Delicate-Skinned Salamander

The Delicate-Skinned Salamander (Ambystoma bombypellum) is an extremely rare neotenic Mole salamander species.


The Delicate-Skinned Salamander was first described by herpetologist Edward Harrison Taylor from a holotype found in 1939 near Rancho Guadalupe, 14 km. east of San Martín in the north-western Asunción province in Mexico. It is until today the only habitat for this species. Introduced predatory fish and habitat destruction due to agriculture lead to a desiccation of the breeding ponds and to a severely decline of the population. It is a small terrestrial species of about 14.2 cm, with a brown dorsal coloration and a lighter underbelly. The head is flattened. Fingers and toes are unwebbed.

The validity of this species is in doubt according to the latest IUCN Red List, due to the inability of later workers to locate it and obtain molecular data. It was therefore excluded from phylogenies of the genus.


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