dish of day

Dish of the Day (album)

Dish of the Day is the third album by German pop band Fool's Garden. Released in 1995, the most notable and long-lasting song is the world famous "Lemon Tree".

Track listing

  1. "Ordinary Man"
  2. "Meanwhile"
  3. "Lemon Tree"
  4. "Pieces"
  5. "Take Me"
  6. "Wild Days"
  7. "The Seal"
  8. "Autumn"
  9. "The Tocsin"
  10. "Finally"
  11. "One Fine Day"


  • Peter Freudenthaler - vocals
  • Volker Hinkel - guitars, backing vocals, programming
  • Roland Röhl - keyboards
  • Thomas Mangold - bass
  • Rafl Wochele - drums, backing vocals
  • Gitte Haus, Tina Müller, Julia Noch and Karin Rossow - backing vocals


  • Wild Days (1st version)
  • Lemon Tree
  • Wild Days (re-release)
  • Pieces

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