Demain Sera...

Demain Sera... is an album of French punk rock group Heyoka (band).

According to Cap's, a member of the Combat Rock label who is also part of the French group Charge 69, this is the best anarcho-punk disc of all time. The music is mostly in French.

  1. Ecran Noir
  2. Entre Nous
  3. Un-Heil (in German)
  4. La Mort à Deux
  5. La Bourse ou la Vie
  6. Le Bel Espoir
  7. Cris de Colère
  8. Portninwak
  9. Tierra y Libertad
  10. Intro, Déviance
  11. Quartier Sauvage
  12. Couvre-Feu
  13. Contingent Déserteur
  14. El Pueblo Unido (in Spanish)
  15. Combat Rock

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