Lipton Iced Tea

Lipton Iced Tea, in many markets known as Lipton Ice Tea is a ready-to-drink iced tea brand sold by Lipton through a worldwide partnership with PepsiCo. Available products, flavours, and pack formats vary throughout the world, depending on local tastes and market trends.

US Flavors

In the US, the tea is marketed in 16 oz (448ml) bottles with certain flavors sold in six-pack cases. Iced tea - Sweetened:Lightly sweetened iced teaIced tea - Unsweetened:Tea with no sugar and no added flavorsIced tea with Lemon:Sweetened iced tea with a twist of citrus flavorIced tea with Raspberry:Sweetened iced tea with raspberry flavorIced tea with Peach:Sweetened iced tea with peach flavorIced tea - Diet Sweet Tea:Lightly sweetened with Splenda and no caloriesIced tea - Diet Lemon:Lightly sweetened with a hint of lemonIced tea - Extra Sweet:Very sweet iced tea, marketed as "Southern Style" in some areasGreen tea with Honey:Mellow green tea lightly sweetened with honeyGreen tea with CitrusDiet green tea with Citrus:No dietetically significant calories, but sweetened with honey and aspartameHalf & Half:Half sweetened ice tea and half lemonadeDiet green tea with Mixed Berry:Mellow green tea diet and lightly flavored with mixed berryGreen tea with Orange and Passion Fruit: Green Tea with a hint of orange and passion fruitWhite tea with Tangerine: White tea with Tangerine flavorWhite tea with Raspberry: White tea with Raspberry flavor

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