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WordWeb is an international English dictionary and thesaurus program for Microsoft Windows. It is also available online.


The program is activated by holding down CTRL and right-clicking on a word in almost any program. This opens the WordWeb main window, with definitions and other helps.

The program usually resides in the tray, and has a low system footprint.

  • Phrase guessing - for example, CTRL + right-clicking on the 'Princeton' in 'Princeton University' will show the meaning of the combined entity rather than only 'Princeton'.
  • Words from pictures - CTRL + right-clicking on a word within an image (for example, the 'Free' in the Wikipedia logo) will ask WordWeb to guess the word. (Note that right-clicking 'Encyclopedia' in the same logo returns 'Emyrlnpewa').


The thesaurus is integrated into the dictionary; synonyms, as well as detailed categorization of the relationship between words, are shown under the definition. The program shows:

Users can also actively improve the dictionary and thesaurus by submitting errors (such as missing words/phrases/senses) and enhancement requests.


The program has two versions: free (which does not have the word list, search, anagram, or customization features), and a paid 'WordWeb Pro'.

WordWeb 5.00 added the ability to list entries from three web sources: Wikipedia, Wiktionary, and WordWeb Online. These details are presented in three separate tabs, which are built into the client application.


Use of the free version is subject to license terms. However, it might be used by an educational institution (free of cost) for their students, even if they violate said terms.


WordWeb is regionalised, with specific dictionaries for Australian, British, Canadian, American, Irish, New Zealand, South African, and Indian English.


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