List of political parties in Lebanon

Lebanon has numerous political parties, but they play a much less significant role in Lebanese politics than they do in most parliamentary democracies. Many of the "parties" are simply lists of candidates endorsed by a prominent national or local figure. Loose coalitions, usually organized locally, are formed for electoral purposes by negotiation among clan leaders and candidates representing various religious communities; such coalitions usually exist only for the election, and rarely form a cohesive bloc in the National Assembly after the election. Until 2005, no single party had ever won more than 12.5 percent of the seats in the National Assembly, and no coalition of parties had won more than 35 percent.

Especially outside of the major cities, elections tend to focus more on local than national issues, and it is not unusual for a party to join an electoral ticket in one constituency while aligned with a rival party - even an ideologically opposite party - in another constituency.


Although almost every party is strongly dominated by a particular faith community, it should be noted that most nonetheless maintain that they are secular.

Party Emblem Name (English) Name (Arabic) Acronym Leader or Chairman Number of seats Political Position Sect or ethnic group
March 14 Alliance or (Siniora government) Loyalists
Future Movement Tayyar Al Mustaqbal تيار المستقبل FM Saad Hariri Currently has 34 MPs Capitalism / Nationalism Officially secular; Mainly Sunni Muslim.
Progressive Socialist Party Hizb al-Taqadummi al-Ishtiraki الحزب التقدمي الإشنراكي PSP Walid Jumblatt Currently has 15 MPs Officially Socialism, but practically Feudalism Officially secular; Mainly Druze
Lebanese Forces al-Quwat al-Lubnāniyya القوات اللبنانية LF Samir Geagea Currently has 5 MPs Right wing, Lebanese nationalism Officially secular; Mainly Maronite Christian
Phalangist or Kataeb Party al-Kataeb al-Lubnāniyya حزب الكتائب اللبنانية Kataeb Amin Gemayel Three MPs elected, two assassinated. Part of Qornet Shehwan Gathering Right wing, Lebanese nationalism Mainly Maronite Christian
National Liberal Party Hizb al-Wataniyyin al-Ahrar حزب الوطنيين الأحرار NLP Dory Chamoun Currently has no MPs. Part of Qornet Shehwan Gathering Liberalism Officially Secular, mainly Maronite Christian
Independence Movement Harakit al-istiklal حركة الإسنقلال Al istiklal Nayla Moawad Currently has 2 MPs. Part of Qornet Shehwan Gathering Reformism Mainly Maronite Christian
N/A Independents within Qornet Shehwan Gathering - - - Currently have 3 MPs, namely Samir Frangieh,Boutros Harb and Ghassan Tueni - Christian
N/A Tripoli Bloc Al-takatol al-trabolsi التكتل الطرابلصي - Mohamed Safadi Currently has 4 MPs, one christian and 3 muslim Localism, moderatism Multiconfessional
Democratic Renewal Harakat al-tajaddod al-democraty حركة التجدد الدمقراطي DRM Nassib Lahoud Currently has 1 MP Reformism Secular
Democratic Left Harakat Al-Yassar Al-Democraty حركة اليسار الديمقراطي DL Elias Attallah Currently has 1 MP Left-wing Secular
Armenian Democratic Liberal Party - Ramgavar Hizb al-ramgavar حزب الرمغفار ADL Hagop Kassardjian Currently has 1 Lebanese MP Liberalism Armenian Gregorian
