Distorted is a progressive death/doom metal band from Bat-Yam in Israel.

The band formed in 1996 and released two demos until 2002 when they began concentrating more seriously on playing live. In 2003 and 2004 the band began to write the music for their debut album Memorial which was recorded in 2005 in Underground Studio in Sweden. The album was released on March 13th 2006 in Israel and May 2nd 2006 in the rest of Europe. On 12th July 2007 the band announced a three album deal with Candlelight Records.

The band cite their influences as Opeth, Nevermore, Dark Tranquility and The Gathering, though there is a heavy Middle-Eastern influence to their sound, similar to countrymates Orphaned Land.



Studio albums

Singles and EPs

  • Distorted (2001, five tracks EP)
  • Illusive (2004, three tracks single)


  • Distorted (1998, three tracks)
  • Demo (2000, two tracks)

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