Reno 911!

Reno 911! is an American comedy television series on Comedy Central that debuted in 2003. It is a mockumentary-style parody of law enforcement documentary shows, specifically COPS, with comic actors playing the police officers. Most of the material is improvised, using a broad outline, and with minimal scripted material.

The series spawned a film, Reno 911!: Miami, featuring the same cast.


The show is a satire based on the FOX Television show COPS, which follows actual police officers through their daily duties (often chasing criminals and intervening in domestic disputes). Reno 911! features members of a fictitious Reno Sheriff's Department, videotaped in the course of their duties, sometimes addressing the camera directly as though being interviewed. The show deals heavily in non-politically-correct and 'racy' humor, including many jokes about race, sexual orientation, drug & alcohol abuse, rape, and so on. It has been nominated for and received various awards.

Only the basic plot elements of the show are scripted, with the dialog improvised, enhancing the illusion of reality (a practice referred to as retroscripting). Unlike COPS, which the show parodies, Reno 911! Sheriff's deputies are constantly cursing, causing much of their dialog to be "bleeped" for broadcast. The actors often perform their own stunts. A constantly-changing cast of weirdos, prostitutes, homeless persons, survivalists, etc. are portrayed by comedian friends of the primary cast.

As the show progressed into Season Four, the show's characters occasionally referred to their own program. They insist that the show's producers told them the videotaped footage was going to be used for a FOX Television documentary series titled Heroes on Patrol, that they have no control over what is shown, and that the show only seems to capture moments of incompetence. The many "good" incidents are left out of the final edit.

Many of the main scenes are shot over the course of many hours, such as the briefing room. According to the DVD commentary for season three, all morning briefing scenes for a season may be filmed on one 10 hour day with different basic plot elements to be used in different episodes. Everyone contributes his or her dialog as they are inspired to do so.

On March 21, 2004, Comedy Central ran a special of the show titled Reno 911!: Off Duty.

The cut scenes (also called "interstitials") are filmed in Reno, and are inserted between the various live scenes to provide the illusion that the show is based there. Actual filming takes place in Southern California, including the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department's Carson Station in Carson, California, and around Sun Valley and North Hollywood in the San Fernando Valley. Most of the exterior prison shots of "Washoe County State Penitentiary" are of Oregon State Correctional Institution, in Salem, Oregon. Reno itself is devoid of the many palm trees seen in the show. Many of the shots done inside of a mall were done at the Del Amo Mall in Torrance, CA.

The fourth season began on July 9, 2006 and comprises 14 episodes. Comedy Central aired the first seven in the fall of 2006 and the last seven in the spring 2007. Also in early 2007, a theatrical film based upon the series entitled Reno 911!: Miami was released in North America, featuring the complete TV series cast. The season four spring debut drew 1.3 million viewers during the week of March 26 to April 1, 2007.

On October 9, 2006, Comedy Central confirmed thirteen new episodes to make up Reno 911! season five. Production of Season Five started in January and wrapped up in April. Reno 911! Season five premiered on January 16, 2008. It actually contained 16 episodes.

On March 27, 2007, Superstation WGN acquired the first three seasons of the half-hour comedy for a two year run. The syndicated Reno 911! is a part of their late night comedy block. Reruns will be syndicated to broadcast stations.

Lennon and Garant appeared in-character on a comedy compilation CD, Comedy Death-Ray, released on September 11, 2007, singing a song about why not to use drugs.


Cast and characters

It is implied, as of the Season 5 finale episode, that one of the deputies died. A single casket was shown during a 21 gun salute, and cheers were heard with seven hats flying.