Social Democrat Hunchakian Party Hizb al-hunshak حزب الهنشق Henshak - Currently has 1 MP Socialist Armenian Orthodox
Lebanese National Bloc Hizb al-kitla al-wataniya حزب الكتلة الوطنية NB Carlos Eddé Currently has no MPs Lebanese nationalism Officially secular; mainly Maronite Christian
Islamic Group Al-jamaa Al-Islamiya الجماعة الإسلامية JI Assaad Harmouch Currently has no MP Islamist Sunni Muslim
Free Lebanese Armenian Movement Harakit Al-Lubnaniyin Al-Arman Al-Ahrar حركة اللبنانيين الأرمن الأحرار FLAM - Currently has no MP Liberalism Armenian Orthodox
Free Shiite Movement Tayyar el-Shii el-Horr التيار الشيعي الحرّ Loubnanouna Mohammad el Hajj Hassan Currently has no MP Islamism Shi'a muslim
Loubnanouna Alliance Helf Loubnanouna حلف لبناننا Loubnanouna Samy Gemayel This party is an extension of the kataeb in colleges Conservatism, Lebanese nationalism Maronite Christian
Lebanese Peace Party Hizb Assalam Al-Lubnany حزب السلام اللبناني LPP Roger Edde Currently has 0 MP - Secular
Lebanese Liberal Republican Party Al-Hizb Al-Jumhury Al- Horr Al-Lubnany الحزب الجمهوري الحر اللبناني LRP Khaled Alhassanieh Currently has 0 MPs Officially Social Liberalism, Officially secular; Mainly Druze
Shuraya Party Hizb Al-Shuraya - - - Assyrianism Assyrian
March 8 Alliance or the Opposition
Free Patriotic Movement Tayyar Al-Watani Al- Horr التيار الوطني الحرّ FPM Michel Aoun Currently has 14 MPs Centrist Officially secular; Traditionally Christian
Hezbollah Hizbullah حزب الله HA Hassan Nasrallah Currently has 14 MPs Islamism Shi'a Muslim
El Marada Tayyar Al-Marada تيار المردة MM Suleiman Frangieh, Jr. Currently has no MP Feudalism Mainly Maronite Christian
Amal Movement Harakat Amal حركة أمل AMAL Nabih Berri Currently has 15 MPs Islamism Shi'a Muslim
Syrian Social Nationalist Party al-Hizb al-Quami al-Ijtima'i al-Suri الحزب القومي السوري الإجتماعي SSNP Asaad Hardan Currently has 2 MPs Syrian Nationalism Secular
N/A Independents within the opposition - - - Currently there are 2 MPs, Hussein el-Husseini and Mustafa Hussein - -
Ba'ath Arab Socialist Party Hizb al-baas al-arabi al-'ishtiraki حزب البعث العربي الإشتراكي BAATH Assem Qanso Currently has 1 MP Socialism;Arab Nationalism secular
Kataeb party opposition faction - Kataeb Nader Succar Currently has 1 MP Nationalism Christian
N/A Skaff Bloc or Popular Bloc التكتل الشعبي - Elias Skaff Currently has 4 MPs Feudalism Greek Catholic Christian
Armenian Revolutionary Federation Tashnag حزب الطشنق ARF Hovig Mkhitarian Currently has 2 MP Hagop Pakradounian,George Kasardji Socialism Armenian orthodox
N/A Lebanese Republican Party hizb al jumhury al lubnaniالحزب الجمهوري اللبناني PRL حجل Imad Jaara (Geara ) has considerable support among lawyers, worked on instituting civil marriage Traditionally liberal, more and more centrist Secular, anti-confessionalist علماني ,لا طائفي
N/A Christian Democratic Party Hizb al-Massihi al-Democraty حزب المسيحي الدمقراطي CDP Neemtallah Abi Nasr Currently has 1 MP - Christian
Lebanese Democratic Party Hizb al-lubnany al-democraty الحزب اللبناني الديمقراطي LDP Talal Arslan Currently has no MP Feudalism Officially Secular, mainly druz
