[dis-puhn-sey-shuhn, -pen-]
Dispensation may refer to

  • the act of distributing goods or services, especially those that are regulated, as in the practice of pharmacists (synonym to distribution). Especially, dispensation of religious doctrine,
    • Dispensationalism is a specific Christian theological view that teaches specific periods of time called dispensations form the framework through which God relates to mankind.
    • In Buddhism, the Buddha's dispensation is his teaching, see Dharma (Buddhism).
    • In Mormonism, a dispensation is a period of time where one or more men designated as holding the priesthood are responsible for "dispensing the gospel" to people on the earth; see Dispensation of the fulness of times.
  • the relaxation of a law in particular circumstances the act of an authority making an exception to laws, standards, or customs (synonym to exception)
  • the action of administering, ordering, or managing; a system of principles, promises, and rules ordained and administered (synonym to administration)


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