Main characters

  • Lieutenant James (Jim) Ron Dangle (played by Thomas Lennon). A former maitre d', and member of the United States Coast Guard who had been previously stationed in Hawaii. It was there that a young man came from, believing to be the illegitimate son of Lt. Dangle. Lt. Dangle was eventually discharged from the Coast Guard for reasons undisclosed. He is the highest ranking deputy and is almost always seen wearing his trademark shorts, which he wears for "mobility." The comedic theme of the character is that he is gay. He openly harbors an attraction to Jones, and occasionally flirts with suspects. In one episode, Jones apparently had sex with him, out of sympathy ("I'll try anything once"), after which Dangle was hospitalized because "He can't fucking walk." (The incident occurs off-camera, with the actual events undisclosed.) Early in the second season, it was revealed that he is married to a woman named Debbie (Rachael Harris), the heiress of a vacuum cleaner fortune, because she was morbidly obese and he believed she would die soon. After the two separated, she underwent gastric bypass surgery which turned her into "something the old Deb would have eaten," as Dangle put it. The two divorced at her request, because she met someone else, who was also clearly gay. He briefly believed that he had a son (a result of sex with what he thought was a drag queen) but DNA results proved otherwise. Dangle is also the subject of a running gag in which his police bicycle is stolen or vandalized after leaving it briefly. It is hinted that Deputy Travis Junior is responsible for some of these incidents. In "Fireworks," Dangle's age is noted as 41. When held at gunpoint by Mr. Big in Miami (in the theatrical film) and asked for his last words, he replies, "He loved it," but then wants another chance to say something different, which Mr. Big won't allow because those were his last words. Lt. Jim Dangle's father abandoned his family when he was a child, leaving him alone with his mother who eventually shot herself. Dangle then left to live with his Uncle Frederick. Meanwhile, Dangle's father started a new family with an African American spouse. Dangle's father had two more (African American) children who appear in Episode: 505 (Dangle's black half-brother and black half-sister pay Dangle a visit after the death of their father to settle the will, which later turns out to be a bill for the funeral of more than $5,000, and a Banana Splits keychain that the sister gives to Dangle).
  • Deputy Trudy Wiegel (played by Kerri Kenney-Silver). An emotionally unstable, heavily-medicated hypochondriac, with multiple psychological disorders and occasional night terrors. She is a generally odd, neurotic officer with low self-esteem and a love for cats. She enjoys crafts, collecting baby clothes, and is infatuated with Lieutenant Dangle. Her favorite picnic spot is that of her mother's grave where she plays and supposedly speaks with her late mother. She began dating a man named Craig Pullin (Kyle Dunnigan), who was revealed to be the "Truckee River Killer." After turning him in, she continued their relationship via prison visits, occasionally conjugal. On the day he was sentenced to die, they were married. Wiegel admitted in the third episode of season one that her biological father was Native American and her mother was white, but the Comedy Central censors removed a 30-second story about her father being lynched by a white mob reacting to news that a non-white man "raped" her mother. At the beginning of the fourth season, after six months of personal leave, she returned pregnant. She later explained that her child was not Craig Pullin's baby but that she had gone to a sperm bank to be artificially inseminated. At the mention of the sperm bank, the camera panned to every male in the room and each of them gave a little information on the sperm bank, insinuating that one of them may be her child's "father." In the final episode of the fourth season, after the baby is born, Wiegel ominously tells Dangle she has something to tell him as she holds her new baby, setting up a cliffhanger in that Dangle may be the father. In an earlier episode, while Wiegel and Dangle are discussing her pregnancy, she asks "Would you be surprised if it looked like you?" In the fifth season, Wiegel sells her baby and filed a grievance for female Kevlar vests Because I felt like I couldn't do my work around my tits.
  • Deputy S. Jones (played by Cedric Yarbrough). Often called "Jonesy" by his coworkers, a smooth-talking, successful ladies man. He was raised in Mound, Minnesota, a suburb of the Twin Cities. He was once described by Dangle in a deposition to the D.A. as "a big, hardworking, robust, sort of mocha-ish person." Women often compliment him on his beautiful eyes, and he has a strange ability to sing in falsetto. He is often on-patrol with Deputy Garcia, and occasionally comes to blows with him. It is implied that he is Raineesha's ex-boyfriend and he is in an on-again, off-again relationship with Clementine. He is also a horribly bad dancer, and works part-time as a stripper (in a police uniform). Other than the initial 'S,' Jones's first name is never given. At the beginning of Season Three, he was seen working with Garcia as a security guard at a local shopping mall. During the fourth season premiere, it is implied that he is the father of one of Deputy Williams's children.
  • Deputy James Oswaldo Garcia (played by Carlos Alazraqui). A racist, sexist, angry and depressed Mexican American and former-Marine. The other deputies mock his off-duty life, which often involves lonely, angry bowel movements (Dangle once said that, alone in the men's room, he sounds like "Normandy"), excessive masturbation and reruns of Hill Street Blues. He is usually partnered with Deputy Jones, leading to situational humor involving Garcia's racism and general ignorance of African-American culture. He has a daughter, who he has not seen in several years. The other Deputies went so far as to hire a stripper to pretend to be his daughter to cheer him up, suggesting he has no idea what his daughter looks like. He also has a sister, whose life the other Deputies manage to wreck due to a misunderstanding that she is actually his girlfriend. Garcia has had brief relationships with both Johnson and Williams. In a couple of episodes in season two, it is implied that he harbors a homoerotic attraction to Kenny Rogers. A running gag involves Garcia firing shots at people or objects without hitting them, due to his comically bad marksmanship. Garcia is also known to be very violent when arresting suspects. He has shot multiple people (in spite of his bad shooting skills), and occasionally uses his nightstick to beat suspects. The film Reno 911! Miami revealed that he had flown an AH-1 HueyCobra for the US Marine Corps. In the final episode of season 4, Garcia runs off with Dangle's husband-to-be, suggesting that he is actually bisexual. (The series has previously used cliff-hangers that turn out to be a dream of one of the characters, however, parodying a famous incident in the series Dallas.) However, in the season 5 premiere, this turns out to be a bizarre practical joke on Dangle and boyfriend, and he abruptly arrests the two, citing that gay marriage is illegal in Nevada.
