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  • Dis is short for Mandisa
  • Dis is usually a proper name that may refer to a number of mythological people and places.
  • dis- (also di-, dif-), a prefix that first appeared in English words in the Middle English period in words borrowed from French

Religion, mythology, and fiction


  • "dis–", the opening theme song of the anime series Infinite Ryvius, performed by Mika Arisaka
  • Dis-, a rock trio from Milwaukee, Wisconsin
  • Drowned In Sound, a webzine concentrating on new music
  • Dís, a soundtrack album by Icelandic composer Johann Johannsson
  • "Chambers of Dis", a song by Florida death metal band Morbid Angel from their 1998 release Formulas Fatal to the Flesh
  • The musical note D, in German nomenclature
  • Dis, an album by Norwegian jazz musician Jan Garbarek

Computer topics


  • "Dis", the name of the final boss level, in mission eight of episode three (Inferno) in the original Doom video game.
  • "Dis" (see Baator), the second of the Nine Hells in the Dungeons & Dragons roleplaying game universe
  • "Dis," a fictional city in the Altered Beast video game
  • "Dis", an ally in the RPG Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne.


Acronyms and slang

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