disk crash

Disk on module

A Disk on Module (DOM) is a flash drive with either 40/44 pins IDE/Standard ATA Interface or SATA Interface to be used as a computer hard disk drive (HDD). The flash to IDE converter simulates a harddisk, and therefore the modules can be used without additional software or drivers. They are used particularly within Embedded computing systems where they can often be deployed in to very harsh environments (where mechanical hard disk drives would simply fail), or in a thin client because of small size, low power consumption and silent operation. DOM's are losing their market to (integrated on motherboard) CompactFlash (CF) to IDE converters that provide hard disk drive simulation for the widely supported CF standard.

DOM's are highly reliable as they do not have any moving parts like regular hard disks and are small in size and light in weight. However, after a disk crash in traditional hard disk, some data may still be recoverable by scanning the physical media using specialized equipment, but there is no known method to recover lost data from a physically damaged DOM.

Currently storage capacities range from 32MB to 16GB.

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