Winds Devouring Men

Winds Devouring Men is the fifth album by neoclassical band Elend. It is the first album in the Winds Cycle trilogy. The special edition was released in a digipak with a bonus track called "Silent Slumber: A God That Breeds Pestilence".

This album is notable as a progression from earlier Elend work in that it does not rely on synthesizers and sequencing to achieve an orchestral sound — though there are still computerized effects, the majority of the music is played on acoustic instruments by chamber musicians.

Track listing

  1. "The Poisonous Eye" — 6:55
  2. "Worn Out With Dreams" — 5:43
  3. "Charis" — 5:58
  4. "Under War-Broken Trees" — 5:36
  5. "Away from Barren Stars" — 7:28
  6. "Winds Devouring Men" — 4:38
  7. "Vision Is All That Matters" — 5:59
  8. "The Newborn Sailor" — 5:45
  9. "The Plain Masks of Daylight" — 5:54
  10. "A Staggering Moon" — 6:10
  11. "Silent Slumber: A God that Breeds Pestilence" — 5:18*

* Bonus track on special edition.


All other instruments and vocals, sound-design and programming by Iskandar Hasnawi, Sébastien Roland and Renaud Tschirner.

Industrial landscapes and noises captured by Simon Eberl and Renaud Tschirner, designed and programmed by Iskandar Hasnawi.

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