  • Deputy Clementine "Clemmie" Johnson (played by Wendi McLendon-Covey). A promiscuous and curvaceous blonde, she always wears her uniform partly unbuttoned, exposing her cleavage. Early in the first season, she is shown to have a relationship with Deputy Jones, though she also enjoys a brief fling with Garcia in season 2; a relationship she compared to "getting a flu shot" ("You do it once, and you never have to do it again!"). She is also an ex-magician's assistant, former Wiccan, pothead, former exotic dancer, and one-time Steely Dan groupie. She has a tattoo on her back which once said "Steed," a one-time boyfriend, later changed to "Steely Dan" after the relationship ended. She offered to have that removed if Deputy Garcia would pay to have his face tattooed in its place. At one point, she married Steed but later discovered it was unofficial when the couple had forgotten to obtain the marriage license. When she mistakenly believed herself to be pregnant, she approached first Jones and then Dangle about marrying her and acting as a father to her unborn child. When the officers were fired following an investigation by District Attorney Mike Powers (Mather Zickel), Johnson returned to touring with Steely Dan (whom she calls "The Dan") for a short time, only to return to the force along with the others. When held at gunpoint by Mr. Big in Miami (in the theatrical film) and asked for her last words, she replied, "Legalize it." She has a troubled relationship with her mother because they sometimes fought over men. In one episode her mother is shown to be working as a prostitute.
  • Deputy Raineesha Williams (played by Niecy Nash). A boisterous, obnoxious and vain woman who regularly maces men. Her greatest asset is her posterior, of which she is very proud. She broke up with Jones before the show premiered, but still occasionally answers his booty calls. She once joined the Nation of Islam in order to get the month of Ramadan off. She often yells, "Hahh?" after making a blunt statement for effect. She is almost always seen with her hat on. Raineesha is a single mother who in one episode claimed not to know the parentage of her three children, though in another episode says that "only one of my babies' daddies, he can read good." When the Deputies were fired, she worked for a short time as a real estate agent. In Season 5, because Dangle is having his dad's black family from Chicago over to go through the will of their dead father, she helps Dangle hide the signs of homosexuality in his apartment, tells him how to be tactful and fit in with blacks, and acts as his wife. In Season 5, Jones mentions that her real name is Megan Linderman, and also calls her a terrible officer, claiming "We don't even put bullets in her gun."
  • Deputy Travis Junior (played by Robert Ben Garant). A redneck who likes beer, NASCAR, firearms, Lynyrd Skynyrd, and perhaps most of all, his moustache. His character provides much of the physical comedy for the show, performing most of the major stunts. He trains police dogs for the department and is almost never seen without his trademark aviator sunglasses and bulletproof vest, worn over his shirt. It was recently revealed he does this because he forgets to put it under his shirt due to being hungover, and his Sunglasses to hide the fact that he is cross-eyed (despite being the best shot in the department). He is the only cast member with a military high and tight haircut. In later episodes of the second season, he is shown clearly, for the first time, without sunglasses, proving that he is cross eyed. There are several running gags concerning Junior. The first is as he pulls over a driver and is knocked out or otherwise rendered incapacitated by the car door opening or something falling off the car. Two other running gags involve him being mauled by dogs or catching fire. He has three brothers, who also wear sunglasses and have the same tastes: Henry ("Hank") Junior, Jr., from Panama City, Florida; Lance Corporal Junior, who serves in the U.S. Marine Corps, currently stationed in Tikrit, Iraq; and "Tater" Junior, from Sparks, Nevada. Junior has been reprimanded at least twice for his pornography addiction, and is somewhat in denial about his problem. He is revealed to be the cousin of Deputy Kimball. In a third season episode in which the characters go to jail a swastika tattoo is seen on his chest in a possible reference to the film American History X, but in the 2007 film he is seen shirtless and the tattoo is absent. At the start of season three, when the Deputies were fired for a time, Junior earned a living as a carnival worker. Unsurprisingly, Travis is the only straight man in the SPD that Clemmie has never hooked up with.
  • Deputy Cherisha Kimball (played by Mary Birdsong). An efficient and tough rookie cop originally from Shreveport, Louisiana. She joined the force during the start of the third season, due to the better-qualified candidates dropping out, being called up for National Guard duty overseas or being incapacitated. She is perpetually suspected of being a lesbian, despite her denial when asked bluntly on several occasions. She is often asked for dates by lesbians and seems to have a penchant for black women. Kimball spends her off-duty time with nerdy Christian guys, singing karaoke versions of old gospel songs. She joined the force because her "past is filled with sin and small time crimes and misdemeanors. Enforcing the law is my way of righting all my wrongs, cleaning up my karma. Also, they give good benefits." Kimball is Travis Junior's cousin; they share a common uncle in Louisiana. When she thought Junior was dying from a gunshot wound, she admitted she had erotic fantasies of women.

