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MediEvil 2

MediEvil 2 (also known as MediEvil 2: Return of the Laughing Dead and MediEvil II in North America) is the sequel to MediEvil. It was released in 2000 by Sony Entertainment for the popular PlayStation console. It originally based upon a Gothic horror platform game that allows the user to explore several themed levels, collect items and activate sequences in order to complete tasks. This sequel also contains several new characters, and an entire new range of levels set in 19th Century London. However, it still follows similar beasts, demons, traps and encounters with bosses. It is unknown as to what exact date the game takes place, but the year is defined as 1886 AD, 500 years after Sir Daniel Fortesque laid to rest, only to be awoken again by the spell book.


After Sir Daniel Fortesque slew the evil sorcerer Zarok, he went to the Hall of Heroes and his body went to rest for all eternity in peace as a true hero. Now, 500 years later, Dan has been awakened in a Victorian museum in 1886 and found by a help ghost named Winston. He learns that Zarok's spell book has unfortunately been found by another sorcerer named Lord Palethorn. Now Palethorn has released zombies across London and it's up to Sir Dan and his new allies to stop Palethorn from collecting all the lost pages of the spell book to take over all of London.

Game design

MediEvil 2 contains several of the original forms of gameplay, weaponry and graphics that were present in the first title of the series. Some of the levels and rooms designed for MediEvil have been recycled into this sequel to create new levels:

  • The Hall of Heroes main room has been used to make the first zombie room in The Museum.
  • The Entrance Hall has been used to make the imp's staircase for the loading screen/title sequence.
  • The flying shadow demons in The Enchanted Earth and The Haunted Ruins look very similar to those in Cathedral Spires and Cathedral Spires, The Descent.
  • Zarok's personal train reappears as the container for the chalice in Kensington.
  • Several of the statues from the Hall of Heroes in the original game can be found in the loading screen/title sequence.

In the Museum Zarok's monster form can be seen where the kraken is. There are a few new features in this game:

  • Weapon toggle: In this system, two weapons can be selected from the inventory, and players can switch between them by pressing L1 + X. For example, the most common use of this is to equip a close range weapon like a sword, and a projectile weapon like a crossbow. A small glitch can be accessed while doing this, get two swords charge the attack and quickly switch swords then attack again causing Dan's upper body to rotate wildly (its pointless but it is amusing to watch).
  • Dan-hand: Unlocked halfway through the game, Dan can place his heads on one of the scuttling green hands by pressing L1 + Triangle in order to get into small areas to solve puzzles or access hidden treasure. Whilst in this mode, Dan can freely swap between his head and his body by pressing L1 + Triangle. This does come with risks, as Dan-hand has no attacks and is quite vulnerable. Also, when in one mode, the other mode is vulnerable to attacks, so it's not recommended to switch to Dan-hand mode in the middle of a battle.


MediEvil 2 reprises most of the weaponry from MediEvil, but some have been removed. Some of the weapons that have been retained have been slightly modified and changed in terms of appearance and functionality (such as firing more arrows per second). The main group of new weapons that MediEvil 2 has introduced are gunpowder-based (such as bombs and guns).

The weapons are listed below and are listed cumulatively according to the number of Chalices collected. It is assumed that no cheats are applied for level skipping or instant weapon increase.

Number of Chalices Level Weapon Value (initial) Spiv Cost
The Museum Dan's Right Arm
The Museum Small Sword
The Museum Pistol 100/200 25 @ 30g
The Museum Torch
1 The Museum Cane Stick
2 Kensington, The Tomb Warhammer
3 The Freakshow Crossbow 150/200 50 @ 50G
4 Greenwich Naval Academy Axe
5 Kew Gardens Bombs 20/30 10 @ 100G
6 Iron Slugger Broad Sword 0% 100% @ 100G
7 The Count Lightning 100%
Whitechapel Flaming Crossbow 100/200 50 @ 80g
8 Whitechapel Blunderbuss 75/200 30 @ 50G
9 The Sewers Magic Sword
Time Machine, Sewers Good Lightning
10 Time Machine, The Ripper Gatling Gun 300/999 50 @ 40G

It is wisely noted that there are also several other weapons such as the Flaming Crossbow and the Super Armour, which are claimed within the levels themselves without the need to dispatch enemies. A new feature in the sequel also allows Dan to switch between two pre-selected weapons without pausing the game. Some weapons are also automatically preselected as to correctly synchronize with the FMV sequences, such as the torch in Kensington, The Tomb.


