detached retina

Separation of most layers of the retina of the eye from the choroid, the pigmented middle layer of the eyeball. With age, small tears can develop in the retina, and the vitreous humour inside the eyeball leaks through, separating the retina from the choroid. The disease retrolental fibroplasia or accidents can also cause retinal detachment. It usually develops slowly, without pain. Floating black spots and flashes of light appear in the affected eye, and vision becomes increasingly blurred. Without prompt treatment, it causes permanent blindness. Draining the fluid behind the retina and applying heat, a laser beam, or extreme cold causes scarring that seals the tears and prevents the retina from detaching again.

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Semi-Detached (1998) was Therapy?'s last album for A&M Records.

Track listing

  1. "'Church of Noise'" (Cairns)
  2. "'Tightrope Walker'" (Cairns/McKeegan/Hopkins)
  3. "'Black Eye Purple Sky'" (Cairns)
  4. "'Lonely, Cryin', Only'" (Cairns/McCarrick)
  5. "'Born Too Soon'" (Cairns)
  6. "'Stay Happy'" (Cairns/Therapy?)
  7. "'Safe'" (Cairns/McCarrick/McKeegan/Hopkins)
  8. "'Straight Life'" (Cairns/McCarrick)
  9. "'Heaven's Gate'" (Cairns)
  10. "'Don't Expect Roses'" (Cairns/Therapy?)
  11. "'Tramline'" (Cairns/McCarrick)
  12. "'The Boy's Asleep'" (Cairns/McCarrick/McKeegan)


"Church of Noise" was released March 2, 1998 with "Church Of Noise (Messenger Mix)", "Suing God", "60 Watt Bulb".

"Lonely, Cryin', Only" was released May 18 1998 with "High Noon" (by DJ Shadow), "Diane (New Recording)", "Teethgrinder (New Recording)". A digipak CD was released with "Kids Stuff", "Disgracelands (New Recording)", "Lonely, Cryin', Only (Video)". A 7" vinyl was released with "Skyward (New Recording)".

Personnel Details

  • Andy Cairns - vocals/guitar
  • Graham Hopkins - drums
  • Martin McCarrick - guitar/cello/vocals
  • Michael McKeegan - bass
  • Chris Sheldon - producer
  • Matt Sime - producer (track 11)

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