Popular Nasserite Organization Al-Tanzim Al-shaabi al-nassiri التنظيم الشعبي الناصري NPO Ossama Saad Currently has 1 MP Nasserism; Socialism; Arab nationalism sunni muslim
Lebanese Communist Party Al-Hizb al-shooyoo'i al-lubnany الحزب الشيوعي الليناني LCP Khaled Hadadi Currently has no MP Communism Secular
Arab Liberation Party Hizb Al-Taharor Al-Arabi حزب التحرر العربي ALP Omar Karami Currently has no MP Feudalism Sunni Muslim
Movement of Independent Nasserists - al-Murabitun Harakat Al-nassiriyin Al-Mustakilin - Al mourabitoon حركة الناصريين المستقلين - المرابطون INM Ibrahim Kulaylat Currently has no MP Nasserism;Arab Nationalism Mainly Sunni muslim, but some shi'a and druz support
Worker's League Rabitat Al-Shaghila رابطة الشغيلة WL Zaher Khatib Currently has no MP Communist; Arab Nationalism Secular
People's Movement Harakat Al-Shaab حركة الشعب SHAAB Najah Wakim Currently has no MP Nasserism; Socialism; Arab Nationalism Secular
N/A Nasserite Unification movement Al-Haraka Al-Tawhidiya Al-Nassiriya الحركة التوحيدية الناصرية NUM - Currently has no MP Nasserism Secular
N/A Solidarity Party Hizb Al-Tadamon حزب التضامن TADAMON Emile Rahme Currently has no MP - Chtistian
N/A Islamic Labor Front Jebhat Al-Aamal Al-islamy - Fathi Yakan - Islamism Sunni Muslim
Lebanese Unification Movement Tayyar Al-Tawhid Al-Lubnany تيار النوحيد اللبناني UC Wiam Wahhab Currently has no MP Arab Nationalism Officially Secular Mainly Druz
Lebanese Popular Congress Mo'tamar Al-Shaabi Al-Lubnany المؤتمر الشعبي اللبناني LPC Kamal Chatilla Currently has no MP Nasserism Sunni Muslim
Arab Democratic Party Al-Hizb Al-Aarabi Al-Democraty الحزب العربي الدمقراطي ADP Ali Eid Currently has no MP Feudalism Alawite Muslim
Promise Party or National Secular Democratic Party Hizb Al-Waad حزب الوعد NSDP Gina Hobeika Currently has no MP Secularism Officially secular; Mainly Maronite Christian
Islamic Charitable Projects Association Jam'iyat Al-mashari' Al-Khayriya Al-Islamiya Al-Ahbash الأحباش ICPA Abdallah al-Harari Currently has no MP Islamist sunni muslim
Federation of Popular Leagues and Committees Tajamo' Al-Lujan wal-rawabit Al-Shaabiya تجمع اللجان و الروابط الشعبية FPLC Maan Bashour Currently has no MP Nasserism; Arabic Nationalism Officially Secular, mainly sunni muslim
N/A Socialist Arab Union Al-Ittihad al-ishtiraki al-arabi الإتحاد الإشتراكي العربي SAU Omar Harb Currently has no MP Socialist Secular
Union Party Hizb al-Ittihad حزب الإتحاد UP Abelrahim Mrad Currently has no MP Nasserism Officially Secular, Mainly sunni muslim
Union of Muslim Ulama Tajamo' Al-ulama Al-Muslimun تجمع العلماء المسلمون UMU - This is more like a gathering than a party Islamist All Muslim Sects
N/A Democratic Nasserite Movement Harakat Al-Nassiriyin Al-Democratiyoon حركة الناصريين الدمقراطيون DNM - Currently has no MP Nasserism sunni muslim
N/A Lebanese-Arab Struggle Movement Harakat Al-Nidal Al-Arabi Al-Lubnani حركة النضال العربي اللبناني LASM Faysal Dawood Currently has no MP Arabism Officially Secular, Mainly Druz
Alawite Youth Movement Harakat Al-Shabab Al-Alawi حركة الشباب العلوي AYM Rifaat Eid Currently has no MP Feudalism, extension of the Arab Democratic Party Alawite Muslim
