didst double duty

Double-duty dollar

The term "double duty dollar" was used during the early and middle 1900’s in the context of the economic plight of the African American community. Those in the pulpit as well as social activists such as Booker T. Washington and Marcus Garvey preached the message of community empowerment through economic means. The “double duty dollar” served a greater purpose than being the means by which to purchase an item; it was a unifying force. People would bond as they shopped, bargained, talked, and laughed with each other. Community connections would have been made as they continued to see each other on daily, weekly, or monthly basis. That cycle of communication would have helped to uplift the community.

The term has outgrown its original meaning and gone over oceans and infiltrated the ranks of the wealthy. This term and its meaning is now being embraced around the world.

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