Devekut, devekuth, dvekut, or dvekus (Heb. דבקות , Mod. Heb. "dedication," traditionally "clinging on" to God) is a deep, trance-like meditative state attained during Jewish prayer or when performing the 613 mitzvot (the "commandments"), particularly within Hasidic Judaism.

The Hebrew word for glue is דבק devek which is the root for devekut, "dvekut" or devekus. The concept of Devekut is important in Jewish culture, particularly in Hasidism and the in history of Jewish thought, mysticism, and ethics.

In modern Israeli Hebrew, "Devekut" or "dvekut" is often a synonym for dedication toward a particular goal.

In religious Judaism and in academia, "Dvekut" refers most commonly to the philosophical, mystical and Hasidic understanding of "Devekut" as "cleaving" or "attaching oneself" to God in all areas of life.

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