List of Splinter Cell characters

The following is a list of supporting characters found throughout the Splinter Cell series of video games and novels.

Major characters

Samuel Leo Fisher

  • Born: 1957
  • Height: 5′10″
  • Weight: 170 lbs
  • Age: 53 (Of 2010)

Sam Fisher is a veteran of the CIA Directorate of Operations and of U.S. Navy SEAL Team 3. He is 5 feet 10 inches tall (178 cm), weighs 170 pounds (77 kg), has black hair and green eyes, and usually has a stubble. He is an operative of Third Echelon, a clandestine division of the National Security Agency. Fisher is extremely agile and an expert in the art of stealth. Fisher was the first person to be recruited as a field operative of the "Splinter Cell" program for Third Echelon. He prefers to work alone in the field -- in espionage parlance, as a singleton. Fisher resides in a townhouse in Towson, Maryland, when not on the job. Fisher is a student of the merciless military hand-to-hand combat system of Krav Maga. While Fisher was working on an American Air Force base in Germany during the 1980s, he met and later married Regan Burns in 1984. They had one daughter together, Sarah (born June 16, 1985). Fisher and Regan later divorced and Regan went back to using her maiden name. She died from ovarian cancer in 1989. Sam was part of a CIA raiding team that went into the bank in Panama in '89 looking for some of Noriaega's drug money. He spent the rest of that year "sleeping in a ditch on the road between Baghdad and Kuwait," while serving during the first Gulf War. Sarah was killed by a drunk driver in late 2007.

Fisher is voiced by Michael Ironside.

Colonel Irving Lambert

  • Born: 1961, Batcave, North Carolina
  • Height: 6′2″ (An error since Sam is taller than Lambert in Double Agent)
  • Weight: 270 lbs
  • Age: 49 (Of 2010)

Irving Lambert is the leader of the Third Echelon team, and thus Sam Fisher's "handler". His role in the game is to guide the player through each level over the cochlear implant radio, providing information such as critical updates, objective changes, and enemy status. He becomes one of Sam's closest friends. He is voiced by Dennis Haysbert in Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow, and by Don Jordan in all the other games in the series. Lambert was born in 1961 in Batcave, North Carolina. He is a high ranking officer in the National Security, where he holds the rank of Director of Operations for Third Echelon. Many of his duties involve conveying intelligence to Sam and other Splinter Cell operatives while they are 'on the job'. He also handles the bureaucratic and political aspects of espionage. Lambert has a much more no-nonsense approach to missions, in contrast to Fisher's aura of dark humor. Sam states in Chaos Theory that Lambert has been married and divorced several times.

In 2008, Irving is kidnapped by John Brown's Army (JBA), and his possible death is determined by Sam. Sam can decide to shoot Lambert or Jamie Washington in the Current-Gen version of Double Agent (though even if Lambert is shot he still survives in the immediate aftermath as Fisher tells him to "hang in there") . In the Last-Gen version, Sam can decide to either upload information that either blows Lambert's cover or enhances it, increasing Lambert's chances of survival. If the player increases Lambert's cover, it is revealed at the end of the mission that Dufraisne "roughed him up pretty badly" but does not kill him. If the player blows Lambert's cover, Lambert is shot and killed at the end of the mission. In Splinter Cell: Essentials, Sam is only given one option, to shoot Lambert to keep his cover, an act that leads to Williams trying to frame Sam for murder of Lambert in cold blood. Splinter Cell: Conviction will determine whether Lambert lived or not.

Anna Grimsdóttir

Anna Grimsdóttir (known as 'Grim' to her friends in the NSA) is the technical operations manager at Third Echelon. Her role is to provide Sam Fisher with technical support in the field, as well as to analyze and interpret much of the electronic data. A skilled hacker, Grimsdóttir normally tries to remotely hack into an objective computer system before Fisher is inserted, or when not possible does it direct from Fisher's OPSAT connection to a computer terminal.

Anna was born in 1974 in Boston, Massachusetts. Being a second generation American, her mother immigrated to the U.S. alone from Akureyri, in Northern Iceland. In the mid-90s, Grimsdóttir dropped out of Saint John's College and worked as a programmer in different private communications firms contracted by the U.S. Navy. She was recruited into the NSA in the late 1990s, and rose quickly in rank as the Internet became more and more important to national security. She heads a small team of programmers responsible for providing technological, cryptographic and data support for the Field Operative and assists Fisher via his interface with the high-tech components of his missions. She often makes jokes about Fisher's age.

In Splinter Cell: Essentials, Anna uncovers Director Williams' tampering of Fisher's files. When Director Williams confiscates the disc where she kept evidence of the file modifications, she helps Fisher infiltrate the NSA to reach his office in order to get the disc back.

In the upcoming game Splinter Cell: Conviction, the storyline involves Fisher returning to Third Echelon because of a currently unspecified danger to Anna.

William Redding

William Redding was born in 1969 in San Diego, California. Redding is a calm book-wormy type. He is fanatical about his planning, preparation, and data accumulation. He is meticulously accurate in every facet of his job. He is very knowledgeable when it comes to weapons and vehicle specifications and could list from memory every item aboard an Osprey at any time, including its weight and armament.

Redding attended the University of Chicago where he received a BA in political science with a dual major in history. He then applied for admittance to the United States Marine Corps where he trained as a communications specialist and rose quickly to the rank of captain.

Redding left the Corps to work for the NSA as a signal intelligence analyst. He soon found that his experience as a Marine ended up getting him assigned to atypically dangerous locales and bringing him a lot of recognition.

In Splinter Cell: Essentials, Redding discovers that some of Sam Fisher's files do not match what really happened during the events of missions in Sam's career. Redding explains what really happened during the events in which he had helped Sam, and where discrepancies in the files exist. His discovery prompted Anna Grimsdóttír into looking through Sam's records, leading to the discovery that they were tampered by Director Williams in order to frame Sam Fisher. He also learned later that Director Williams had confronted Anna and took the CD containing the evidence of his file tampering. Later, after Sam escaped from his interrogators, he hid in Redding's office and was able to explain what happened during his last mission to Anna and Redding over a phone. Redding then tells Sam that he needs to infiltrate the NSA to get the CD that Director Williams had stolen.

To some extent, with the absence of Frances Coen in Chaos Theory, Redding becomes Sam Fisher's field runner. The third Splinter Cell book, Checkmate, also has Redding as Sam's field runner.

Frances Coen

Frances Coen was first introduced in Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell and appears again in Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow She is a field runner for Third Echelon. She is initially the replacement for Sam's good friend and old field runner Vernon Wilkes, Jr., who was killed in a shootout with Russian mercenaries in the first game. Her primary duties involve delivering Fisher into the mission area as well as extracting him after the mission is complete. She also provides good-humored banter with Fisher in the game's between-mission cutscenes. She seems to be one of the people Sam gets along with quite a bit.

Coen was mentioned briefly in Chaos Theory, where she had been monitoring the activities of a Yakuza organization known as the Red Nishin . When Fisher is asked to tap telephone lines in a Japanese bathhouse to aid Coen in this, he replies, "For Frances...of course I can".

In the book Operation Barracuda, Sam resents being forced to work with Frances and is against the field runner program entirely.

Vernon Wilkes, Jr.

Born: 1967, Baltimore, Maryland
Died: November 1, 2004, Langley, Virginia

Vernon Wilkes was born June 25, 1967 in Baltimore, Maryland. He serves as Sam Fisher's field runner in the first few missions of Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell. He briefed Sam on new equipment and weaponry and used both ground vehicles and aircraft to deliver Sam into the mission area. He even kills one of the guards in the Georgian Defense Ministry while waiting to extract Fisher.