In addition, the cast members frequently play the sometimes recurring roles of criminals or otherwise dysfunctional characters (with pixelated/blurred faces).

Cast history

Throughout the show's run, all three main cast members from Stella (who were also from The State) have made appearances as characters. While Michael Showalter remains the exception on the TV series, he appears in the film, along with all of the cast members of The State.

"The State" Crossovers
Actor On Reno 911! On Reno 911: Miami
Thomas Lennon Lt. Jim Dangle Lt. Jim Dangle
Robert Ben Garant Deputy Travis Junior Deputy Travis Junior
Kerri Kenny-Silver Deputy Trudy Wiegel Deputy Trudy Wiegel
Michael Patrick Jann Director/various characters 1st Tattoo Shop Owner
Ken Marino Frank
Cadet Jared Reese
Deaf Tattoo Artist
David Wain Sensual Masseuse
Breen the Plumber
Michael Ian Black Kevin the Sex Offender
Ron of Ron's Tattoo
Kevin Allison N/A Tattoo
Joe Lo Truglio Shopkeeper Tattoo Shop Owner #2
Michael Showalter N/A Paul
Todd Holoubek N/A Tatooed Guy

Main crew members

Executive Producers: Ric Swartzlander; David Himelfarb. Consulting Producer: Bob Myer. Co-Executive Producers: Gayle Abrams, Phil Baker, Drew Vaupen. Producers: Mark Gross, Steve Joe, Greg Schaffer. Co-Producer: Maisha Closson. Staff Writers: Glenn Ellis, Jim Gerkin. Consultant: Don Woodard

