Dirty Linen

Dirty Linen is a bi-monthly magazine of folk and world music based in Baltimore, Maryland. The magazine offers extensive reviews of folk music recordings, videos, books, and concerts as well as in depth profiles of musical artists and venues. They also maintain a schedule of concerts and festivals of folk music performances in North America in their "gig guide" which is available within the magazine or through their web site. Other features include, "The Horse Trader" classified ads, and a "Wireless" discussion of whats on the air waves.


Dirty Linen originated in 1983 as a publication titled Fairport Fanatics, a fan magazine for the British band Fairport Convention created by T.J. McGrath of Fairfield, Connecticut. In 1987 Paul Hartman took over as editor and publisher, renamed the magazine Dirty Linen and expanded its scope to cover genres of rooted music from many countries and cultures.

Now based in Baltimore, Maryland, the magazine grew with direction from Hartman and his wife, Susan (who also served as co-editor of the magazine for many years). The photocopied fanzine became a glossy color publication in the early 1990s. Dirty Linen began international distribution and gained sales in North American chains such as Borders Books & Music, Barnes & Noble, and Chapters.

In September 2007, Dirty Linen announced a merger with Visionation, Inc., publishers of Blues Revue and the e-zines BluesWax and FolkWax. The merger was greeted enthusiasticly by both parties who announced plans for new projects for Dirty Linen such as the inclusion of a sampler CD for subscribers, and planned growth for all four of Visionation's roots music publications, including entry into radio and cable markets and sponsorship of music festivals.


A number of writers for the magazine also provide music content elsewhere on the web:


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