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Es reiten die Toten so schnell

"Es reiten die Toten so schnell" (or: the Vampyre sucking at his own Vein) ("The Dead ride so fast"; usually referred to as "Es reiten die Toten so schnell") is the title of Darkwave band Sopor Aeternus & The Ensemble of Shadows' eighth album. It was released in 2003. For "Es reiten die Toten so schnell", Anna-Varney went back to her demo of the same title from 1989 and re-recorded all of the tracks from it. The rest of the album consists of re-recordings of the bonus tracks from her first album "...Ich töte mich jedesmal aufs Neue, doch ich bin unsterblich, und ich erstehe wieder auf; in einer Vision des Untergangs...", along with a handful of new songs. "Birth - Fiendish Figuration", a staple track from her first album, appears again on its fourth incarnation on a record.

"Es reiten die Toten so schnell" (or: the Vampyre sucking at his own Vein) was released in multiple formats. An A5-sized CD book edition of 1999 copies was released, along with a double-LP edition (with two picture-vinyl records, a poster, postcards, a t-shirt, communion wafers and authenticated graveyard soil) of 666 signed and numbered copies.

Track listing

  1. "Omen Sinistrum" – 2:46
  2. "Dead Souls" – 7:04
  3. "Stake of my Soul" – 3:01
  4. "Beautiful Thorn" – 5:14
  5. "Baptisma" – 6:37
  6. "The Feast of Blood" – 3:35
  7. "Sopor Fratrem Mortis Est" – 5:33
  8. "The Dreadful Mirror" – 5:53
  9. "Reprise" – 3:41
  10. "Birth - Fiendish Figuration" – 2:52
  11. "Penance & Pain" – 4:26
  12. "Holy Water Moonlight" – 5:11
  13. "Infant" – 0:51
  14. "Über den Fluss" – 2:04
  15. "Dark Delight" – 6:43

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