Other characters

  • Andrew (played by Jim Rash). A homeowner/brothel patron/sharer-of-pleasure whose activities inspire regular police intervention. Andrew claims that, since he is unemployed, his job is to "mix the things up," leading to flamboyant yard displays and impromptu parades.
  • Bachelorette Party women. A group of raucous young women who conduct wild bachelorette parties and repeatedly attempt to lure in male cops to strip for them. On one occasion Deputy Garcia responds to a call and berates them, only to discover Junior and Dangle in the room wearing only their underwear, boots and holsters.
  • Big Mike (played by Toby Huss). Reno resident dirtball and "Captain of Suspicious Behavior." Reno deputies frequently respond to Big Mike's house to investigate complaints of domestic violence and disturbing the peace.
  • Boozehammer of Galen, fantasy role-playing game geek (played by Patton Oswalt). Often badly hurts his opponents while playing fantasy games. In a deleted scene from season two, he is revealed to be Dangle's cousin.
  • Chief Carl, (played by Carlos Alazraqui). Homeless man who summons the police when he is caught at a carnival selling popcorn on a stick. He is obviously mentally ill and has an affinity for bathing in "goat water". He has the privilege of knowing that if you put a hamburger in a toaster, it will say "happy birthday".
  • Citizens Patrolman "Rick", played by Paul Reubens. Shown first in the fourth season, he's always one step ahead of the Reno officers when investigating a series of murders, only to unfold that he himself committed the crimes.
  • Constable Martin Smiley, played by Tom Bolster. A British policeman who visits Reno as part of the "Badges Across the Water" program. He appears initially to be a very proper, upright old-fashioned Englishman and the Reno deputies adore him. Garcia sees a very different side when Smiley rides along with him.
  • Craig Pullin (played by Kyle Dunnigan). Dep. Trudy Wiegel's boyfriend in Seasons 1-3. While both he and Wiegel appeared to be shy, conservative people, as a couple, their extremely unsuccessful sex life includes (seemingly almost by necessity) sexual role-playing and sexual fetishism. He was the Truckee River killer who was given a lethal injection at the end of the season.
  • "Delicious Milkshake Man" (played by Nat Faxon). In season two, after attempting to evade a severe beating at the hands of Reno Deputies (which he had suffered several times already for little to no reason), he accidentally runs into the path of an 18-wheeler. His death leads to an investigation, termination and incarceration of all the Reno Sheriff's Department Deputies.
  • "Dominatrix" (played by Debra Wilson). Appeared during Season 5, including a visit responding to complaints from "the kettle-corn people" about explicitly-worded ad flyers she distributed at the Farmer's Market. According to Dangle, the character is actually male -- they were on the swim team together in High School.
  • "Fast Eddie" McLintock (unseen, voiced by Jeff Foxworthy). A famed drug runner and recidivist speeder who has been involved in multiple high-speed car chases with the Reno Sheriff's Department. He often mocks the Deputies via CB radio.
  • Firefighters of the Reno Fire Department (played by Mitch Rouse and Guy Stevenson). Unlike the Reno Sheriff's Department, the members of the Reno Fire Department are competent, popular and well-respected — leading to tremendous feelings of envious bitterness and inadequacy in the cops (as well as secret admiration).
  • French mime (played by Robert Ben Garant). Is reported for harassing customers outside a convenience store. To the delight of Deputy Jones, the mime performs a silent parody of Deputy Garcia. He is then assaulted by an enraged Garcia.
  • Frisbee (played by Zach Galifianakis). A "white trash" resident of Reno who lives with his family in an abandoned school bus. Owns a .30 cal Browning 1919 machine gun which he uses to shoot at soda cans, oranges, and UFOs. His children's names include Chandler, Ross, Joey, Dharma and Greg after characters from the popular television sitcoms Friends and Dharma & Greg.
  • Gigg LeCarp (played by Los Angeles radio DJ Brian Phelps). A petty criminal-turned televangelist who, ten years ago, was arrested by Dangle and Garcia. LeCarp was high at the time and causing trouble so Garcia used his nightstick "to give him a message from My Lord."
  • Guy Gerricault (played by Paul Rudd). Wiegel's creepily enthusiastic, inappropriately hands-on Lamaze coach.
  • Jackie (played by Kerri Kenney-Silver). A drug-addicted prostitute with herpes whose face is always obscured. She is known for spitting pickle juice. In the first season, Deputy Garcia was given the task of cleaning her up and sending her to a halfway home, but to Garcia's dismay Jackie ceaselessly acts like a crack-burnt prostitute, so he drops her off at a random house that was halfway between his house and the restaurant he took her to. It's been suggested that Trudy and Jackie are some how related by a shared uncle and look similar. She died in Season Five.
  • Joe. The cameraman who documents the Reno Sheriffs Department's activities. He is shown on camera playing the drums when the Sheriffs respond to a noise complaint about a bad garage band in season two, episode twelve, and is also shown in the episode which includes the "second take" of Deputy Junior being thrown through a glass window.
  • Kenny Rogers (as himself). A famous American country music singer and actor. Deputy Garcia thinks he should "focus more on his film career." Garcia also has recurring dreams about him, one of which featured Kenny waking up in bed next to Lt. Dangle.
  • Ku Klux Klan (Reno Chapter of). A group of presumed bigots who ostensibly try to end bigotry and racism by burning lowercase t's ("for tolerance") and opening a lemonade stand with a sign reading "FREE LEMONADE FOR NIGGERS."