In the X-box version, Wilkes died on November 1, 2004 after being shot by a Russian mercenary at the Kalinatek building and dies afterwards in the Osprey.

In the Playstation version, he was shot by a mercenary, who was in turn put down by Fisher. Wilkes died afterwards in the Osprey.

In the current-gen version of Double Agent, Lambert uses Wilkes' name to pose as an undercover arms dealer.

Morris O'Dell

Morris O'Dell is the anchor for the FNW in "Splinter Cell" and the WNM in "Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow" and "Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory". He also appeared in the very end of "Splinter Cell: Double Agent" in the Xbox, PS2, and Gamecube versions.

He also appeared in the Playstation 2 version of Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon 2 and the Xbox 360 version of Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter.

President David Bowers

The President of the United States during the events in all Splinter Cell games since the original Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell and Ghost Recon 2

Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell shows Bowers in newscasts regarding the Georgian Information Crisis. In a clear reference to George W. Bush's "pretzel incident", one of the newscast's tickers reveals that a cashew has been removed from Bowers' windpipe during the Information Crisis. In Pandora Tomorrow he is briefly seen on national television defending the U.S. invasion of Indonesia.

In Chaos Theory, he is seen discussing with Irving Lambert on what course of action the U.S. should take against North Korea as well as the newly-formed Japanese I-SDF. In this situation he prefers a diplomatic and political approach rather than immediate military action, in contrast to his previous eagerness to go to war against the Georgian and Indonesian governments; it is possible that the massive loss of human life during the events of Chaos Theory has taught him to have more patience.

In the beginning of the PS2 version of Ghost Recon 2 (taking place during the events of Chaos Theory) Bowers is in a meeting with the Joint Chiefs of Staff, a U.S Army General informs him of the USS Clarence E. Walsh being sunk by a (fictional) "super" version of a Silkworm missile, fired from North Korea. The General recommends that Bowers deploy the Ghosts into North Korea. Months later, Bowers is furious that a North Korean General has gotten ahold of North Korea's nuclear weapons and re-deploys the Ghosts into North Korea. Bowers faces the window and, with an angry look in his eyes, removes his glasses. He does this in a fashion similar to the habit of Walter Cronkite during stressful situation.

In the "current-gen" versions of Double Agent, he is engaged in Nashville, where the JBA has shipped off one of several nuclear explosive devices. His possible death is determined by Sam, deciding whether to perform the risky operation of preventing the shipping off of the Los Angeles and Nashville bombs or allowing them to leave the headquarters.

Douglas Wayne Shetland

Douglas Shetland is a significant recurring character in the Splinter Cell series. He is an old friend and comrade of Sam Fisher, and the CEO of the private military company Displace International, a fictional company which may have been partially inspired by Sandline International. He has appeared in both Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow and Splinter Cell: Essentials, and he plays a major role in the story of Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory.

Shetland was born in 1959, in Boone, Iowa. He served in the (U.S. Navy and U.S. Marine Corps) and was the Commanding Officer of Sam Fisher's Navy SEAL team for several years. Shetland and Fisher became close friends.

During Splinter Cell: Essentials, Shetland was captured in Norte de Santander, Colombia by FARC guerrillas in 1992. Going against a direct order of a Commanding Officer (C.O), Sam rescued Shetland from his captivity.

In 2002, Shetland's superiors tried to make him a scapegoat for a friendly fire incident in Bagram, Afghanistan that wasn't his fault. Although he was granted a full discharge by the court, he was disengaged from Afghanistan and demoted to a "five star office job". Embittered, Shetland left the US Marine Corps shortly after the incident, sued the U.S. Military and won. He used the proceeds from his lawsuit ($700,000) and established Displace International. Displace International was highly successful, eventually becoming a major Private Military Contractor for the U.S. government as well as the first private security company to be listed on the Fortune 500.

Shetland was held hostage at the U.S. embassy by Indonesian guerrillas led by Suhadi Sadono, only to be rescued by his friend, Sam Fisher. Shetland and Fisher would later perform a joint operation against Sadono's Kundang camp, in which Shetland provided tactical support with Displace mercenaries and helped facilitate Fisher's extraction.

Shetland appears again in Chaos Theory, when Third Echelon comes to suspect that rogue elements within Displace International are covertly attempting to get the United States/South Korea and North Korea into war against each other. It is ultimately revealed that Shetland himself is the mastermind behind the scheme.

Shetland organized payment to Hugo Lacerda to interrogate Bruce Morgenholt and retrieved the Masse kernel from the first game. Killing Abrahim Zherkezhi, who worked with Morgenholt on the Kernels, Shetland used the algorithms to cause blackouts in New York City and Japan, as well as launch a North Korean missile that, with the help of an algorithm that crippled the ship's defensive systems, successfully sank the USS Clarence E Walsh, sparking an armed conflict involving China, North Korea, South Korea, Japan, and the United States.

Fisher is eventually sent to Japan in order to eliminate his old friend and prevent the spread of the weaponized algorithms. After a meeting to sell I-SDF the algorithms declines into a firefight, Fisher pursues Shetland and the two end up facing off in a tense Mexican standoff, in which Shetland expresses his outrage at the "politicians and bureaucrats" and their "dirty little wars" that have left America "sick and dying". He tells Fisher about the need to "tear it down and start over", and tells him that because he (Sam) "believes in honor, courage and fidelity more than any government", he "wouldn't shoot an old friend". However, Fisher kills Shetland.

The way Shetland is killed is decided by the user. After the conversation, Sam can choose to shoot Shetland in the head, or holster his pistol. If Sam holsters his weapon, Shetland will quickly raise his gun and shoot. However, he will miss as Sam ducks and then stabs Shetland in the stomach. Both ways lead to Shetland falling through a glass wall to his death and Sam saying, as he stares at Shetland's corpse: "You're right, Doug; I wouldn't shoot an old friend."

Sarah Fisher

Sarah Fisher is the daughter of Sam Fisher and Regan Burns. Sarah was born on an American Air Force Base in Germany on June 16 1985. In 1989, her mother died from ovarian cancer when Sarah was four years old. Throughout her childhood, Sarah encountered many tough times with her father, especially when he went on his missions. She was not always aware what kind of work her father did, but she knew it was government-related. Quite some time before her death, she was made aware, and this helped her to understand that it wasn't Sam's fault he was always away. In June 2003, she graduated from Towson High School. Nearly five years later, she was killed by a drunk driver while her father was away on a mission in Iceland. Sam was devastated by her death, and went into a deep depression, even picking fights in the street. He took his mission in Double Agent because he had nothing left to lose.

She was buried in the Elysian Fields Cemetery in Washington D.C.

In Splinter Cell: Essentials, Sam Fisher visits her grave on the anniversary of her death, and was captured by federal agents waiting for him to show up at the site.

Sarah does "appear" in the current gen version of Double Agent. In the second training level, she appears as a hostage that Sam must rescue. The female training level instructor noticed that Sam seemed to be stressed when he saw the hostage and asked him if he was alright.

Assistant Director/Director of Operations Lawrence Williams

Profile for Splinter Cell: Double Agent

Profile for Splinter Cell: Essentials

A relative newcomer to the NSA, Williams is the first occupant of a newly-created executive position overseeing Third Echelon activities. Williams is an ambitious and skilled political player, exactly the kind of person Sam can't get along with. He only appears in the PS2, Xbox and Gamecube versions, but he is mentioned by Hisham Hamza in the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC versions.

