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Malta Dental Students

The Malta Association of Dental Students M.A.D.S. is a non-profit association, aimed at promoting the study of dentistry in Malta, and representing and protecting the interest of all local dental surgery students.

The Association is affiliated with the International Association of Dental Students (I.A.D.S.)

MADS is a senate-recognised association representing all the dental surgery students studying at the Faculty of Dental Surgery of the University of Malta. The MADS is based at the Medical School and operates within the Faculty of Dental Surgery.

Highlights throughout the year are the organisation of a Christmas Gala Dinner,a Summer BBQ, other social events including parties, and a number of first aid courses.

The MADS is managed by an Executive Committee elected at the beginning of every academic year at the Association’s Annual General Meeting. The Executive Committee is made up of nine officials namely the President, Secretary, Treasurer, Information Technology Officer, National Exchange Officer, Activities Organiser, Social Policy Commissioner, Dental Education Officer and the Public Health Officer. Apart from the Executive Committee, the MADS can have specific subcommittees such as the one that was set up to organise the Malta 2000 IADS-YDW Worldwide Dental Congress.

Executive Committee 2005-2006

  • President - Adrienne Busuttil
  • Secretary - Monique Portelli
  • Treasurer - Erika Zahra
  • I.T. Officer - Neil Schembri
  • National Exchange Officers - Tim Vella Briffa, Roberta Psaila
  • Public Health Officer - Darien Cini
  • Sports and Entertainment Officer - Melissa Spiteri
  • Social Policy Commissioner - Roberto Cutajar
  • Dental Education Officer - Jan Degiorgio
  • Faculty Board Officer - Matthew Cachia

Executive Committee 2006-2007

  • President - Tim Vella Briffa
  • Secretary - Roberta Psaila
  • Treasurer - Erika Zahra
  • I.T. Officer - Neil Schembri
  • National Exchange Officer - Michael Brincat
  • Assistant Neo - Maria Abela
  • Public Health Officer - Daniela Santucci
  • Activities Organiser - Ali
  • Social Policy Commissioner - Andrew Vella
  • Dental Education Officer - Luke
  • Faculty Board Officer - Matthew Cachia

Executive Committee 2007-2008

The Executive Committee for 2007-2008 was chosen during the Annual General Meeting held on the 25th of October 2007 at the Medical School in St Lukes Hospital. This was the last AGM held at St Lukes hospital due to the opening of the new state of the art hospital: Mater Dei.

  • President - Neil Schembri
  • Secretary General - Andrew Vella
  • Treasurer - Maria Abela
  • I.T. Officer - James Attard
  • National Exchange Officers - Jan Degiorgio and Peter Borg
  • Public Health Officer - Daniela Santucci
  • Activities Organiser - Kirsty Galea
  • Social Policy Commissioner - Cher Farrugia
  • Dental Education Officer - Luke Ungaro
  • Faculty Board Officer - Darien Cini

History of the Faculty of Dental Surgery

The first course leading to a degree in Dental Surgery, at the University of Malta, commenced in 1933. The qualification was recognized by the Medical Council of the United Kingdom in 1936.

Dental Surgery was established as a separate Faculty in 1954, previous to which the course was under the direction of a Board of Studies within the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery.

The Faculty now caters for an undergraduate intake of 8 students annually. The course of studies is under constant review to conform with the Directives and Recommendation of the Advisory Committee on the Training of Dental Practitioner of E.C..

The Faculty regularly invites overseas visiting lecturers and an overseas external examiner participates fully in the Final Examination. The degree granted by the University of Malta is recognised for temporary registration by the General Dental Council of United Kingdom. The Faculty provides facilities for M.Phil research programmes.

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