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The XYZ Digital Map Company

The XYZ Digital Map Company was established in June 1998 by Dr Tim Rideout and Mark Fairbairn, and based in Eskbank just outside Edinburgh. The founders had previously worked for the Edinburgh map company John Bartholomew and Son.

XYZ has specialised in digital cartography, air photography of Scotland, GIS software, training, and consultancy. It has also produced the Global Mapping range of world, continental and national wall maps, the Skyview poster range of air photos, a series of UK postcode maps, and the Maps on Demand (tm) service.

It has grown to number eight staff, four of whom are ex Bartholomews, and sales of over half a million pounds per annum.

The company sponsors the annual XYZ Digital Map Award of the Royal Scottish Geographical Society to a young Scottish cartographer.

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