Personality-wise, he's the guy that goes by the book. He thinks that NOC and double agent practices are too dangerous for the NSA and government. Williams thinks more politically than logically. He knows that Sam Fisher is capable of doing his job, but does not trust Fisher under his circumstances. When Williams finds out about the JBA mission in the other versions, he is quick to pull the plug and end it. Sam is forced to make careful decisions to keep the trust of Williams, while also making sure that the JBA trust him.

In version two of Double Agent, there is a mole inside the NSA who is cooperating with the JBA, and discloses through an anonymous email to the JBA that "you (the JBA) have been infiltrated in more ways than one... met any weapons dealers named Wilkes lately? What if I told you that this man died many years ago?" Dialogue between Lambert and Fisher during the prison level indicated that Williams is the only other person who knows of Fisher’s mission to infiltrate the JBA, and that he also knew of Lambert’s cover as a weapons dealer named Wilkes. Therefore it is likely that Williams is the mole who is helping the JBA.

In Splinter Cell: Essentials, released before Double Agent, but chronologically set after those games, he had been promoted to Director of Operations. Agent Williams is an NSA bureaucrat who entered the intelligence field by way of the State Department. Since that time he has risen steadily through the ranks by virtue of ruthless politicking. Despite the fact that he has no field experience. Williams was named acting Director of Operations in the wake of Colonel Lambert's sudden departure, and since then he has made a number of sweeping changes to agency operations. Though inexperienced, he has at least one influential patron in the upper reaches of government. In the game Williams is working for some mysterious individual who wants Sam framed for murder. Williams does this by altering Sam's records of past missions, in order to make Sam look like a cold blooded killer. When Anna Grimsdóttír discovers his file tampering, he let his "boss" know about her discovering the modifications. He later threatened her to give the disk containing the evidence to him, as he has ways of dealing with people who try to cross him. He then puts the disk in a hidden safe in his office. Sam is able to sneak into his office to get the disk and then warns Williams not to try to follow him again. He tells Williams that he will find out why he is trying to frame him, and at that time he will return for him.

(Note: A "Deputy Director Lawrence" from the NSA also appears in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Vegas 2, overseeing the second mission of the game.)

Splinter Cell

President Kombayn Nikoladze

Kombayn Nikoladze is the primary antagonist of Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell. A charismatic and powerful industrialist, Nikoladze was elected President of Georgia following the assassination of the previous President in a suicide bomb attack. Although appearing to be pro-Western and a democrat, Nikoladze hid a hatred of America and aggressive military ambitions.

After commissioning Russian mercenary Vyacheslav Grinko to retrain the Georgian army in covert guerrilla warfare, Nikoladze engaged in a secret military campaign in the neighboring Muslim nation of Azerbaijan in order to seize control of the country's vast oil reserves. Knowing that the West would take military action against him if they became aware of his operation, Nikoladze employed Canadian Hacker Phillip Masse, whose information warfare techniques managed to hide evidence of the invasion from intelligence-gathering organizations. By the time Sam Fisher's infiltration of the Georgian Ministry of Defense had uncovered evidence of the campaign, Georgian commandos had almost completely overthrown the government of Azerbaijan.

With Nikoladze's crimes brought to the attention of the world, NATO engages in military action against Georgia, pushing Georgian commandos from Azerbaijan and forcing Nikoladze to go underground. In retaliation, Nikoladze uses highly advanced information warfare algorithms developed by Masse to attack America in what would later be called the 'Georgian Information Crisis'. Masse's attacks targeted military and computer systems as well as transportation and other infrastructure, causing widespread disruption and death. During the crisis, Nikoladze posted webcasts mocking America's efforts and threatening destruction.

Knowing that he would never be able to fight the United States directly, Nikoladze dispersed cells of the Georgian army across the world and made plans to launch a devastating strike. After making a secret alliance with Chinese General Kong Feirong, the head of a splinter faction within the People's Liberation Army, Nikoladze's commandos seized nuclear material from a power plant in the Kola peninsula of Russia. Kong Feirong and his loyal troops seized control of the Chinese Embassy in Myanmar, near the abattoir where Nikoladze was hiding. The captured nuclear material was transported to the embassy where Kong Feirong's men adapted it for military use. Although Fisher destroyed the nuclear material kept by Feirong, Nikoladze was able to smuggle a SADM christened 'The Ark' into Washington.

Following the defeat of his Information Warfare campaign, and the deaths of Masse, Grinko, and Feirong, Nikoladze made a deal with the new Georgian President, Varlem Cristavi that he be allowed to return to the Georgian Presidential Palace for reasons that he did not specify. However, Cristavi learned that Nikoladze's reason for returning was to recover a 'key' to the Ark, and made plans to double cross him. Georgian special forces gunned down Nikoladze's guards as he was about to recover the 'key'. In the interests of self-preservation, Nikoladze agreed to provide the new Georgian government with the Ark and it's 'key' in return for sparing his life. However, before he could give the location of the device to President Cristavi, Nikoladze was sniped and killed from across a courtyard by Fisher at the conclusion of the game's final mission.

Because of the mysterious circumstances of his death, sightings and rumours of his survival would abound for several years.

Phillip Frankel Masse

Phillip Masse was a Canadian computer hacker who was hired by Vyacheslav Grinko to disrupt information networks to allow the Georgians to invade Azerbaijan unnoticed. Afterwards, he played a major role in disrupting major complex computer networks as part of an incident known as the Georgian Information Crisis. He was later killed by Sam Fisher, this mission was released after the release of the game as a downloadable level for the Xbox version, and as part of a mission pack for the PC version, called "Kola Cell".

Masse used unique tricks and strategies in computer hacking, including 512-bit encryption. The United Nations created a committee lead by Abrahim Zherkezhi in order to determine how Masse carried out his clever and complex operations and to reverse-engineer the programs used in the Information Crisis. In mid-2006, the project was declared a success by the UN. In Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory the techniques Masse used became known as the "Masse Kernels" and were considered revolutionary methods of information warfare so much so, that agent Sam Fisher was dispatched specifically to prevent that information from being spread.

Vyacheslav Grinko

Vyacheslav Grinko is a sadistic former Spetznaz (Russian Special Forces) soldier, working as a mercenary for Kombayn Nikoladze. In-game dialogue and text suggests that he served in Azerbaijan and Afghanistan, and is a professional sniper. It is also suggested that most people who know him are scared of him. He was in charge of the deaths of CIA-agents Allison Madison and Robert Blaustein, the theft of nuclear material from the Nadezdha nuclear plant and the attempted executions of American soldiers in Myanmar. When Fisher infiltrated Nikoladze's hideout in Rangoon, Grinko took command and ordered his men to evacuate Nikoladze. He and his men attempted to kill Fisher and carry on with the executions, but Fisher prevented the executions and killed Grinko.

General Kong Feirong

  • Died: November 12, 2004

Kong Feirong was a high member of the PLA. He reached the rank of general in 2001 .Kong Feirong is a rogue general, leading a schism of the Chinese Army. He allied himself with Kombayn Nikoladze to start a war between China and America. However, after the failure of the Abattoir executions, Nikoladze abandoned him. The Chinese government learned of his treason and attacked the embassy. Beaten, Kong got himself drunk, and even shot one of his own men. Sam Fisher interrogated him and made him reveal files of his involvement and the weapon called the 'Ark'. Soon after that Kong succumbed to the poisoned liquor he had been drinking.