  • Sir Daniel Fortesque- A soldier who fought against Zarok but was killed by an arrow. He was later resurrected and took revenge on Zarok. He is a skeleton with no lower jaw, therefore he humorously mumbles in speech. He is the hero of the game.

His reappearance has notable changes, with his outfit changed slightly on the designs of his clothes and the appearance of brown gloves over his boney hands. Through the game, he gains four other outfits that tie into the storyline. The first is to take on a boxing challenge issued by Palethorn where Dan fits his head on the acquired components of an animated boxer body. The second time Dan must assume the identity of the former town Mayor of White Chapel, Isibod, dressing in a suit, top hat, cane and beard in order to gain access to a nightclub. The third change in attire is that after Dan steals the Time Stone from the Mullocks, he has to assume the appearance of the Chief in order to call over the boat to leave the area. The final change in appearance is the only permanent one where a paradox in time between Chief Dan meeting Gentleman Dan upon defeating Jack the Ripper fuses the two together to create a new fable armor made from the same material as his shield that instantly absorbs attacks.

  • Professor Hamilton Kift- A nervous, fast-talking professor in the laboratory near an unused underground rail station. He's a somewhat short man with mechanical hands and a large head. He is skilled in different forms of science, philosophy, and the occult and has a knack for creating inventions. Collecting the Chalice in each level provides him the materials to earn a new weapon. Collecting the Chalice from a level you've already done before earns a load of money. Dan can access new levels as well as levels he's already completed via the Professor's projector in the lab.
  • Kiya- Soft spoken mummy who has been dead inside The Tomb for thousands of years. Enunciates every word she says carefully. She is actually blue in skin color and wears bandages. She knows embalming techniques and is grateful to Sir Dan for having rescued her from her eternal prison. Later, their relationship becomes deeper after Dan goes through a huge ordeal to rescue her from Jack the Ripper in White Chapel.
  • Winston- A cheery young ghost with large eyes. His history creates a spectral shadow, upon which he can be called to provide help to Dan. He teaches Dan how to find and use ancient magic. He also provides save points on long levels and on a few occasions relays Dan's earned weapon to him when he is unable to access the Professor's lab.
  • Lord Palethorn- The villain of the game. He is very deep and has high authority above others. He has a Cockney Accent. He travels in a futuristic jet engine ship. He has an enormous chin, and as shown in the first sequence, was transformed into a demon like creature by the spellstaff of Zarok. His motive is to find all the lost pages of Zarok's spellbook so he can gain control of all of London. He was once an acquaintance of the Professor and was the one responsible for damaging his hands before being banished from the Cult.
  • Mander- A green, lizard-like man. He wears a top hat and speaks with a hiss. He travels very fast in battle and can generate large, glowing spheres as a form of attack. While he seems fairly intelligent, he is constantly being pushed around by Lord Palethorn.
  • Dogman- A human/dog hybrid. Has a deep voice and the face of a bulldog. He can stun Dan by punching him, and can force a shock wave that causes Dan to jump off the ground when Dogman hits it. He and Mander generally work in unison when attacking Dan in boss fights.
  • The Count- An immortal resembling Dracula. He has a European accent. He rests within the deepest rooms of Wulfrum Hall. He can move very fast, produce land surface bombs, glowing spheres and bats all as forms of attack. He is vulnerable to sunlight and his own attacks. After being defeated by Daniel, he catches fire and explodes into several bats with his weeping cries echoing throughout the halls.
  • Jack The Ripper- a tall, green hissing creature with long and sharp blood soaked fingers, along with a waistcoat and a top hat. He kidnaps women and kills them for energy in the form of souls. After he murders Kiya, Dan is devastated and gives up on trying to stop Palethorn. Sir Dan then discovers the Professor created a Time Device, which he then uses to travel back in time to prevent Kiya's death from happening. This is based of the real-life murderer Jack the Ripper.
  • Madam Jo-Jo- A 45-year-old woman with a London accent. Found in the nightclub in White Chapel whom encourages Dan to quickly find Kiya before she is killed by the prowler who has been killing all the women around the area.
  • Isibod- A dead and zombified patron of Madam Jo-Jo's club. Since the doorman won't let a skeletal knight in, you have to steal Isibod's identity by dressing up in a top hat and suit...and stealing the beard straight off of Isibod's reanimated body in his tomb.
  • Mullock King- A king who looks similar to Sir Dan. Has feathers coming out of his head and guards the Time Stone. Dan first meets the Mullock followers in the Sewers after Kiya is killed. He helps the tribe defeat the creature stealing their women and is glorified as a hero...until Dan returns later and steals their Time Stone to power the Time Machine.
  • The Spiv- This greedy merchant replaces the gargoyles from the 14th Century Gallowmere (see MediEvil). He sells supplies such as ammunition and weapons, and services such as shield repair and upgrade. He appears in almost every level and charges a relatively heavy price for items.


