[dih-loot, dahy-; adj. also -dahy-loot]

Dilute is an indie rock band from Fremont, California. They formed in 1996. Members are in/have been in Okay, 31Knots, Jacques Kopstein, Howard Hello, Crime in Choir, and Natural Dreamers.


  • Marty Anderson - guitar; vocals
  • Craig Colla - bass
  • Ian Pellicci - guitar
  • Jay Pellicci - drums



  • KFJC, Live From the Devil's Triangle, Vol. III CD

Track: Saving a Life (live from 2/21/2000)

  • Looking for the Perfect Glass; U.S. Pop Life Vol. 11 CD; California Post Punk

Track: Night Ascends and Descends the Confines of the City (segment of a joint improvisation featuring members of Rumah Sakit and Dilute from 2000)

  • If The Twenty-First Century Didn't Exist It Would Be Necessary To Invent It (5 Rue Christine )

Track: Home Is Where You're Happy

Track: MDLFS#4

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