Destiny (Paul Destine)

Destiny (Paul Destine) is a fictional character, in the Marvel Comics Universe whose first appearance was in Tales to Astonish #101.

Publication history

Destiny's existence was foreshadowed in Tales to Astonish Vol. 1 #101 (March 1968), and he fully appeared in the one-shot Iron Man and Sub-Mariner #1 (April 1968).

The character subsequently appeared in Sub-Mariner #1 (May 1968), and #6-7 (October-November 1968). The character appeared posthumously in ROM #31-32 (June-July 1982), Marvel Team-Up Annual #5 (1982), and The Avengers Annual 18 (1989).

Destiny received an entry in the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Deluxe Edition #17, and the The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Book of the Dead (2004).

Fictional character biography

Paul Destine was born in Kansas City, Missouri. He found the Helmet of Power in Antarctica. As a test of its power, he destroyed the Atlantean civilizations beneath Antarctica, killing the Sub-Mariner's mother and grandfather.

As Destiny he fought the Sub-Mariner and was a pawn of Set, who was instrumental in causing the Sub-Mariner's temporary amnesia prior to the Silver Age of Comic Books. He eventually went mad, and, years later, attempted to mentally enslave the American population. After failing to defeat the Namor the Sub-Mariner, Destine lept off a roof and fell to his death, claiming he could levitate without the Helmet.

Powers and abilities

Destiny possessed superhuman strength when wearing the Serpent Crown. He had telepathy and mental powers which were vastly enhanced by the Serpent Crown.

Other versions

What If...?

In a What If story (designate Earth-8310), Destine was defeated by Namor before he could destroy Atlantis


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