Delirium Tremens (beer)

Delirium Tremens is a brand of Belgian Strong Pale Ale produced by Huyghe Brewery in Melle.


Delirium Tremens was launched on 26 December 1989. The beer uses three different yeasts and is packaged in a bottle deliberately similar in appearance to cologne ceramics; they are, however, normal brown glass painted to look like ceramic bottles.

In 1992, the "Confrerie van de Roze Olifant" (Brotherhood of the Pink Elephant) was founded to promote Delirium Tremens and other beers of Melle.

Seasonal Beers and Special Editions

  • Delirium Noël (10% ABV)
  • Delirium Nocturnum (9% ABV)
  • Delirium Ultimum (ABV unknown - released in 1999)
  • Delirium Millennium (ABV unknown - released in 2000)
  • Delirium Christmas (10% ABV- released in 2006)


It was named as "Best Beer in the World" in 1998 at the World Beer Championships in Chicago, Illinois, USA.


Delirium tremens is Latin for "trembling madness", commonly nicknamed "the DTs", indicating a violent sickness induced by withdrawal after alcohol abuse.

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