There are several new levels as partially seen in the advertisement poster found in original MediEvil boxes. There are only 10 chalices to collect this time, due to the amount of fewer but more elaborate levels in the game. The chalices can be converted into weapons by the Professor, if successfully collected at the end of each level.

The levels also contain several supplementary items including an energy vial, life bottle, money bag, money chest, copper shield and silver shield.

  • The Museum - This is where Sir Dan wakes up due to the spell cast by Lord Palethorn. Sir Dan is still upon the open bed as designed in the first MediEvil. Dan finds his first weapon, the Small Sword, and his guide, Winston at the beginning of the game. Almost immediately, Dan notices small hands running around which can be used later to access secret areas. Dan passes through many historical rooms and at one point, sees a cast statue of his old enemy Zarok, in beast form. He also notices the common zombies (red shirts and blue trousers) and green-suited soldiers (also appearing later). Dan also encounters the Tyrannosaurus Rex for the first time. Dan must find a cannon ball to access the end of the level.
  • Tyrannosaurus Wrecks – Dan must fight his first boss, who is a large and powerful dinosaur beast constructed only of bones and a weak and vulnerable brain. Once this is destroyed, it then breaks down and reforms into a Pterodactyl. Dan is sealed in until he has survived and defeated each one.
  • Kensington – Dan is finally outside in London, where he meets rechargeable zombies and some ancient Egyptian dogs that look like the god Anubis. Dan must collect a key to enter The Depot, and also must find another key to the Town House where he finds the home of Lord Palethorn, and a pocket watch to identify him. Dan also must call the train to collect his chalice inside the train similar to Zarok’s personal train in MediEvil. Dan then must go up to the top of the museum to encounter Mander and Dogman flying away from the entrance to The Tomb.
  • Kensington, The Tomb – Dan must find several ancient Egyptian symbols such as the Scroll of Sckhmet, the Tablet of Horus, and the Staff of Anubis, which are placed upon their statues to reveal the tomb of Princess Kiya, whom Dan takes back to the lab. Dan must also somehow kill the weapon-immortal Egyptian dogs trapped in certain places within the tomb.
  • The Freakshow – Dan must find a back way into the circus in order to take control, as several imps have taken over the machines within. Dan must collect the two Elephant keys to finally destroy the Elephant boss. It is well noted that within this level are hidden rooms and areas, for example, the Imp Whack room and the separate 'hand' rooms. Items can be found within these rooms, for example, Chicken Drumsticks and money chests. There are also some new enemies in this level, including the Oriental dragon and wizard, the pink heavy bearded dancers and the elephant machines controlled by imps.
  • Greenwich Observatory – Dan gets his head stolen by seagulls, and must recover it to use it later in the level. He encounters the zombies of sailors who can be possessed by hopping green brains, and must kill them before they are taken over. Dan must also solve a puzzle to activate access to the boats in the dry docks by ‘using his head’.
  • Greenwich Naval Academy – Dan must reach the top of the building in order to fly away on the airship. To do this he must fight his way past more sailors and possessed brains to find the bellows and torch. At the end of the level, the airship impacts with The Great Scope, a device Palethorn is hoping to ‘find all the pages of the spell book’. Palethorn becomes enraged by Sir Dan and leaves his two henchmen to destroy him.
  • Kew Gardens – Palethorn, now he has found another page of the book, is able to use a spell to convert humans into walking pumpkin plant mutants, which have been trapped all over the gardens. Dan must collect the antidote from destroyed pumpkins and apply it to the humans to stop the mutation. Dan must also find his way around several rooms using several keys and valves: Potting Shed Key, Water Tank Valve, Pond Room Valve, and the Hothouse Valve.
  • Dankenstien – Dan has 7 minutes to find enough limbs in order to battle Palethorn’s unbeaten monster in the next level. The limbs are Right Leg, Left Leg, Right Arm, Left Arm, Bum, and Torso. But as a twist, the limbs have partially grown bodies and are wondering around all over the underground station, so it is up to Dan to attack them and bring them to Kiya who is using her embalming technique to build their own monster.
  • Iron Slugger – Dan must learn a whole new set of controls as he is to fight the Iron Slugger in a wrestling match. He must also kill imps between each round to recollect any lost limbs.
