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Differential may refer to:



  • Differential calculus comprises multiple related meanings of the word, both in calculus and differential geometry, such as an infinitesimal change in the value of a function

* In traditional approaches to calculus, the differential of a function represents an extremely small change in its value and employs the dx, dy, dt symbols.
* In differential geometry, differentials represent the exterior derivatives of the coordinate functions on a differentiable manifold.

''See also derivative, differential calculus.

Natural sciences and engineering

Social sciences

Other uses

The word differential is also used in many fields as an adjective to refer to differences, particularly those of a variable or continuous nature. Examples include differential hardening in metallurgy, differential rotation in astronomy, differential centrifugation in cell biology, differential scanning calorimetry in materials science, differential signalling in communications, differential algebra in mathematics, differential execution in computer science, and differential GPS technology.

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