Discouraging at Best

Discouraging at Best (2007) is the sixth book and first short story collection by American author John Edward Lawson. Following the day-to-day life of a working class family, the ramblings of a fictional Nobel Prize winner, and the inner workings of the White House, this book details the ways these people’s stories intersect and relate to one another. Characterized the diversity of its characters, this set of interconnected short stories critiques and parodies American life.

Cover Description

“Already known for his works of speculative fiction, author John Edward Lawson uses Discouraging at Best to take a look at the ‘real’ world. On the pages within are five interlinked tales that, when placed together, paint a panorama of apathy, greed, and manipulation.

We follow the self-inflicted plight of working class families and their efforts to step on others in the race to get ahead. We watch the petty ward of Nobel laureates. We become immersed in the minds of those caught in an ankle-biters rebellion. We are drawn into the intrigues and incompetence of those pulling the strings at the highest level of government. And, ultimately, we wonder: why?

Here the absurdity of the mundane expands exponentially creating a tidal wave that sweeps reason away. For those who enjoy satire, bizarre literature, or a good old-fashioned slap to the senses, Discouraging at Best offers extra helpings of each.”

Table of Contents

Introduction: “Left Behind in the Abstrusified Zone Designated as the United States of America” by Kevin Dole 2
Whipped on the Face With a Length of Thorn Bush: Yes, Directly on the Face
A Serenade to Beauty Everlasting
The Ankle-Biters Guide to Slithering
Maybe it’s Racist…
Deface the Nation

Other Information
Author: John Edward Lawson
Cover Artist: Image by Dennis Sibeijn; Design by M. Garrow Bourke
Country: USA
Language: English
Series: None
Genres: Social Criticism, Satire, Parody, Experimental Fiction, Bizarro, Postmodernism, Short Story
Publisher: Raw Dog Screaming Press
Publication Date: 2007
Media Type: Print
Pages: 196
ISBN: 1-933293-19-5
Preceded by: The Troublesome Amputee
Followed by: Sin Conductor (Forthcoming)

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