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My Diet Pill

My Diet Pill is a folk/rock band from Nice, France. They have released two albums to date and two EPs. Since they still not have a record label or a booking agent, they have to do everything by themselves including recording and booking shows. They are popular in their native country of France and, thanks to the web, have a growing number of fans all around the world. They have played more than 320 gigs in Europe.

D'argirolle and Vlad E. Andrijasevic write most of the lyrics and the musical part is arranged by the band.

Current Line-up


My Diet Pill fans use more unusual promotional techniques: they include copies of the band's songs inside archives of other bands' music that are distributed on file sharing networks such as eMule. Like a split, this has the advantage of gaining them targeted exposure to fans of similar bands, and downloaders may be likely to give free music a chance even if they'd never heard of the band. However, users may choose a version of an album with a large file size, hoping it contains higher-quality songs or bonuses that other copies do not have, only to find the increased size comes from the included My Diet Pill songs.


  • Giraf EP (1997)
  • First Album (1999)
  • French EP (2004)
  • Second Album (2004)

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