Lebanese Democratic Youth Union Ittihad Al-Shabab Al-Democraty Al-Lubnany إتحاد الشباب الدمقراطي اللبنلني UJDL - Affiliated to the Lebanese Communist Party Communist Secular
Islamic Unification Movement Harakat Al-Tawhid Al-Islamy حركة التوحيد الإسلامي IUM Said Shaaban Currently has no MP Islamism Sunni Muslim
National Dialogue Party Hizb Al-Hiwar Al-Watani حزب الحوار الوطني NDP Fouad Makhzoumi Currently has no MP Capitalism Mainly sunni Muslim
N/A Akar Popular Assembly Tajamo' Al-Shaabi Al-Aakari - Wajih Baarini - Feudalism Sunni Muslim
N/A National Youth Party Hizb Al-Chabab Al-Watani - Ahmad Karami - - Secular
Other Lebanese parties
N/A Murr Bloc or North Metn Bloc تكتل المتن الشمالي - Michel Murr Currently has 1 MP Feudalist Greek Orthodox christian
Coming soon Congress Party Hizb Al-Mu'tamar - Hassan Hachem - - Mainly Shi'a Muslim
N/A Democratic Socialist Party Hizb Al-Ishtiraki Al-Democraty الحزب الإشتراكي الدمقراطي DSPL Kamal Assad Currently has no MP Socialism Officially Secular, but mainly [shi'a] muslim
N/A Glory Movement Harakat Majd - Najib Mikati - Capitalism Mainly sunni muslim
N/A Islamic Gathering Movement Harakt al-tajamo' al-islamy - - - Islamic sunni muslim
Lebanese Democratic Movement Tayyar Lubnan Al-Democraty - Jack Tamer - Social democracy Secular
N/A Lebanese Movement Harakit Lubnan - Nabil Mshantaf - - -
N/A Lebanese Option Gathering - - - - - Secular
N/A Lebanese People's Front Jebhat al-shaab al-lubnany - Joseph Haddad - - -
Liberty Front Jebhet el Horriye - Fouad Abou Nader Also knows as Lebanese Forces Resistance, the Lebanese Christian Resistance Center right Officially secular; Traditionally Christian
Najjadeh Party Hizb Al-Nejjadeh - Mustapha Hakim Party used to enjoy big popularity among sunnis Arab Nationalism Sunni muslim
- National Progressive Movement Harakat Al-Takadom Al-Watani - - Founder was Jamil Lahoud, Pr.Émile Lahoud's father - Secular
--> The United Phoenician Party Hizb Al-itihad Al-Finiki - Cadmus Hanna - Phoenician Nationalism None Secular
--> Phoenician Party Hizb Al-Finiki - Cadmus Hanna - Phoenician Nationalism NoneSecular
N/A National Labor Movement Hizb Al-Aamal Al-Watani - - - Communism Secular
N/A The reformist movement in the Progressive Socialist Party Al-Haraka Al-Islahiya fil Hizb Al-takadomi Al-ishtiraki - Ra'ed Sayegh - Socialism Secular
N/A Islamic Jihad Movement (Lebanon) Harakat Al-Jihad Al-Islamy - - - Islamism sunni muslim
New Lebanese Movement Harakat Al-Lubnaniyin Al-Joddod - - - Secularism Secular
The Independents Al-Mustakiloon - - - - Secular
Republican Reform Party Hizb Al-Islahi Al-Jumhuri - Charles Chidiac - Liberalism Secular
N/A Arab Socialist Party Hizb Al-Aarabi Al-Ishtiraki - - - Socialism Secular
N/A Lebanese Labor Party Hizb Al-Aamal el Lubnany - - - communism Secular
N/A Democratic Labor Party Hizb Al-'ommali Al-Democraty - Elias Abu Rizk socialism Secular
N/A Democratic Secular Party Hizb Al-'elmani Al-Democraty - - - secularism Secular
Lebanese Ecology Party Hizb Al-Bi'a Al-lubnany - - - ecology Secular
N/A Popular Democratic Party Hizb Al-shaabi Al-Democraty - - - - Secular
The Orthodox Party Hizb Al-Orthodox - - - - Greek Orthodox