  • Wulfrum Hall – Dan learns how to use the hands in order to enter the hall, claim the key and open the main door to the mansion. Dan must then go through several rooms killing soldiers, decaying mutated waiters and vampires, avoiding the indestructible young girls running around to bite Dan in the head (like the hopping brains from earlier). He must solve several platform problems to trap the vampires into the sunlight in order to kill them and then proceed to the top of the hall.
  • The Count – Dan must battle another indestructible boss, but must use the secret of the mirrors to generate light in the room as a fatal form of attack against the powerful and hellish Count.
  • Whitechapel – Kiya has gone wondering off in London to resolve the increase in demonic possession as by Palethorn, so it is up to Dan to find her before it is too late. Dan must tread carefully as the curfew is in place, so the police officers are not too happy with him. He must find the Griffin Shield and the Unicorn shield in order to find the Beard from the old and buried Library owner. He must correct the light process at the statue in the garden, and also find the Tailors to change clothes. He must also enter the Library to find the Club Membership Card to enter the nightclub and find Madame Jo-Jo. Dan also finds the Flaming Crossbow completely free.
  • The Sewers – Dan finds out that Jack the Ripper has just killed Kiya, and when he returns to the lab, he ventures down to the sewers to mourn his love. However, he finds a small race of people known as the Mullocks, upon which he is requested by the Mullock King to save all the women from the beasts and hopping brains. Dan must solve several leverage systems in order to access the later parts of the level and return to the surface. Dan also finds a poster which he presents to the Professor at the end of the level which depicts the Professor’s Time Machine – so Dan goes in search of his past. This is the first time that the Gold Shield appears.
  • The Time Machine – Dan returns to the Museum to repair the broken Time Machine. He needs to find each piece as such: one is stored within the earth room, where he must use his hand and levitating satellites around a model of the earth to get Piece 1; He must use his hand in a small model of the moon, in which he must force model aliens to shoot the model rocket to bring down Piece 2; Dan must use the Celestial Grammar Horn to call into space and let a UFO ship beam down Piece 3.
  • Time Machine, Sewers – Dan has returned to the sewers in the past, where must gain control of the Time Stone as guarded by the Mullocks so he can return to the stolen Time Machine. He must find a way to change his suit to force the boat rider to get him across the river. Dan also finds the Good Lightning used in the next level.
  • Time Machine, The Ripper – Dan finally has a chance to kill Jack the Ripper (who appears as a tall green skinned monster with long blood-soaked claws and wearing an overcoat, trousers and a top hat - very similar to "Mander") before he kills Kiya, so he uses the Good Lightning to rejuvenate her health. After killing The Ripper with his pistol, Dan meets up with the initial Dan who was meant to see Kiya’s death, and when they shake hands, they become one Dan (see paradoxes), with a new Super Armour of 500.
  • Cathedral Spires – Dan must reach the top of the Cathedral in order to get to the final page of the spell book, but first, he must get past spilling cauldrons, flying shadow demons and dark dogs, to collect 5 lost souls (in the form of angels) to exit the level.
  • Cathedral Spires, The Descent – Dan must finally retrieve the final missing page of the spell book, as it is being kept by a devilish demon deep within the Cathedral. Dan must use the chandelier to access the lower levels, kill several large grey soldiers, hop over swing panels and solve a Golden Cog contraption (in steampunk style) in order to reach the guardian demon and use the 7 more lost souls against it. Dan must then escape the entire building before it collapses upon him and the entire city.
    • The Demon – Lost in the rubble, Dan now needs to beat Palethorn’s henchmen once and for all. Before he sends his ‘beloved servants’ on Dan, Palethorn reveals, he would like Dan to join him and offers him all his flesh back, if he accepts to join his evil shoulders, but Dan refuses, and Palethorn then gives his henchmen order to destroy Dan. After they are killed, Palethorn then conjures The Demon, a giant blue horned beast, to slowly stun and kill Sir Dan. However, Dan is able to use Palethorn’s ship to get him to attack his own creation. As Palethorn’s flying ship is destroyed, the Demon returns to hell, and Palethorn reveals his final words before attempting to kill Dan, but of course, he manages to escape back to Kiya and the Professor. If less than 10 chalices are collected, Dan and Kiya rest in peace in Kiya's crypt. If all 10 chalices are collected, they go on the time machine for a 'happy ending'?


