driven from a diverse set of influences, combining breakbeat driven rythmns, strong pop melodies and funk influenced basslines sandblasted with pychedelic and experimental guitar distortion techniques. Earliest recordings feature heavy use of wah wah pedals and breakbeat/baggy drum patterns contemporary with the early nineties.

Scorpio Risng came to the attention of the UK music press in 1991 with the release of "Watermelon" their first major backed single on Chapter 22 records. For a brief period their combination of infectious breakbeat flavoured drums, swirling distorted rock guitars and "new lad superstar" (NME 1991) frontman Mickey Banks was hailed as a new direction for UK indie/rock music. At this time the band recorded the 6 track mini album If. If... featured a new rock sound different from the bands comtemporaries, with funk influenced bass lines, soft pychedelic guitars on the slower tracks and stooges style rock guitars backed with "baggy" rythmns for the first time on the faster tracks. The album was well received by the UK music press, leading to sold out headlining dates across the UK and rave reviews of the live shows, which started to feature stage diving by the audiences.

Scorpio Rising then recorded their one and only full length album "Pig Symphony".

Scorpio Rising took the sound of the electric guitar into new territory with the prodigious use of ripped speakers, metal pipe acoustics and vintage film studio recording equipment when recording Breathing Underwater/Zero for Chapter 22 in Eds Garage, (now defunct vintage recording studio in Camden Town, London) in 1992. This session (co-produced by Teo Miller who also produced Daisy Chainsaw led to "Pig Symphony" for Sire/Elektra when the band were signed to the label by the legedary Seymour Stein, who flew from New York to see the band headline the Marquee club in London in 1992.

Pig Symphony was recorded over Christmas 1992 at Rockfield Studios Monmouth, was produced by Teo Miller and Scorpio Rising.

During the 1993 PWEI tour preceding Pig Symphony the band lost bassist Steve Soar, and went into the studio as a four piece. Steve Soar appears on "Breathing Underwater" and "Fountain Of You" both recorded during the Breathing Underwater sessions at Ed's Garage.

Scorpio Rising returned to the studio to record the follow up for Sire, Titled "Brutal Deluxe", the new album was produced by Steve Osborne of Perfecto, producer of Happy Mondays Thrills Pills and Bellyaches and U2. Recorded and mixed in 1993 at Orinoco and Battery Studio's in London, Brutal Deluxe took Scorpio Rising in a new direction, and included the totally unique thrash / trance track "Bugcatcher" which was later remixed by Steve Osborne and included in Paul Oakenfold's legendary Goa trance sets for Radio 1.

The album was never released by Sire.



  • The Strangest Things Turn You On / Burn Out / Bliss
  • Watermelon / Beautiful People / Malicious
  • Breathing Underwater / Zero (unreleased)
  • Saturnalia / Disturbance / Peace Frog
  • Silver Surfing / Zero
  • Evelyn / Brutal Deluxe / Its Obvious


  • IF..
  • Pig Symphony
  • Zodiac Killers (USA Compilation)
  • Brutal Deluxe (unreleased)
  • 12" white label single: to radio only: Bugcatcher/Dubcatcher
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