diagnostic imaging

The National Coalition for Quality Diagnostic Imaging Services (NCQDIS) was established in 1997, as a trade association for the diagnostic imaging industry in the United States.

NCQDIS has three primary objectives:

  • to monitor regulatory developments that may affect the industry;
  • to act as an industry advocate on regulatory and legislative issues;
  • to educate third-party payers-governmental and nongovernmental-about the cost-saving technological advances and high-quality services diagnostic imaging centers provide.

Today, NCQDIS represents more than 2,400 outpatient diagnostic imaging centers and departments throughout the United States. Through affiliated professional societies, the NCQDIS message reaches over 150,000 centers and professionals involved in the provision of diagnostic imaging services. Medical imaging equipment and supply vendors support NCQDIS as well. NCQDIS has undertaken a number of important initiatives on behalf of the diagnostic-imaging industry.

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