(Descriptions are from the Prima official guide)

  • Zombie - Zombies are found throughout the world of MediEvil II and are more of a nuisance than a threat. This doesn't mean you can let your guard down around them, however, as they are surprisingly fast. With each slash of your sword, you will slowly dismember them. Watch out! Even without limbs, they will still try to butt heads with you.
  • Armored Knight - The armored knights found in the museum are typically encased in glass displays but will break out when they sense your presence. They wield their heavy broadswords with surprising accuracy and take more than a few hits to bring down, due to their protective armor.
  • Bonesaur - These little guys might look and sound harmless but, if you get to close for comfort, they will spit harmful energy rays out of their mouths! Your best defense is to stay far enough away and use your pistol to take them out from a distance.
  • Musket-Wielding Guard - Beware of these museum guards, as their muskets are quite harmful to Sir Dan's creaky old bones. Not only do they shoot at you, but get too close and they'll whack you as well. Get a bead on them and use your pistol to shoot them down. It's a good idea to dodge their bullets by holding down the R1 button and using the D-pad or left stick to strafe.
  • Tyrannosaurus Wrecks - Tyrannosaurus Wrecks - the time has come to deal with this reanimated dino. He has multiple attacks, including shooting fire from his mouth and lunging at you with his head, causing a shower of boulders to fall from the ceiling in the process. While his body and skull are constructed of impenetrable bones, his brain, once exposed, is soft and mushy (too much TV?) - perfect fodder for your small sword and pistol.
  • Skeletal Mummy Monster - These are the first really aggressive/hard enemies in the game - relentlessly attacking you with their razor sharp claws when close, or shooting you with deadly quadruple energy rays when out of swiping range. They emerge from various sarcophaguses found in and nearby the museum and, if they spot you, they will lunge for you with a vengeance. When they are about to shoot their rays, they will hesitate and glow green. Make sure you are not in the line of fire! A charged small sword is the most effective weapon at this point. Try to take them on just one at a time.
  • Regal Zombie - With an electric charge from his cane he reanimates the dead. Equip your own cane stick (which you should have if you collected the Chalice from the Museum) and first take out the zombies (the quickest way is to charge your cane with the square button and let loose in the middle of them), then divert your attention towards him. He will be transparent and untouchable as long as there are zombies still alive (he can still hurt you), but will solidify long enough to zap them back to life. As soon as he's solid, stay stationary and swipe at him with your cane, one swing at a time. He will attack back, but will usually be too far away from you to score a hit. Five or six cane swipes is all it takes.
  • Imp - These obnoxious, pig-like creatures make a return appearance from the original game and are just as annoying. Either carrying buckets of slop (to feed the pit monsters with) or carrying paint brushes (in an effort to construct their evil devices for Palethorn), these suckers will incessantly swipe at your legs. Your hammer is the most effective weapon here.
  • Magician - This ancient Asian fellow might look harmless, but he has the power to conjure up a big, evil dragon-like apparition that will attack you mercilessly. As soon as he sends it your way, he become transparent and invulnerable to your attacks. Your best bet is to use the Daring Dash and run the opposite way to avoid the apparition at any cost. Using your Daring Dash will also provide you with shield protection, so keep it up. Eventually, the dragon will tire of chasing you and head back to his master. This is your cue to charge up your hammer for the big "smashy smashy". As soon as the dragon disappears back into the magician, the little guy goes on the move. Follow his sparkly trail until he stops, then let loose with your weapon. Repeat this one or two times and his soul will fill your cup.