Long Dan

Long Dan is featured during the Georgian information crisis in the first Splinter Cell. He is the Chinese ambassador to Myanmar, and is being held captive at a slaughter house (Mouke Tsoe Bo Meats) in Yangon. He speaks to Fisher telling him about a rogue Chinese General. (It is hinted in a data stick that Vyacheslav Grinko tortured Long Dan in order to get him to translate what the Chinese officials were talking about between each other). The second time he appears is during Chaos Theory. He is the Chinese ambassador to the U.N trying to broker a peace deal between North and South Korea, and for his actions he is awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.


Grinko's personal driver, Sam interrogates him for information on Grinko's meeting with Masse. After that the player can choose to kill him if he wants to, but Lambert will get angry if he does, calling it "sloppy work" (though it doesn't affect much at all).

Doctor John Baxter

An NSA interrogations expert, Baxter is sent with Wilkes to the CIA HQ in Langley to interrogate the CIA mole Mitchell Dougherty once Fisher has him in custody. They are chatted up by a security agent on the CIA grounds, though he is merely being friendly as NSA members are allowed on CIA properties. He is mentioned in the Chaos Theory Co-Op campaign where he assists in the interrogation of Jong Pom Chu but is never seen.

Mitchell Dougherty

A CIA analyst working inadvertently with the Georgians, Dougherty's OCD caused him to store his work on a personal laptop. His laptop, not being nearly secure as the CIA's mainframe, was hacked by Georgians. A Georgian technician named Piotr even confirmed that Dougherty did not know what trouble he had caused. As a result of tracking down the leak from the CIA main server, Fisher abducts Dougherty for interrogation by the NSA when he goes for a smoke break. It is unknown what happened to him afterwards. It is also unknown whether the CIA found out that Dougherty's carelessness caused the information attacks.

Piotr Lejava

A technician on the oil rig carrying an important briefcase to Philip Masse that Sam must retrieve using any means necessary. The player can interrogate him, knock him out or kill him to get the briefcase if they choose to on any of these three options.

Thomas Gurgenidze

Thomas Gurgenidze is a contact for Sam in his first mission. He told Sam why the CIA agents he was assigned to rescue vanished. They were later found dead in a morgue. Gurgenidze is crushed by falling debris after three Russian mafiosos set fire to the warehouse he was in. Fisher found him pinned underneath fallen objects and tried to evacuate him, but Thomas was too far gone; he died before he could fully convey a rather important message to Sam.


A Russian programmer in the Kalinetek Building. He hid in one of the bathrooms calling 911 (he was reconnected to Grim, after three transfers) to come rescue him. In return he would reveal what the Georgians were up to. A Mafioso finds him just before Sam comes in time to save Ivan. Unfortunately for Ivan, Sam came only for his encryption key and Ivan is forced to continue hiding. It is unknown what happened to him afterwards, although it is stated that he is picked up by the FBI.

Acting President Varlam Cristavi

Varlam Cristavi becomes the Georgian acting president after Kombayn Nikoladze is removed from office. He orders the Georgian guards at the presidential palace to kill Nikoladze's men and retrieve the Ark for themselves. Fisher's intervention results in the failure of this plan as well as the deaths of some of Cristavi's guards. Cristavi remains president of Georgia in 2006.

Colonel Andrei Alekseevich

A mercenary colonel for the Georgian military forces, Alekseevich was in charge of the Kola cell in Russia, and was smuggling nuclear warheads in the submarine Vselka. He is friends with Phillip Masse and is present in the cell when Fisher infiltrates the base. During this mission, Alekseevich is forced by Fisher to operate a retinal scanner to open a locked door. (Sam is free to kill him afterwards.) Grim refers to Alekseevich as a Soviet "Darth Vader".

Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow

Dermot Paul Brunton

D.P. Brunton is the Operations Coordinator of SHADOWNET. In Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow he has a similar role to Irving Lambert, providing Sam Fisher with mission objectives and intelligence over the radio during some of the game's missions. As his operations specifically prohibit live satellite contact between coordinator and operatives, Dermot's function is more bureaucratic and managerial.

Suhadi Sadono

Suhadi Sadono is the leader of a radical Indonesian guerrilla group known as the Darah Dan Doa (Blood and Prayer), and the main antagonist of Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow. He is voiced by David Kaye.

Sadono has been in the Darah Dan Doa since he was 15 years old. He was trained by the CIA to help fight Communist influences in the region, but felt betrayed when the Americans stopped backing Indonesia and put their support behind East Timor instead, even establishing permanent military bases in East Timor to widen their influence over the region. Resentful of the American interference in his country's autonomy, Sadono eventually decides to declare war on America.

In the beginning of Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow, Suhadi personally leads a squad of guerrillas in an attack on the American embassy in East Timor, taking dozens of hostages, including Sam Fisher's old friend Douglas Shetland.

It is revealed later in the game that Sadono has acquired samples of the smallpox virus and placed a series of viral bombs across the United States, threatening to detonate them and release the virus if he is ever killed or captured. He calls this scheme "Pandora Tomorrow".

When Sam succeeds in disabling the threat of Pandora Tomorrow, Sadono prepares to go underground and wage an extended terrorist campaign against America, using periodic videotaped statements to call for a world revolution against the US. Before he can implement his plan, Sadono is abducted by Fisher and handed over to the CIA for trial.

Sadono bears a striking resemblance to real-life revolutionary and guerilla militant Che Guevara.

Norman Washington Soth

Norman Soth is another major antagonist in Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow, as well as the final opponent in the game.

He is a CIA field agent who participated in Operation REDBEARD, establishing US-friendly terrorist cells in Indonesia to fight Communism. One of these cells was the Darah Dan Doa, led by Suhadi Sadono. However, the U.S. Government pulled support of Operation REDBEARD and ended up supporting the Timorese, leaving Soth on his own.

Soth was subsequently severely injured in a land mine explosion, losing his left leg, two of his fingers, and part of his left ear lobe. He had his lost leg replaced with an advanced robotic prothesis.

Soth eventually went underground and aligned himself with Sadono and the DDD, becoming Sadono's chief mercenary. However, Soth had no interest in Sadono's cause, and merely wanted to strike back at America for betraying him earlier.

After Sadono is captured, Soth takes the last canister filled with the smallpox virus and plans to release it at LAX. Sam confronts Soth inside LAX, and kills him in a shootout.

In Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow, Norman Soth goes under the alias of 'Mortified Penguin'. He also briefly used the alias 'Johnathan Poindexter' in order to secure train tickets in France.

Ingrid Ruth Karlthson

Ingrid Karlthson (born October 24, 1965 in Atlanta) first came in contact with Sam Fisher while she was a hostage in the Darah Dan Doa's raid on the U.S. Embassy in East Timor in 2006. She is posing as a desk-jockey and provides a translation for a file Fisher received which leads him to the Saulnier Cryogenics lab and later, Norman Soth.

It is later revealed that Karlthson is actually a deep-cover agent planted at the embassy to discern whether or not Soth was still an agency asset. (He was so deep undercover that even the CIA didn't know if he was still working for them.) She is taken by Sadono as a bargaining chip and is taken to the TV station in Jakarta where she assists Fisher in capturing Sadono.

