Police Dependants' Trust

The Police Dependents' Trust is a body which looks after the interest and welfare of the families of British police officers who have died or been killed while on duty.

It was set up in 1966 from financial donations which flooded in after three officers in London were shot dead in cold blood by three men whose car they had stopped for a routine inspection (Massacre of Braybrook Street). The initial contributor was holiday camp owner Billy Butlin, who donated £250,000.

The three killers were all given life sentences. One of them died behind bars, while another was released after 25 years but was murdered shortly afterwards. The only surviving member of the group is Harry Roberts, who is still behind bars some 40 years later and in December 2006 the Parole Board rejected his latest application for release. This decision came 10 years after the recommended earliest date that the trial judge said Roberts could apply for parole.

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