[den-yoo-dey-shuhn, dee-noo-, -nyoo-]
Denudation is the process by which the removal of material, through means of erosion and weathering, leads to a reduction of elevation and relief in landforms and landscapes. Exogenic processes, including the action of water, ice, and wind, predominantly involve denudation. Denudation can involve the removal of both solid particles and dissolved material. Both mechanical and chemical weathering occurs in relation to geomorphological landforms. At present the most significant processes leading to denudation include deforestation (including slash-and-burn practises of local peoples), overgrazing and certain forms of intensive farming which lead to large scale erosion.

Factors affecting Denudation include:

  1. Surface geography
  2. Properties of Earth material
  3. Climate
  4. Tectonic setting
  5. Activities of man, animals and vegetation

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