Francois Coulon Coldeboeuf

Francois Coldeboeuf was a security guard at the Saulnier Cryogenics Lab. Back in 2003 he was arrested for invasion of privacy by taking a picture with his cellphone camera. However, when Norman Soth's mercenaries took over the building, he was the only survivor and went into hiding in the secured body processing center, managing to take Soth's picture on his phone's camera. Before the mercenaries manage to break into the room, Fisher reaches him but only for his cellphone for information and a picture of "Mortified Penguin" - Soth. Afterward, Fisher saves Coldeboeuf from being blown up by the mercenaries. Coldeboeuf's status after the incident is not known. It is also possible to kill him, though Lambert will reprimand the player and tell Sam that he will undergo a psych evaluation next time he is "stateside".

Francis Coldeboeuf is also the name of the co-producer of the single player portion in Pandora Tomorrow, which is where his name comes from.

Saul Berkovitz

Sam's first contact in Israel. He gets taken hostage by two thieves who demand his guns and money. Sam quickly disposes of these two and Saul gives Sam a modified version of his SC-20K. If the player chooses to, Saul will lead Sam to an area where he can test out his "new" weapon. The modification of the weapon, however, was purely for a plot element, since there seems to be no apparent differences from the SC-20K that the player uses in the previous missions (other than the slightly varied optics displayed when using the scope).

Azrul Arifin

Sam's CIA contact in deep cover as Sadono's private pilot. Sam plants a bomb on his plane and then later meets up with Azrul to get a code word from him. He warns Azrul to stay away from his plane.

Dahlia Suleiman Tal

Dahlia Tal is an undercover agent of the Shin Bet (Israeli Secret Police) who had infiltrated a Syrian terrorist group by pretending to be a corrupt member of Mossad. She assists Sam Fisher during a mission inside Israel in Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow.

In cooperation with Third Echelon, she leads Fisher through the streets of Jerusalem to the terrorist group's headquarters, while helping him evade Israeli police patrols. However, when the two of them finally reach the terrorist headquarters, Lambert radios Fisher and orders him to execute Dahlia immediately.

Fisher may choose to spare Tal. Lambert then reprimands Fisher, telling him "It's not your job to question!" Lambert then reveals that Shin Bet has double-crossed Third Echelon. They are planning on killing Fisher as soon as he retrieves the smallpox virus from the terrorists, because the Israeli government wants to steal the viral weapon for themselves; and because Fisher doesn't officially exist, there would be no repercussions for killing him. Sure enough, three Syrian mercenary snipers and Tal stalk Fisher as soon as he exits the terrorist base. Fisher stealthily avoids them and heads to the exfiltration point. Lambert tells Sam that his soft spot for Tal "has cost us more in the region than you can imagine". Sam then says that "He'll wear a dunce cap in a corner" when he returns to the US. If the player shoots Tal, Fisher asks Lambert why he had to kill her at the start of the next mission. Lambert only says "No, not yet", after which point the subject is not brought up again for the player.

Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory

Admiral Toshiro Otomo

Admiral Otomo is one of the main antagonists in Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory. He was the head of Japan's I-SDF (Information Self Defense Force).

Whilst Otomo appeared to be trying to assist the NSA in resolving the East Asian crisis and stopping the war that had broken out between North Korea, South Korea and the United States, he was in fact one of its primary architects. Otomo and the I-SDF had been working with Douglas Shetland, and using information warfare algorithms belonging to Displace International, the I-SDF had launched an attack on an American ship USS Clarence E. Walsh from a North Korean missile battery.

When the NSA realized that the I-SDF was working with Shetland, Otomo, a fierce nationalist, sealed the I-SDF's base of operations and demanded that the Japanese government suspend Japan's Constitution and return power to the Emperor and the armed forces. When the Japanese government refused these demands, Otomo attempted to fire a North Korean Nuclear missile upon a Japanese city, knowing that the people of Japan would demand retaliation in the event of such an attack. The launch was stopped by Sam Fisher, who destroyed the I-SDF's servers and thus their capability to launch Information Warfare attacks. After attempting to commit seppuku by stabbing himself with a blade, Otomo was rescued by Sam and brought before a U.N. War Tribunal, where his honor dictated that he admit his actions and plead guilty. It is unknown what his sentence was. However, it is likely that he was stripped of his rank as an Admiral.

Defense Secretary Frank Mason

Frank Mason is the Secretary of Defense under President Bowers during the events of Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory. In response to North Korea and China's blockade of Japan, Mason sent the USS Clarence E. Walsh to the Yellow Sea to reaffirm the US commitments to Japan. After both Japan and the eastern United States fell victim to an information warfare attack and blackout, Mason began suspecting the Koreans. After the Walsh was sunk by a Korean missile, Mason tried to push Bowers to declare war immediately, before Lambert gives more intelligence.

Mason uses a very hardline approach when dealing with problems. While he encouraged the President to send out troops (and, at one point, to use nuclear devices to stop the Korea conflict), Lambert managed to talk him down, preventing a terrible crisis.

Near the end of the crises, Mason agrees with Lambert to take out Shetland (whose company had contracts with United States government), and capture Otomo.

Captain Arthur Partridge

Arthur Partridge was captain of the USS Clarence E. Walsh and one of the Navy's top commanders, on course to become an admiral. A longtime friend of Sam Fisher, Partridge was his commanding officer for a short time when Sam was a Navy SEAL, and the two maintained a good relationship over the years.

Partridge captained the Walsh into the Yellow Sea under orders of the President. He was killed along with his crew when a hijacked North Korean Silkworm anti-ship missile hit and sunk the ship. The Walsh was more than capable of defending against the attack, but a Masse Kernel-related attack crippled it, leading to the antiquated missile being able to send it straight to the bottom.

Milan Nedićh (Real Name: Milos Nowak)

  • Birth: 1970, Place of Birth Unknown (although believed to be born in former Yugoslavia)
  • Death: July 4,2007, Hokkaidō, Japan
  • Height: 5′11″
  • Weight: 189 lbs

Milan Nedićh was a ranking member of Displace International, and was in charge of the Abrahim Zherkezhi and Bruce Morgenholt protection details. Initially believed to be responsible for playing both the US and Displace over Morgenholt's death and the Masse Kernels, it is later discovered that he was working under orders from Douglas Shetland, Displace's CEO. According to members of Displace International Nedićh killed someone in Istanbul. He was drunk and wandered out of the bar looking for a fight. His friends found him the next morning covered in blood. The newspaper said the next day that Istanbul police found some guy cut to ribbons just a couple of blocks from the bar that they were at.

Nedićh's real name is Milos Nowak, a wanted war criminal from the Bosnian Conflict. He was known as "The Bosnian Barber" due to allegedly scalping a number of his prisoners. Nedich was eventually killed by Sam Fisher at a Hokkaidō mountain retreat in Japan.

Hugo Lacerda

Hugo Lacerda was a Peruvian separatist revolutionary and the leader of a Communist guerrilla organization called "The People's Voice". He is responsible for the kidnapping and murder of American computational theorist Bruce Morgenholt, but leaves his island fortress hideout before Sam can find and assassinate him. Lacerda boards the Maria Narcissa, guarded by a pair of Displace International bodyguards. However, Fisher is able to infiltrate the Maria Narcissa and kill Lacerda, as per Third Echelon's orders.

Lacerda was not nearly as popular among his men as Suhadi Sadono was among his. Many of his men can be overheard welcoming the thought of his death.

Abrahim Zherkezhi

Abrahim Zherkezhi was a computer genius and worked with Bruce Morgenholt in studying the Masse Kernels for the UN following the Georgian Information Crisis, and then abruptly disappeared from public life. There were ongoing rumors that he had gone insane.