  • Pit Monster - The pit monsters are foul, rarely seen creatures who swim about in the black slime pits. While they won't come out and attack you on the ground, if you accidentally fall into the pit, you'll be swallowed whole. Lucky for you, these beasts don't like the taste of your bones and will spit you out with minimal damage.
  • Bearded Lady - These fat, grotesque laughing women aren't exactly looking for a date, but they would like to take you out - permanently. Typically hanging out atop the caravans that litter the fairgrounds, these blubber beasts will take the fight to you. Don't get too close and don't let your guard down because they have two very deadly methods of attack: the first is their bloated tummies, which they will thrust at you with such force that you will be flung hopelessly backwards - most likely into the surrounding swamp, which wraps around the outside of the carnival, or into one of the monster pits a little further inside. Either way, you're guaranteed to lose some health in the process. Their second method of attack is a serious butt-bounce, which sends ripples of shock waves your way. Get caught in the blast a few times and your energy bar will deplete quickly. Your best offensive weapon is the hammer of Thor (which you should have received in exchange for the Chalice from Kensington). Letting loose with three or four charged blows will take out any ladies caught in the vicinity. One or two square hits will do the trick as well, but you have to get close in the process.
  • Elephant-Bot - These mechanical machines, modeled after the elephant, are capable of crushing Sir Dan with their powerful legs. In addition, they can spurt out balls of pure electricity, and their hides are made out of impenetrable metal. It's said that the only way to take and elephant-bot down is to get behind it and shoot at the unprotected imp operating the controls from its back. If you use the Daring Dash and run between its legs, then quickly turn around and shoot at the imp with your pistol, you should be able to take one out pretty quickly.
  • Deluxe Elephant-Bot - This deluxe model comes standard with bullet-proof glass - drat! We're going to have to use ingenuity to take this beast out. Luckily, he's found inside the big top, where all of the heavy elephant-bot building is done. Hanging from three different locations inside are three two-ton elephant-bot pieces. In order to defeat this bot, we're going to have to activate each accompanying switch as he passes right underneath each piece, resulting in the metal crashing down onto his hide. Repeating this process three times will bring success and allow you to exit the level.
  • Octomator - Basically, the octomator is a goo-filled brain with legs that spits out red-colored acid and can possess other creatures. If it gets too close to one of the many zombie corpses littering the grounds, it will attach to it like a parasite and use the body as its host. It can also do the same to you, except with different results. If it attaches itself to your head, you'll lose control of Sir Dan (as well as your health). Remove it by rapidly pressing the X button. The only way to completely destroy these devils is to knock them from a host with a mighty weapon (such as your hammer), then smash them to a messy green pulp.
  • Octo-Zombie - Once just a dead corpse lining the countryside, and octo-zombie is a sailor zombie that has been possessed by the octomator. Already deadly enough, when turned into an octo-zombie, these suckers can jump long distances, spit red-colored acid from their mouths, and take chunks of your energy away with a single swipe. Use your charged hammer to knock the octomator loose, then destroy the corpse before it can re-attach itself.
  • Sailor Zombie - Hanging out down by the docks, these tough guys have obviously had their fill of spectral spinach because they pack a serious punch. While you should have some new weapons to try out (such as the crossbow), the good old standby, the small sword, is what works best here. Just get in front of them and start slashing away.
  • Bird - This nuisance of an animal will come swooping down at the most inopportune times and steal away your head. On top of this, it will also rain down a barrage of energy-filled eggs your way. Trajectory weapons, such as the pistol or crossbow, work best on these creatures. If one gets away with your head, don't fret! You can recover it by using the DanCam perspective (holding down L1 and pressing R1) to get a bearing on where it's been taken.