  • Leslie (played by Dave Holmes). Ex-husband to Dangle's ex-wife Debbie (played by Rachael Harris). Owner of "Buy Curios," a store frequented by Dangle and Garcia.
  • Maria Storm (played by Lisa Lo Cicero). A local TV reporter who has extensively covered the Reno Sheriff's Department. She is frequently hit upon by her male interviewees. Actress Lisa Lo Cicero is married to the show's director Michael Patrick Jann.
  • Mike Powers (played by Mather Zickel). The former district attorney responsible for jailing the entire Reno Sheriff's Department at the end of season two. He is later revealed to be a murderer who decapitates prostitutes. While in prison, the deputies visit to ask his advice (a la Hannibal Lector) but on office procedures and other trivial matters.
  • "Reading Ron" (played by comedian Brian Unger). A children's TV host with a checkered past who attempts to profile the Reno Sheriff's Department on his television show.
  • "Spanish Mike" Alverez a.k.a. Cpt. Duane Hernandez, and Sammy Heung a.k.a. Lt. Suzy Kim (played by Oscar Nunez and Cathy Shim). "Hernandez" and "Kim" are criminals who pose as United States Department of Homeland Security agents in order to get their hands on the Reno Sheriff's Department's money and evidence in the two-part episode "Terrorist Training". Wiegel falls for Hernandez and Suzy Kim turns out to be a man in the plot arc. He is later arrested and held under close arrest, but makes every effort to seduce the female Deputies and escape.
  • Steed Lankershim (played by Timothy Brennen). Deputy Johnson's criminal ex-husband. He is a repeat felon.
  • Steve Marmella (played by Jack Plotnick). A sexual pervert who specializes in exposing himself and tricking others into inappropriate sexual contact. As of season five he is under house arrest, which does surprisingly little to deter his activities.
  • Stevie (played by comedian Brian Posehn). The Reno medical examiner / coroner. At one point (s. 4, ep. 7), he is apparently arrested for being intoxicated on the job: after Deputy Travis Junior asks him "Are you a little stoned right now?" he replies "On pot? Yeah." He is then cuffed and taken out of the exam room. However, he appears on the job again two episodes later, playing a game with the deputies wherein he presents a dead body with some strange object protruding from it, all covered by a sheet. The deputies then take turns guessing what the concealed object is in a 20 questions style game, which they are disturbingly enthusiastic about.
  • Theoretical Criminal (played by Keegan-Michael Key). A criminal with a lisp. Frequently calls the Reno Sheriff to "report" a crime that he "did not" commit, or to show illegal items that he "found." He often says "If I did do it, which I did not, what kind of sentence would I get for this crime?" the deputies would play along but always end up arresting him.
  • T. T. (played by Niecy Nash). A bra-less, hysterical black woman with pronounced buck teeth and a unibrow (visible even though her face is always pixelated). She constantly screams nonsensically about imaginary events.
  • Terry Bernadino/Jaspermens, the gay rollerskating prostitute (played by comedian Nick Swardson). Often seen around the jail and other local establishments engaging in questionable activities. When confronted by the deputies, he offers silly, implausible explanations (i.e., when making a phone threat to cut somebody with a knife, he explains to the deputies that the victim is made of cake). At the end of the film Reno 911!: Miami he is revealed to be very rich. Despite his blatant homosexuality, he vehemently denies being gay, and at one point introduces the deputies to his fiancee Seeeeemji (pronounced "seemy") who is completely oblivious to sexuality. Terry is considered the most famous of the side characters, and has made more appearances than any other side character.
  • Unnamed Chinese boy (played by Kit DeZolt). A poor Chinese boy who drives a rickshaw.
  • Unnamed couple (played by Charlie Day and Mary Elizabeth Ellis) who call police over a domestic dispute where he is threatening to rip the head off her (plastic "squeaky") baby.
  • Unnamed Armed Naked Guy at the VFW (played by Steve Little). An apparently high man (there is white powder under his nose) who is regularly seen naked and holding a gun while make nonsensical statements.
  • Unnamed middle-aged insane woman (played by Wendi McLendon-Covey). Seen dragging a water heater through the streets while not wearing any pants.
  • Principal Manderville, school principal at safety assembly (played by Kristina Hayes), who usually makes an announcement to the students before the Reno deputies begin their show.
  • Unnamed redneck (played by Robert Ben Garant). Usually seen with his pants down and his penis in an inappropriate object (pumpkin, birdhouse). His only line is an enthusiastic "Woo!" right before running away.
  • Kevin (played by Michael Ian Black). A convicted sex offender who moved to Reno.
  • Sheriff Walter Chechekevitch (played by Tracey Walter). The Deputies' aloof boss who died after eating candy bars with peanuts, to which he was allergic. His appearances at the Sheriff's department were so infrequent, they are unable to remember his name. Despite this, he is fondly recalled as the best Polish Sheriff Reno has ever had. Not the best, but pretty good for a Polish guy.
  • Cindy the sex slave (played by Wanru Tseng). Freed from bondage by the Reno deputies, Cindy had nowhere to go, so she was given a job as a secretary at the Sherriff's Department. She is frequently corrected by the deputies for clerical errors and occasionally falling back into her sex worker habits when processing criminal suspects.