It is later learned that Zherkezhi had taken protection from Displace International. He allowed Douglas Shetland to use his 'Dvorak' algorithms, though unaware of Shetland's intentions. After the blackouts of the Eastern Coast and Japan, Sam was sent to Zherkezhi's penthouse to locate the 'Dvorak' only to learn it was an infinite state machine. Fisher also learned Displace relocated Zherkezhi to Hokkaidō.

While Fisher attempted to kidnap Zherkezhi, Shetland arrived beforehand and murdered Zherkezhi with a katana in the Hokkaidō retreat to hide evidence of his involvement (if Sam neutralizes the guard outside and goes up to the door Shetland will kill Zherkezhi with a gun instead).

Zherkezhi is also mentioned in Pandora Tomorrow, in the intro cut-scene to the "Train" level, the newscaster will mention that a U.S. operation involving the "Masse Kernals" has been successful, though his name is pronounced "Abraham Zerkazi".

Bruce Morgenholt

Bruce Morgenholt worked alongside Abrahim Zherkezhi in studying the Masse Kernels after the Georgian Information Crisis. He was kidnapped by a group of Peruvian revolutionaries under Hugo Lacerda, and was tortured for information on the Masse Kernels. Ironically, it was Displace International who hired Lacerda, the same company protecting him.

He died from his torture before Fisher could rescue him.

Thomas Standish

Thomas Standish (aka 'The Turtle') is a British specialist bank thief with expertise in cracking high security bank vault systems. He was eventually caught and sent to prison, but is released in exchange for him remotely helping Fisher and Third Echelon break into a bank in Panama.


Shetland's I-SDF contact in the Bathhouse, Kaneda meets with Shetland in order to purchase the weaponized algorithms. He gets into a heated argument with Shetland during the meeting and orders his I-SDF bodyguard to kill Shetland. However, Kaneda's bodyguard first kills Shetland's own bodyguard, allowing Shetland the opportunity to kill Kaneda's bodyguard while he is still faced away from Shetland. Now defenseless, Kaneda pleads that "We can work this out", but Shetland quickly shoots Kaneda dead. Kaneda's and his bodyguard's names is a reference to the Akira characters Shotaro Kaneda.

Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory Co-Op

Agent One and Agent Two

Agent One and Agent Two were Splinter Cells-in-training in Chaos Theory until the Korean conflict began. They were sent together as a team to discover other deals by a Panamanian banker who made deals between Displace and Hugo Lacerda. They learned that he made deals with a North Korean scientist, Jong Pom-Chu. They are sent into wartorn Seoul and capture Jong. They discover that Jong had been developing a chemical weapon and are sent to a silo in North Korea to locate a strain of the virus and create a vaccine. The Korean conflict was over by then, but they learned that North Korean Colonel Kim had refused to lay down arms and led a rogue faction of the army to plant bombs within New York. The two agents head to the train station and disable the bomb. They head back to North Korean soil to learn that Kim had the ability to strike a final time, at the UN Headquarters. The duo team return to New York at the UN HQ, where they kill Kim and disable the last bomb.

They return in Double Agent in the XBOX, PS2 and Gamecube versions to finish the mission that Fisher began in Iceland. They destroy the factory and are then sent to Ellsworth Penitentiary to begin a riot to allow Fisher to escape the prison. They are then sent to Kinshasa to find weapons that the rebels had bought and destroy the bunker. Afterward, they head to the tanker stolen by Fisher, disarming various Red Mercury bombs.

Señor Segundo Ruiz De Medeiros

The vice president for the Panama Administration Building. He had dealings with Hugo Lacerda and Jeong Pom-Chu. The Agents interrogate him for information on security systems and codes. However they are ordered by Lambert to not kill him under any circumstances.

Colonel Kim

Colonel Kim is an officer in the North Korean Army. He is the main antagonist of the co-op storyline of Chaos Theory. He commanded the chemical bunker near Namp'o-si, which developed a biological weapon. However, he was angry at the cease fire and blamed General Jung (Head of the Military; also from Ghost Recon 2) for abandoning 5,000 troops. He refused to lay down arms against the Americans and led a rogue faction of deserters to continue to wage war with America. He planted chemical bombs developed by scientists at the chemical bunker in New York at the train station and at the UN Headquarters. The Splinter Cell Duo team disabled his bombs and killed Kim at the UN headquarters.


A comrade of Colonel Kim who is in charge of the New York Penn Station takeover. Chu successfully took over the station and planted the bombs. However, one of his soldiers fell victim to the virus, and Kim called him to take out that soldier. Chu headed to the locker room to receive the vaccine guarded by a password with his son's birthday, where he is captured by a Splinter Cell agent. The Splinter Cell agent killed Chu after interrogating him.

Jong Pom-Chu

Jong Pom-Chu is a North Korean spy and scientist who developed a deadly virus to attack the Americans. He dealt with de Medieros and the CDIB to exchange deadly weapons. Jong was at Seoul during the Korean Crises. Knowing Jong was important, the North Korean Special Forces hid him at a cyber cafe by the river. Jong had an impersonator at the original hotel as a decoy, and had an escape boat on the river. The Splinter Cell Duo team found the decoy and the location of Jong's hideout (Sam Fisher himself reveals Jong's whereabouts to the team during the course of the single-player campaign). They disabled his boat and abducted him. The NSA interrogated him, learning he gave the virus to Colonel Kim.

Splinter Cell: Double Agent

Since there are two different games/versions with two completely different storylines (despite having the same general plot). Version 1 will cover the PS3/Xbox 360, and PC version, while Version 2 will cover the Gamecube/PS2/Xbox/Wii version.

Emile Dufraisne

Emile Dufraisne is the main antagonist of Splinter Cell: Double Agent, he is voiced by Keith Szarabajka. Emile is the founder and leader of the JBA (John Brown's Army), an American terrorist organization. An imposing figure with a shaved head and a Cajun accent, Emile has always believed he was destined for greatness. He despises the United States government, believing it to be corrupt, and feels the only way to achieve social change is through radical revolution.

For a long time, he's been dreaming of more ambitious plans for the JBA, an organization that has frequently been suspected of but never tied to any criminal activity. Ultimately, Emile is willing to sacrifice both his operatives and himself for his insane ideals, as is shown near the end of the game when he sets the Red Mercury bomb to blow up most of New York City and all of the JBA with it. Some think of him as a terrorist, but he considers himself a patriot.

In Version 1, Emile is simply one of several terrorists guarding the Red Mercury bomb at the center of the JBA Headquarters underneath New York City at the end of the game. Sam can simply sneak up on him and shoot him to death like any other enemy character. The player can also interrogate Emile after corner-grabbing him. Emile will tell Sam to give it up and he also tells him that killing him would only mean that Sam would meet him in Hell; the player then kills him by breaking his neck. If the player grabs him from behind, he slips out of Sam's grip and squares off for a fist fight but Sam kills him with a martial arts move which pushes his nose cartilage into his brain.

In Version 2 of Double Agent, Sam confronts Emile in a climactic one-on-one shootout within a maze of laser mines atop a New York city skyscraper during the level "New York". Sam eventually kills Emile, then disarms the Red Mercury bomb, saving New York City. Tossing a flash-bang into Emile's sight will stun him, allowing him to be grabbed. Emile will say "Well played, Fisher. Well played", and engages in a lengthy conversation with Sam, making Fisher doubt his own trust in himself, and the U.S. Government.