Liberation Party Hizb ut-Tahrir - - - Islamism sunni muslim
N/A Party of Socialist Revolution Hizb Al-Thawra Al-Ishtirakiya - - - Maoist communism Secular
Free Alternative Al Badil Al Taharouri - - - Anarchism Secular
N/A National Party Hizb Al-Watani - - - - Secular
N/A Universal party Hizb Al Umami - - - Communism Secular
N/A Lebanese arab movement Harakat Lebnan Al-Aarabi - - - Nasserism sunni muslim
Lebanese National League Al-Rabita Al-Wataniya Al-Lubnaniya - Wajeb Kanso - Left-wing Secular
Lebanese Resistance Brigades Saraya el moqawama - - Extension of Hizbollah - Secular
Aramaic Democratic Organisation Tanzim Al-Arami Al-Democraty - - - - Aramaic
N/A Nasserite Nationalist Organisation Tanzim Al-Qawmi Al-Nassiri - - - Nasserism; Arab Nationalism Secular
N/A Justice and Development movement Tayyar el 'adel wal Tanmiya - - - - Secular
N/A Cedars Movement Tayyar al-Arz - - - - Secular
Organization of Communist Action Moonazamat Al-'Amal Al-shooyoo'i [[Ibrahim Muhsen] [[Ibrahim Muhsen] - Communism; Arab Nationalism Secular
N/A Revolutionary Communist Group Tajamo' Al-Thawri Al-Shooyo'i Camil Daher Camil Daher - Communism Secular
Civil society Movement Tayyar Al-mojtama' Al-madani - Gregoire Haddad - Secularism Secular
N/A Southern Christian Assembly Tajamo' Al-Massihi Al-janoubi - - - Christian conservatism Christian
Kurdish parties
Kurdish Democratic Party Hizb Al-Kurdi Al-Democraty - - - - Kurdish
N/A Razkari Party Hizb Al-Razkari - - - - Kurdish
Forbidden Parties
Guardians of the Cedars Hizb Horras Al-Arz - Etienne Sakr - Phoenician Nationalism, conservatism, far-right Multiconfessional, but mainly Christian
N/A Regressive Isolationist Party Hizb Al-Raj'i Al-I'tizali - - - - -
N/A Islamic Amal Movement Harakat Amal Al-Islamiya - Sobi Toufaily - Islamism Shi'a Muslim
Defunct parties
Lebanese Resistance Movement (Tanzim) 'Harakat Al-Moqawama Al-Lubnaniya (Tanzim)' - - The Party disappeared after its Militia's disbanding Christian Conservatism Maronite Christian
N/A Lebanese Youth Movement (MKG) Harakat Al-Shabab Al-Lubnaniya - Bachir Maroun - Christian Conservatism Maronite Christian
N/A Constitutional Bloc Party Hizb Al-Kitla Al-Doostooriya - Khalil El-Khoury This party was mainly created by Pr.Bchara El-Khoury to oppose Emile Edde's [[National Bloc During the post-independence period Feudalism Secular
N/A The Great Lebanese Labor Party Al-Hizb Al-'omali Al-lubnany Al-Kabir - - This party existed during the French Mandate of Lebanon Communism Secular
N/A Deprived Movement Harakat Al-Mahroomin - Musa as-sadr Ancestor of Amal - Secular
Arab Nationalists Movement 'Harakat Al-qawmiyin Al-'Arab' - - - Arab Nationalism Secular
24 October Movement Harakat 24 Techrin - - Had Big military actions in the north during the two year war, but mysteriously disappeared after that. Islamism Sunni Muslim
N/A Social Democratic Youth Al Chabab Al Ijtimai Al Dimoukrati - - Commity of 21 members None official party founded after 2002 elections,by a small youth group aiming for non hereditary and sectarian Lebanon. Currently has no MP Social, Democratic Secular

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