  • Pumpkin Soldier - These perilous plants spring up from the ground and attack, lashing out at you with their long pointed "tongues". For that reason, you'll want to keep your distance and use the throwing axe to take them out. When a pumpkin soldier comes into contact with human beings, it will start to turn them into monsters as well - replacing their heads with pumpkins! You'll have a limited amount of time to use the antidote on the victims before they, too, become pumpkin soldiers.
  • Spitting Plants - When closed, these plants shoot balls of energy into the air which come raining down on your head if you loiter too long in their vicinity. However, when watered down these plants will open to provide a handy means of reaching ledges above them.
  • Limb Creature - These freakish mutations are all results of the mad Professor's reanimating experiments. The most progress he was ever able to achieve was to bring to life a limb. But, soon after, these body parts would transform into grotesque creatures and had to be corralled into the bowels of the underground train station. We need the limbs off these creatures to build our own monster. To get them, you will have to destroy the creature and collect the limb left behind. There are six variations of these creatures, each representing a specific body part - right and left legs, right and left arms, torso, and the bum - and each body part is deadly in its own right. Legs can kick, arms will punch, the torso shoots acid, and the bum sends out choking flatulence. Either use your bombs (leave them on the ground or toss them at the creatures) or, better yet, use your throwing axe.
  • Iron Slugger - The Iron Slugger is a metallic beast created by Palethorn to destroy all of London. Luckily, the Professor got wind of what Palethorn was up to and constructed his own monster. Unlucky for you, the head was damaged due to a clumsy accident and your head is used as an emergency replacement. It's up to you to defeat the Slugger in a last man standing boxing match. This behemoth is undefeated and packs quite a wallop. His punches can literally send your limbs flying and reduce you to a limb-less stump if your not careful. Of course, you've got your own repertoire of moves, which include lefts and rights and highs and lows (square, circle, triangle, X), an uppercut (R2 and square), an overhead chop (R1 and square), a head-butt (circle and X together), and blocking (R1 and R2). Your best strategy to beating the Iron Slugger is getting in a few choice hits, blocking his punches whenever possible, and running down the clock if you've taken some major damage. When he's lost a limb of his own, go in for the kill with an unrelenting combination of different attacks. Eventually, you'll whittle him away to a spewing stump.
  • Renfield - These disgusting, bloated oafs guard the vampires during their daily slumber. As caretakers of the Hall, they'll toss Dan-Hand out the window if he is discovered. Although they might not look like it, they can actually put up a good fight. Fortunately, they are no match for your sword.
  • Vampire - Like the legends say, these nocturnal creatures sleep in their upright coffins during the day. If you accidentally wake them, stay out of their way and they will soon return to their slumber. Since we don't have any wooden stakes or holy water, push them or their coffins into the sunlight to cause their flaming demise.
  • Vamp Girl - These adorable-looking urchins are actually quite evil - they'll go for Sir Dan's throat at the first opportunity, and they'll play with Dan-Hand like a cat toying with a mouse. As Dan-Hand, you must avoid them at all costs. As Sir Dan, knock the girlie Goth groupies temporarily senseless with your sword and shake them loose if they go for your jugular.
  • The Count - He flies. He has super-speed. He calls forth flaming bats and rains down concussion bombs. In general, he's one nasty dude! Like all vampires, however, the Count has a weakness - sunlight! He also must be pretty vain to keep all those mirrors around - especially if he can't even see his reflection.
