Herwig Rüdisser

Herwig Rüdisser (* November 8 in Glödnitz, Austria) is an Austrian singer and musician. He is the lead singer of Opus (band). In 1985 they released "Live Is Life" which topped the charts in many countries, and a live recording of the song even made the Top 40 in the United States.


Rüdisser had his first Piano lessons in Klagenfurt at the age of eight. His first trials on guitar he had at the age of ten years. In 1972 he won a Band Battle called "Help" with his band GFS. In 1977 he moved from Klagenfurt to Graz. One year later he joined Opus and in 1980 they had their first studiorecordings and released their first album "Daydreams". In 1985 they had finally their biggest hit "Life is Live". Later he worked together with other singers like Falco (musician) as vocalist or background-vocalist. Today Rüdisser lives in Graz with his wife and his two children. Opus is still active, but they never have been able to match past successes.

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