Carson Moss

Carson Moss met Emile Dufraisne in 1996 after leaving a private security company and enlisted in JBA as head of security. Carson is a racist and was linked to several hate crime beatings before joining the JBA but was never arrested. Carson is also a hotheaded man and is disliked by many of the members of John Brown's Army, but no one dares challenge or question him, save Jamie Washington. He bullies everyone in the group, except Emile (for obvious reasons) and Enrica, because he is in love with her. He works out incessantly and is extremely strong. It is also noted that he played high school football and badly hurt his knee; to this day he isn't as agile as he once was. Carson dislikes Sam and is the only JBA member that doesn't trust him. Eavesdropping on Carson while he's exercising with his punching bag shows him saying "Damn Fisher, there's something about that guy."

In Version 2, it was instead stated that Moss had a history of child abuse from his father, resulting in having him jump to various orphanages. At one point, he attempted to enlist in the United States Marine Corps, but was rejected, and ended up serving a brief stint in the U.S. Army. Moss had many disciplinary problems while in the Army but nothing too serious. His problem carried on during Moss's civilian life while being arrested by local police officers numerous times, while doing muscle-work for various criminals, including working for a bookie out of Miami as a "leg breaker". In 1996 Moss was employed by PMC Displace International. While on security detail in Khazakhstan, Moss severed the ring finger of every man, woman and child in a small village as punishment for "harboring kidnappers". Moss was later dismissed from Displace. Then in 2004 Moss went to work for Dufraisne as head of security for the JBA.

Sam finds Moss on a Coast Guard ship in New York City attempting to set off the last Red Mercury device (after realizing the entire operation has been caused to go awry by Fisher. Sam can attempt to grab Moss but he manages to free himself, after which Sam knees him in his testicles and then breaks his neck. Early in Version 2, during the mission JBA Headquarters Part 1, it is possible for the player to grab and interrogate Moss. Killing him, or anyone else in the mission results in failure. In the final mission Moss was defending a Red Mercury bomb on the 68th floor of an un-named skyscraper in New York, and was killed by Sam. In this version he can be successfully grabbed in the usual way and interrogated before killing him.

In 'Splinter Cell: Essentials version, Moss captures a recording of Sam and Irving Lambert discussing the mission to infiltrate the JBA. Sam alters the recording to keep his own cover, replacing his voice with someone named "Dave". Later Moss is in a room with Dufraisne. They had captured Lambert, and Moss played the recording in order uncover Sam's true identity, but is foiled by the modified recording. Moss apologizes for making the mistake. Although he was sure he had heard Sam's voice originally, he had no way to prove what he heard.

Jamie Washington

Jamie is a study in contrasts. On one hand he's generally cheerful and easy-going, and once he decides he likes somebody, they're friends for life. On the other hand he can be a vicious, cruel, cold-blooded killer causing harm to anyone who gets in his way. He is an active member of the JBA. Jamie has a heart condition, and was equipped with a pacemaker during his spell in prison in order to help with keeping his heart-rate steady. In Version 2, It is revealed that the traitorous Cole Yeagher had secretly gave information to the police that led to Washington's arrest and sentence to prison. However, the charge was for kidnapping, and the jury never found out he was also a cold-blooded murderer.

In both versions, Sam helps him break out of Ellsworth Penitentiary, so he can get invited into John Brown's Army (Ellsworth Penitentiary appears to be based on the real life USP Leavenworth). In Splinter Cell: Essentials version of the event, Sam helps him break out of Leavenworth Penitentiary rather than Ellsworth.

Jamie and Moss seem to not get along very well, as Fisher sees when he is snooping around. In the end, Fisher will eventually either choose to kill Jamie instead of Lambert, or kill him later on, if you do not shoot Lambert straight away Jamie tells Fisher to shoot Lambert on the count of five or else [he] will shoot [Fisher]. When he reaches 3, however he flinches, saying "Don't make me do this." If Fisher chooses to shoot him instead of Lambert, Jamie is surprised at Fisher's decision.

In Version 2, Jamie is guarding a Red Mercury bomb with B.J. Sykes, is killed by Sam. As an option, his pacemaker could be short-circuited by Sam's OCP attachment on his 5.7 pistol. If interrogated, Jamie will express initial disbelief that Sam is a "traitor", claiming he knows Sam too well to believe it, before Sam remarks Jamie didn't know him at all.

Enrica Villablanca

A brilliant young woman with a PhD in biochemistry, she works with Emile Dufraisne for the JBA. She seems to be the most medically trained of the JBA, as she can be seen working in the infirmary. It would seem, however, that she is working for him against her will, due to threats from Emile exposing her to the police about her involvement in a "monkey wrenching" protest where a security guard was accidentally killed. She is a possible "love interest" for Sam Fisher; they can have an encounter in her quarters after Sam cracks Emile's safe although Sam only seduced her in order to keep his cover intact.

She is Sam's contact in some of his missions, including when he must place a bomb on a cruise ship to test it's effectiveness. She tries to cover up her insecurities with a wall of overall competence and disdain for some of her less skilled colleagues.

In Version 2, the game uses their relationship as a main plot point, and in the final level they plan on running away together after Sam stops the JBA at the end of the game. However, she is killed by a Splinter Cell agent sent by Williams. Sam then kills the agent.

In Version 1, Sam seduces Enrica in order to cover up his being in restricted areas. However, the relationship hinted in the ads and appears in Version 2 doesn't actually show up in this version. Sam can either frame Enrica using her disarm code to prevent the ocean liner bomb from exploding or simply jam the signal. Either way, Emile will kill her for her "betrayal" or "incompetence", and Sam never comments on her afterwards.

Sam can also let the ocean liner explode, earning a disingenuous "Well done, Sam" from Enrica. She will help Sam later on near the end of the game by giving him his SC-20K and goggles if he forgot to collect them from the firing range and by opening a retinal scanner locked door. Enrica then walks over to her office, and Sam can either leave her alone or kill her (rendering her unconscious is - like Dufraisne, Moss and Washington - not an option, despite her apparently being the least 'evil' of the JBA's members). If the player grabs her, the animation is different: she twists around in his arms to look at him face to face and holds onto his wrist. If interrogated, she only reiterates what she's already told him. If the player leaves her alone, it is unknown if she lives or dies.

Stanley Dayton

Dayton is a JBA computer hacker and head of the security systems. He also creates the hacking program for Enrica to use on the Cozumel cruise ship. He despises nearly every member of the JBA leadership with the exception of Enrica Villablanca because she is a woman. He is also plagued by nightmares and illnesses. He has also been considered a hypochondriac, as well as being in the worst health in the JBA. He is able to be interrogated by simply grabbing him - he doesn't fight back like Emile or Moss. Sam interrogates him to find out where Emile is; you can then choose whether to kill him or not.

B.J. Sykes

Billy-Jo Sykes is a JBA computer hacker and head of the security systems in Version 2 and is a different version of Stanley Dayton. He is least liked of all the JBA members. Sykes was an introvert who talks to himself because he doesn't like to talk with others. Although Sykes is notorious for jumping to paranoid conclusions, Emile respects his technical skills and Sykes sticks around because he gets to play with the JBA's high-tech systems. Emile respects him greatly, for he is the only one trusted to run solo on errands outside the JBA.

Sykes is believed to have a form of schizophrenia, causing him to dislike people and talk to himself aloud. His nature may also be linked to an inferiority complex, for he stands at only 5'7".