  • Peeler - Acting a bit like the Keystone Kops, these chubby peelers are on the lookout for Jack the Ripper. If you get too close to them, they will start swinging away with their billy clubs. Peelers will whistle for back-up until you find yourself surrounded. You don't mean them any harm, but you won't let anyone stand in the way of your locating Kiya. Use lightning on them to temporarily stun them, and Daring Dash to avoid their pursuit.
  • Tentacle - These worm-like creatures inhabit several tunnels in the underground, using female mullocks as bait for their prey. They have lots of sharp teeth and are capable of shooting energy, but when they stretch out of their hiding places they leave themselves open to an attack.
  • Mullock - I say "new" enemies, because the last time we encountered these sewer denizens they were our friends. Friendship is a fleeting thing, however, which is easily broken - especially by stealing their Time Stone! Once you've tried to take it, they will stab at you with their spears. You can't kill them, nor do we want to, so use your sword to temporarily knock them senseless.
  • Jack the Ripper - Yes, we've encountered this monster before, but the last time he ran off into the night after killing Kiya. This time, we finally get to confront him. He's fast, he has sharp claws that do a lot of damage, and he can rain down energy on our heads. He is also only vulnerable when he drops his guard in order to suck the life out of Kiya.
  • Flying Demon - Disguised as mild-mannered gargoyles perched on the rooftops, these winged creatures spring to life and take to the skies as you pass nearby. Their flying ability keeps them out of range of your sword, but your projectile weapons - namely, the gatling gun - work just fine against them. Watch out for fireballs, and don't stop shooting until they are no more.
  • Shielded Armored Knights - These armored knights carry metallic shields and will block your sword attacks. While you can get in a few swipes here and there, the easiest way to take them out is to use your lightning. A few zaps of the lethal juice and they will literally fall to pieces.
  • Devil Dog - Similar to their Egyptian counterparts from the Museum, these hounds from Hell can release energy blasts which travel in horizontal and vertical lines. They can be destroyed with your sword or lightning, but they have a weakness for chicken drumsticks.
  • Mander - Mander was once nothing more than a reptile. Lord Palethorn, with his powers rooted in the dark arts, combined him with a human being to create what you see today. Indentured to him for life, Mander must do his evil master's bidding. While not particularly strong, Mander is cunning and evil. He can move with unnerving agility and his cane can fire deadly balls of energy. It's wise not to get too close to this creature. Use either projectile weapons or charged hammer blows to knock him down a peg.
  • Dogman - The Dogman is one of Palthorn's henchmen and just happens to be Mander's right-hand (paw?) man. Part dog/part human, what this creature lacks in brains, he makes up for with brawn. Known as a professional pugilist in another lifetime, the Dogman was too brutal for the ring. He now feels right at home where he can flex his muscles and pepper Sir Dan with a lethal barrage of lefts and rights. Your best defense against Dogman is to not get within punching range, and instead use your charged hammer to catch him in its aftershock. If he does hit you, you'll either lose a substantial amount of health or you'll be temporarily stunned - allowing him to hit you some more.
  • Lord Palethorn - The cowardly knave has taken to the skies in his flying machine. He'll fire missiles in your direction and, if you get hit by one, you'll be temporarily stunned - leaving you a sitting duck for bullets and more missiles. Your projectile weapons are capable of striking his craft, but they don't do much damage. You'll have to find something else which can deliver a stronger blow for you.
  • The Demon - Using the spell book, Palethorn has summoned a large blue devil - and I'm not talking about Duke University's mascot! This demon is the biggest and baddest enemy in the game. His massive fists strike earth-shattering blows on the narrow precipice where we make our last stand. When he isn't trying to pound your bones into dust, he'll be spitting fire. None of your weapons are capable of hurting him, so you'll have to discover an indirect means to get rid of him.

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