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Joint Reconnaissance Pod

The Joint Reconnaissance Pod (or JRP) is a tactical reconnaissance pod produced originally by W. Vinten Ltd in Bury St Edmunds.

The original designation of the pod was Jaguar Replacement Reconnaissance Pod (JRRP) and after successfully entering service it was subsequently redesignated to reflect its flexibility - it can be flown under a Jaguar, Harrier or Tornado.

The pod contains a reconnaissance management system, and a number of sensors, depending on the configuration. In the low altitude configuration, the pod is fitted with two electro-optic 8010 pushbroom sensors and a VIGIL infra-red linescan sensor. In the medium altitude configuration, the pod is fitted with an electro-optic 8042 long-range oblique photography (LOROP) pushbroom sensors and the VIGIL.

Along with the Ground Imagery Exploitation System (GIES), the system provides tactical reconnaissance imagery and has been used in Operation Telic and currently provides recce assets in Afghanistan.

W. Vinten Ltd was subsequently taken over by Thales Optronics Ltd.

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