At the end of season 2, all seven of the main characters are fired and jailed, to be replaced by other deputies who bear a grotesque resemblance to them:

The "New Jones" (Wayne Brady), playing "Deputy C. Garwood", immediately discloses what the "C" stands for, while Jonesy's "S" initial has remained a secret throughout the show's run.

Guest stars in season two

Guest Stars in Season Four

Guest Stars in Season Five

Reno 911!: Miami

The series spawned a movie released in 2007. In the movie, the deputies are called in to save the day after a terrorist attack disrupts a national police convention in Miami Beach during spring break.

Reno 911!: Miami was released in theaters in the US on February 23, 2007.

DVD releases

Season Releases
DVD Name Release Date Ep # Additional Information
The Complete First Season June 22, 2004 14 Alternate Scenes, Audio Commentary from the entire cast.
The Complete Second Season Uncensored June 14, 2005 16 Over 90 minutes of Alternate/Deleted Scenes, Director and Cast Commentary, Drug Arrest Prevention Seminar - Live Performance from HBO's 2004 U.S. Comedy Arts Festival.
The Complete Third Season Uncensored July 11, 2006 13 Deleted scenes, extended outtakes, and commentary with the cast and crew.
The Complete Fourth Season Uncensored June 26, 2007 14 Alternate/Deleted scenes, extended outtakes, and commentary with the cast and crew.
The Complete Fifth Season Uncensored July 15, 2008 16 Alternate/Deleted scenes, extended outtakes, Featurette: Cop Psychology Inside the Minds of Reno's Deputies.

Movie Releases

DVD Name Release Date Additional Information
Reno 911!: Miami June 19, 2007 Audio Commentary, Alternate / Extended Scenes, Trailers, Easter Eggs, and the featurette "Making a Spoof."
Reno 911!: Miami: Unrated June 19, 2007 Audio commentary, Alternate / Extended Scenes, Trailers, Easter Eggs, Public Service Announcements, and the featurette "World Premiere."
Reno 911!: Miami: More Busted Than Ever Unrated Edition September 23, 2008 Intro to "The Lost Version", Audio commentary, Extended Scenes with optional commentary, Blooper Reel, Public Service Announcements, Theatrical Trailer, Easter Eggs"

Best of Releases

DVD Name Release Date Additional Information
Reno's Most Wanted Uncensored February 13, 2007 A compilation of Reno 911!'s best scenes from the first four seasons.


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