He ultimately reveals Sam's status as a spy to Emile in Version 2 during the HALO jump in the New York rooftop operation. Sykes is killed along with Jamie Washington in the snowtops level.

Massoud Ibn-Yussiff

An ally of Emile Dufraisne and Alejandro Takfir, who is plotting to blow up Mexico City with a chemical weapon. In Version 1, A news broadcast at the end of the game states he was arrested by FBI agents.

In Version 2, Massoud meets with Emile and Takfir in Kinshasa. He tells them that his men will crew the tanker Sam had stolen, and pilot it into the Los Angeles harbor with one of the nuclear weapons (in which three Red Mercury bombs are disarmed by Agents One and Two). He then receives a call from one of his men, and learns an agent, Hisham Hamza, had infiltrated his group. He then leaves the meeting to conduct the search for Hamza. It was also revealed in an opportunity objective that Massoud also temporarily owned a chemical bunker in Kinshasa, which was eventually sabotaged by Agents One and Two.

Alejandro Takfir

An ally of Emile Dufraisne and Massoud Ibn-Yussiff, who is planning to blow up Los Angeles with a chemical weapon. He is also the commander of the rebels in Kinshasa. It is assumed he was arrested at the end of the game since a news broadcast states that everyone who was involved with the plot had been secured.

In Version 2, Takfir had stolen the weapons from Raheem Kadir in Iceland. Takfir was one of the buyers, along with Dufraisne that wanted the weapons, and was angry when it was agreed Dufraisne would be purchasing them. Takfir eventually allied with Massoud and Emile to use his nuclear weapons.

Hisham Hamza

Part of a new initiative within the Department of Defense, Hisham's capacity for quick learning made him an excellent candidate to act as a field liaison between the CIA and the NSA. Following the CIA's orders, Hisham managed to get recruited in the Massoud group and is acting now as a double agent. He's ready to do whatever it takes to stop the menacing plans of the JBA—even sacrificing himself for the right cause.

In Version 1, Hisham is sometimes Sam's contact, such as in the Shanghai mission. Eventually, Emile will order Sam to kill Hisham when he discovers that he has a mole. Whether Sam kills him or helps him escape (by freeing him from the palace and blowing the whole place up to make it look like he is dead) is up to the player.

In Version 2, Hisham is Sam's partner during the Iceland mission. He discovers traces of radiation in the labs and evacuates with Sam when Lambert calls the mission off. He then joins Massoud's group as a double agent, until his cover is blown. During the Kinshasa mission, the player can either kill Hisham and stuff his body in a car for J.B.A. trust, or escort Hisham to a parking lot and hoist him over the fence facilitating his escape.

Doctor Abdul-Ahmad Aswat

A Pakistani nuclear scientist who meets Emile and Massoud to sell nuclear documents and Red Mercury. Emile orders Sam to steal the documents on how to make Red Mercury when Emile refuses to pay Aswat because the price is too high. Sam steals the documents and killing Aswat becomes a primary objective given to Fisher by Agent Hisham, an undercover CIA agent. Hisham refers to Doctor Aswat as a "liability". If Sam does not succeed in killing Aswat, he will lose NSA trust.

Cole Yeagher

In Version 1, Cole is a WNM pilot who is kidnapped by Sam and Jamie after they steal his helicopter after breaking out of Ellsworth Penitentiary. Emile orders Sam to execute Cole when they arrive at the JBA's HQ in New York City with a gun carrying one bullet. If Sam decides to miss his shot on purpose, Jamie will kill Cole instead and Sam will lose a little JBA trust. Sam's decision doesn't affect the rest of the storyline, unlike later decisions. In Version 2, Yeagher is a member of the JBA. However, he plans to overthrow Emile and take it over, though Emile suspects it. Emile sends Fisher to find out what he can about Cole, and to bring it to him. Lambert tells Fisher to give the information to the NSA, so they can capture Cole and find information.

If Sam gives the information he finds to Lambert, then the NSA takes Cole and interrogates him for information for a very brief period of time. Williams tells Fisher that he was still alive and in prison, stating "Emile didn't look to hard". If Sam gives it to Emile, Emile has Cole killed and dumps his body in the river. Regardless of the choice Sam made Emile says a certain line like "This is why Yeagher had to be disposed of" before giving Sam the order to kill Hisham Hamza.


An inmate in Ellsworth prison, Barnham is a bully to Jamie Washington. Barnham is an important witness to the Department of Justice in another case. Sam has the option to either kill him to impress Jamie or knock him out following Lambert's no casualties orders. He only appears in Version 2.

John Hodge

An over-enthusiastic rookie Splinter Cell. He is Fisher's partner during the Iceland mission, tasked with creating a covert entrance to the facility. During the mission, he breaks from his assignment of covering Sam to enter the facility over Sam's and Lambert's protests. As Sam enters the launch facility through a disabled air vent, he watches as John is confronted by an armed guard. Despite John surrendering, the guard shoots him several times, killing him instantly. Hodge only appears in Version 1.


An inmate serving life in prison at Ellsworth Federal Penitentiary in Kansas. Slim was a resident of A or B Block. When a Splinter Cell team broke into the prison to start a riot as cover for Fisher's escape, Slim and his cell mate escaped from their cell when the Splinter Cell team opened the cellblock doors from the main computer system. Slim and his cellmate armed themselves with 9MM handguns after killing two Corrections Officers in the Prison workshop on the third floor of the prison complex. The Splinter Cell team made contact with them as the team was heading to the attic of the workshop. Slim and his cellmate heard the team coming and his cellmate yelled through the door that they were "lifers" and that they had "nothing left to lose", telling them to keep moving. The Splinter Cell team then overpowered and neutralized both Slim and his cellmate before moving on through to the attic. Nothing is known about what happened to Slim and his cellmate after that, but it is assumed they were taken back to their cell and later tried for the officers' murders.

Raheem Kadir

Kadir is a weapons dealer who owns a geothermal foundry and obtains the Red Mercury. He was going to sell it to Dufraisne and Takfir but, Takfir's men stole the Red Mercury from the foundry using double agents. When Agents One and Two infiltrate the facility, they are ordered to destroy it, and succeed. It is likely Kadir died in the subsequent explosion. Raheem Kadir is only in Version 2

Splinter Cell: Essentials

Edward Blake

Edward Blake was recruited into the NSA from Texas A&M University, where he was pursuing a double major in Political Science and Psychology. After joining the agency he became a field analyst specializing in the debriefing of foreign intelligence assets. Despite a notable lack of patience and a willingness to resort to physical methods of interrogation, his success record is one of the highest in the agency.

He was in charge of interrogating Sam after he was captured by the NSA after the events of "Double Agent". Fisher was able to escape from him and hide in William Redding's office.


Mikey is a convict serving time in Leavenworth Penitentiary, Kansas after killing several FBI agents during a shootout. He received life in prison instead of the death penalty after he turned in Jamie Washington. Jamie Washington wanted revenge, so he ordered Sam to kill Mikey in order for Sam to gain Jamie's trust. Sam had the choice of knocking him out and claiming he murdered him or killing him in order to get on Jamie Washington's good side.

Captain Moore

Fisher's commander in Norte De Santander, Colombia while he was in the Navy SEALs in 1992. He ordered Fisher not to go after Douglas Shetland who had been captured by guerrillas. Sam chose not to follower orders due to being special ops, and to keep Shetland from spilling any information to the enemy. Captain Moore conceded to Sam but told him that he was on his own.


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